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  1. Where the heck did you come up with this info? Did you work for Microsoft or something?
  2. The transformers might be different. Have you measured them?
  3. As you write,ALL of the voltages are low so i would suggest you tweaking them. In the front side of the psu there is a potensiometer. Turn it until the voltages are correct(dont know wich direction,make small adjustment each time since a fraction of a turn,can increase or decrease a whole volt). Good luck
  4. Seems like a power supply issue to me. Remove it from your xbox and manually power it on(If it can be done,you must short its white wire to one of the ground wires(I havent done it thow,so make a research before you do it!!!!))then check with your multimeter if it stays on and if it does,if all of the voltages are correct. Wish you luck
  5. In the xbox manual i remember reading somewhere that the xbox would make the front led turn orange after it gets overheated. Also orange led indicates RAM issues. Cant guess what would your problem be. Good luck
  6. UnleashX dashboard can copy to usb devices
  7. Okay,none of my xboxes have a sharp tsop so i guess i will have them all flash-enabled always as as you said nothing will get harmed. Thank you
  8. Hello everyone,just a simple question here. Can i have always the flash-enable points bridged so that i can flash a Bios at any time,or will that damage anything? Thanks
  9. I got it,so i overclocked the gpu only and the game run at normal speed,so i guess i am gonna leave it like that. Thanks everyone for the help
  10. There are cpu that do it automatically on the fly. Also you can overclock a gpu on the fly without reboot
  11. Thats what i see.... i really hope that someone someday will make BFM bioses do that too,it would be really helpfull
  12. Thats what i wanted to do before even posting here for help,but the problems are that i have 3 xboxes so i dont wanna buy a chip for every console and also all of them have single bank tsops
  13. It really helps Halo 1,but makes project gotham racing 2 run a little faster,so it depends on the game
  14. I dont like modchips so i am gonna keep using the TSOP. The solution i found for myself is overclock only the gpu and leave cpu and ram stock. I did it and the games play at normal speed and no lag online. I hope someone will find a way for a BFM bios to actual set the clocks too
  15. Yea with xboverclock

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