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  1. Okay,none of my xboxes have a sharp tsop so i guess i will have them all flash-enabled always as as you said nothing will get harmed. Thank you
  2. Hello everyone,just a simple question here. Can i have always the flash-enable points bridged so that i can flash a Bios at any time,or will that damage anything? Thanks
  3. I got it,so i overclocked the gpu only and the game run at normal speed,so i guess i am gonna leave it like that. Thanks everyone for the help
  4. There are cpu that do it automatically on the fly. Also you can overclock a gpu on the fly without reboot
  5. Thats what i see.... i really hope that someone someday will make BFM bioses do that too,it would be really helpfull
  6. Thats what i wanted to do before even posting here for help,but the problems are that i have 3 xboxes so i dont wanna buy a chip for every console and also all of them have single bank tsops
  7. It really helps Halo 1,but makes project gotham racing 2 run a little faster,so it depends on the game
  8. I dont like modchips so i am gonna keep using the TSOP. The solution i found for myself is overclock only the gpu and leave cpu and ram stock. I did it and the games play at normal speed and no lag online. I hope someone will find a way for a BFM bios to actual set the clocks too
  9. Yea with xboverclock
  10. I cant have dual bios,since i use a TSOP and not a modchip
  11. This is not about my problem. My problem is that i already overclocked my xbox and with the overclock,there is a lot of lag over online play(since others have stock xboxes). So i want a way to get back at stock speeds whenever i want without reflashing the bios. Thats why i want a BFM solution,so that whenever i want stock speeds,i will load the stock BFM bios
  12. Is there a way to Force a BFM BIOS to set the clock speed of CPU,GPU,RAM?
  13. The original xbox All digital huh? You should give it a try if you have spare cases
  14. Then dont comment saying that my method belongs to 1920 and that something else should be used. I gave a solution that DOES work and thats it. All you could do was to just suggest your way as an alternative. Being nice doesnt cost,it also earns you respect
  15. Thanks for disencouraging me from trying to help here. All i wanted to do is give the simplest solution without complicated circuits. Also i dont think that your circuit lights the led's ON when the xbox is OFF and vice versa doesnt it?

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