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  1. Ok my mistake there,but still i dont get continuity for pin 12
  2. On both my 1.1 systems,the pins 12 and 4 doesnt show continuity
  3. Having a 5400rpm drive is better for hdd temps and also for psu temps,because low rpm drives draw less current so you stress the psu less. If loading times dont bother you,then 5400 rpm is the best choise P.s Epeitelous kai enas Ellhnas
  4. Go to settings of UnleashX and enable G drive
  5. Yes these are the files,but still i cant get the point of them
  6. Yes i did,but the txt file explains how to do it on a pc,not the xbox
  7. Hello all. I cant figure out how to run this emulator(apple 2gs). I downloaded it together with 2 roms,but i cant figure out how to run the roms. Anybody has any knowledge on it?Thank you
  8. Try playing with the variable resistor located in front of the psu. This resistor changes all the voltages of the psu,so try playing until you get 11.5v on the yellow wires and if this still dont work,then you have to spent a whole day searching what is busted on the psu. Good luck
  9. Are the orange wires reading 3.3V?
  10. Noise and temperatures dont go together,so its up to you what you want...... 1)A noisy cool xbox 2)A quiet hot xbox
  11. Thank you my friend and i wish you good luck too!!!
  12. Yes you need to have the psu outside the xbox and i would also reccomend you doint it that way,since the psu will be cooler(since it disipates the heat directly to the air and not inside the xbox) and for that reasson,the xbox will also be cooler. My pleasure my friend,i wish i can halp you as much as you need
  13. You said you have a 1.6 xbox so here's what you ll do. You will cut the xbox's psu wires in half so that you have the plug in your hands. Next cut the pc psu wires near the plug(so that they are long enough to reach inside the xbox). Next connect the PC psu black wires to the XBOX psu plug black wires,then the PC psu red wires to the XBOX psu plug red and orange wires,then the PC psu yellow wires to the XBOX psu plug yellow wires and then the PC psu orange wires to the XBOX psu plug blue and white wires. Finally from the PC psu,take the green wire and a black wire and put a switch between them(when you turn ON the switch,the psu will power up) TIP:When you want to power up the xbox,turn on the psu first,then press the power button on the xbox
  14. Mod a pc psu to work with your xbox. No need to wait for orders,making deals and your xbox will even run cooler(small gain,since you already have low ambient temperature )
  15. 480p and its the only game doing that. I dont believe its a hardware problem since this problem happens on all 4 of my xboxes

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