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  1. I see you have that one for sale as console, are you planning to make the boards available seperately or sticking to pre-installed consoles?
  2. This sounds awesome, some outrun over systemic would be great, I'm not sure how many players it supports though
  3. I asked a similar question and was told it depends on version of xbox, V1..0 has a 1mb tsop so you can use X2.5035, later versions have a 256kb tsop so you're limited on options, on the 256kb tsop recommendations are iNd.5003 or Evox M8+
  4. You can ftp the game folder to the pc and c-xbox tool to make an iso
  5. Crash games are indeed awesome and I'm currently playing the remastered n'sane trilogy on my PS4. On original Xbox I am currently enjoying some tiger woods PGA tour 2003. Just something about that golf game lol
  6. i've never seen the lite version so i assume its the standard, to be fair though mine is an old edition (4.0) so the one you've found has probably been updated a lot since mine
  7. I don't use hexen myself, i use AID (Auto Installer Deluxe), you can find it via google search. It allows a full format and install of hdd with selectable dashboard.
  8. In the us I believe there is digikey and element14, I'm sure others will chime in with recommendations too
  9. If you're in the UK then use a reputable supplier like mouser/CPC/farnell
  10. Just realised I haven't introduced myself yet. I've been a member of the Facebook group for a couple of weeks now. Spoke to some great people and there is a lot of knowledge out there. I modded a few xbox's for a few years but then stopped. I still enjoyed gaming and classic consoles/computers so educated myself with modifications for other consoles/hardware. I am an admin on the Amibay forum and enjoy classic consoles and computers and have a small collection. Outside of the forum myself and a friend now have a small webshop selling retro games/consoles and offering modifications to most classic consoles so decided it was time to brush up on the current Xbox scene. I bought myself an Xbox, tsop'd it and upgraded it with a 1tb SATA HDD and got the bug again and now own 5 xbox's lol Anyway I'm rambling a bit now so I'm glad to be here and hopefully I can help some people out and learn new stuff along the way.
  11. I haven't got pics as most are not set up but i currently own, an Amiga CDTV, Amiga a500, Commodore CD32, Sega Master System, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Nomad (LCD Modded) Saturn, Dreamcast, Nes (RGB Modded), Snes Jr, N64 (RGB Modded), Gamecube (With GB Player and Chipped with SD card mod), Famicom with disk system, Twin Famicom, PC Engine, PC Engine Duo, 5 OG Xbox, Xbox 360 (RGH), Xbox One, PS1/2/3/4, Wii and Neo Geo CD and a Pi3 running retropie just in case. I think that's just about everything lol
  12. Of all the xbox's i've ever had, i've never yet come across a sharp tsop! I was beginning to believe it was a lie till i saw this post lol
  13. I already have an eeprom reader that works fine however as its serial based i have to keep going back to an old xp pc with serial ports. I've tried a couple of USB-Serial adapters and they don't work, does anyone know of a usb eeprom reader or compatible adapter?
  14. Here's a picture of what the daughterboard on the 1.0 looks like

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