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  1. Ahhh thanks that was the piece of the puzzle I was missing, your a star thank you, I didn't think of doing that... Thank you again
  2. Cool thanks will take a look, managed to change the image for xbmc by changing the thumbnail in the q drive, thanks again
  3. hi just wondering if anybody can help? after using dvd2xbox is it possible to change the game image that is displayed when looking in game manager? I assume the image is stored in the game save folder on e:/udata ??? can only find xbx files and not a img file to change thanks in advance
  4. I really enjoyed cold fear great resident evil style game
  5. hi just got back into the xbox scene I've done a few Xboxes over the years. just finished a new one, tried the hdd swap technique using a chipped xbox and a soft mod xbox and using config magic this one went very well and worked like a charm took me all day on my first attempt but 90 percent of my time was wasted using ftp, somehow my network card had reverted to 10mbs and after finally realising this was the problem a simple setting change and the transfer went 10 times as fast..
  6. thank you for this, much appreciated!!

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