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  1. Did it. Thanx for your assistance. I really do appreciate your educated advice. Most other forums I've had been boggled down with hearsay and nonsense by now. I'm beginning to really like it around here!
  2. I'm have a 500GB Seagate Barracuda. I just used XBpartitioner 1.3 to reformat F and G and made one big F partition. I used the 32KB cluster size available.
  3. So I was using DVD2XBXOX to copy over Burger King Sneak King to my HDD. It sounded like my DVD Drive was searching frantically for the data to copy over. After what seemed like maybe 10 minutes it began copying and remained at 1% for another 10 minutes. Then the console rebooted. Immediately I was like 'WTF, that was odd." I ejected the disc and went to my games folder and they were all gone! Booting XBpartitioner 1.3 shows a big green ER on my F partition. No games show in any dash I use but when in XBpartitioner 1.3 it shows the the data is used. I'm at a loss here, folks, I'm considering taking out the HDD and formatting it but if it's an easy fix... What should I do? [Edit] I just reformated partitions F and G to make one big F partition.
  4. This software runs great in Windows10. I had to install Microsoft .Net Framework Version 1.1 before it would work though.
  5. I am new to these parts but not to Xbox. I have had modded Xbox consoles for years. Glad to find this community and I hope to contribute in my spare time. I'm currently running a version 1.0 TSOP. I've upgraded the HDD to a 700GB 7200RPM SATA HDD and added the IDE to SATA bridge with a 80 wire IDE cable. I don't remember what DVD Drive I originally had in this one but it has a newish Samsung Drive in it now, works great. The inside I left mostly untouched save for a bit of cleaning and new thermal paste (Arctic Silver). Anyways everyone, see you around!
  6. These are my "go to" games that never get old to me. I never get tired of replaying Max Payne.
  7. Thanx for posting all these great files everyone. Very useful.

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