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  1. @John7272Thank you so much for your time.
  2. Thanks @John7272 Where would ground be? on the modchip or on the motherboard somewhere. Sorry to ask such a basic question.
  3. I'm trying to flash my xecuter 2.3 with a new bios but I suspect the switch panel is faulty as even when switched to unprotected it still says flash is not writeable when done through Hexen. I have created a separate post for this so apologies for duplication but I'm trying to solve the problem and I wanted to ask questions about the diagram in this post. I hope that hasn't broken any rules. So my question, related to the diagram Xecuter 2.3b bank switch wiring schematic If I disconnect my switch panel the chip is disabled - that ties in with what the diagram says. I installed my chip many years ago and I remember soldering the D0 point. Should this be connected to ground? If so I am guessing my installation is not 100% correct.f it were connected to ground it will allow the modichip to be enabled and protection to be disabled (according to the above diagram) Which would then in theory allow me to flash my chip??? I have no idea but I am hoping somebody in the know can step in at this point and put me out of my misery. @John7272 thank you for the diagram even though I personally don't know what I can do with this information due to my lack of knowledge. It gave me something to think about and a little bit of hope.
  4. Hi, I upgraded my xbox to a 1TB sata drive but I can only see 123gb. I understand I need to update the bios on the modchip I have which I believe is an Xecuter 2.3 lite. I tried using Hexen to upgrade to x2.4981 but I get the message !!Flash Not Writeable!! This happens if I have the switch set to protect or unprotect, Bank 1 or Bank 2. I downloaded a copy of x2.5035 so I could go with that version outside of Hexen, but I don't know how to do that. Please could someone assist me. Thank you.
  5. I was indeed successful (eventually). After a few issues such as purchasing a replacement hard drive from Amazon that came with at least 25 % bad sectors, plus struggling to get my dvd drive to read the Hexen disk. I finally upgraded to a 1TB sata drive and my xbox is back in the game. Whilst opened up I took the opportunity to refresh the thermal paste so hopefully i can get a few more hours of Original Xbox goodness out of it.
  6. In a recent video posted by Mr Mario, he recommended this drive as the one he had used:- Hitachi HCS725025VLAT80 Cinemaster 7K500 250GB 7200 RPM 8MB Buffer ATA-133 40-pin 3.5 Inch Hard Drive. Hopefully mine will arrive at the end of the month and will sort it all out. I've even burnt Hexen 2018 to 2 different makes of DVD to rule out DVD media issue. Thanks again Tomos
  7. Thank you for your help Tomos. I found an old ata IBM Desktar DTLA-305040 (tested and working on my PC). I stuck that in my xbox and booted up with the Hexen boot disk and the xbox just sits there at the Xbox logo screen. It does not present the screen that states a new hdd is detected etc. I have tried with jumper settings set to both master and Cable Select. I read somewhere that if the hdd is not compatible these were the symptoms. Is this true? If so I will purchase a different hdd.
  8. Good to know, I was just about to ask the same question. I believe I need a copy of Hexen in order to fix my beloved Xbox and was wondering why I couldn't download it.
  9. Just turned on my Xbox and it worked for about 10 minutes before dying. I joined this forum to hopefully find the answers I require to get it back up and running again. Who knows if I succeed with that I might get the modding bug
  10. Hi, Just fired up my xbox after being sat there for many months. It made a pop type sound and after 10 minutes of play started to make a beeping noise with error 7. I've pulled the hdd out and it makes the same beeping noise in an external caddy. I've done a little bit of research and it seems that if I use an old ata hdd (40gb) I can use something called Hexen to build the drive. As I have an xecuter chip I don't need to worry about locking the drive. Can somebody please advise if this is correct? Thank you
  11. Cliche but Halo 1. I also enjoyed Buffy the vampire slayer.
  12. I used to love live and let die on the Amiga and I totally forgot about that game. I will have to dig out my Amiga and give it another go. Sounds like I need to search out a copy of Blood Wake as well. Thank you.

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