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  1. Latest Build Hi John, I took your latest build and built a fresh copy and loaded it on the Xbox and it ran extremely slow (almost unusable) I figured it might have something to do with my new 2TB setup. I took the copy that I had setup before that I configured to auto login, adjusted screen size and a few other preferences and it works fine. Any thoughts? Thanks, Dave
  2. Hello, I had been using Testers Modeling Spray Paint but it is very expensive. I get the same or better results with the Rust-Oleum (but only that version in the picture below). I only use that Gorilla Tape to mount them and never have had a problem with it.
  3. Can someone please confirm that only the Pads at R7D3 (on the top of the board) and the Pads at R7R3 (on the bottom of the board) need to be soldered and there is no jumper wire or other modifications needed if the TSOP is a Winbond TSOP and not a Sharp TSOP.
  4. It doesn't specifically mention the Aladdin XT Plus2.. Do you think it would work with that one? The only reason I ask is that I picked up a new sealed one cheap.
  5. Well, I just bought one of these new (sealed) on eBay for $12.50 and will be a project soon with my sealed 1.6 on the shelf.
  6. Where did you get the other skin pack? Can you upload it?
  7. I just loaded the skins too. Anyone you like in particular?
  8. I got it downloaded fine as well.
  9. Hey Frank, this is the one for the Thomson: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Replacement-DVD-Driver-Laser-Lens-for-XBOX-Thomson-TOP-60-Gray-/132059152033?hash=item1ebf56bea1:g:WxkAAOSwVFlUGPge
  10. I just replaced the Laser and belt in a Thomson DVD drive and I am having trouble getting it back together properly. The white tooth arm that raises and lowers the spindle does not want to cooperate when I am putting the tray back in. I can get the try back in fine but the drive spindle is not raising and lowering. Anyone know the correct procedure to get it back it? It has to be some kind of alignment issue with that white arm.
  11. I just download (painfully from another site) the five parts it was in but haven't tried it yet.
  12. I came across this picture and thought it may be helpful if not interesting in possibly identifying a sealed XBox's version.
  13. As Tim the Toolman would say, 220, 221 whatever it takes Actually I used 320 with say medium speed on a decent Bosch orbital sander.

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