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Found 25 results

  1. I guess I deleted my copy of it, who knows. Does anyone in the forum have it and able to update the download links?
  2. OGXBox Installer 2021 v1.9.3 Cerbios Edition (Refresh) Created by Sweetdarkdestiny Just "small" updated version of his Installer till 2.0.0. comes out. Changes: Fixed some small funny stuff. Changed the EvoX m8+ BFM bios to Cerbios 2.3.1 BFM bios. (This fixes the boot issue people have reported.) Added an option to flash the latest Cerbios v2.3.1 in various flavors. Updated to the latest XBMC4Gamers build. Updated to the latest XBMC-Emustation build. And with the 1.9.0 build: This will now boot without the use of a BFM bios (Like Slayers) and loads a mini boot menu. In there you have the options to launch the installer in various modes: Launch OGXBox Installer - DHCP & No BFM Bios Launch OGXBox Installer - DHCP & BFM Bios Launch OGXBox Installer - Static IP & No BFM Bios Launch OGXBox Installer - Static IP & BFM Bios With the 1.9.3 build: The disc will now be able to boot using the endgame exploit. Sweet tells me that there are some small updates to the build, so I have updated the link. Sweetdarkdestiny: "Some people seem to have problems with brand new HDDs which cause this installer sit on the doggy logo forever. To avoid the need of using anything else other as this disc you can boot now without the BFM and set up your HDD. You can also switch the mode at any time if you like. Please Take note that some options in the "No BFM" versions are slightly different. Not by much but you may see it if you used the old version. However, I hope this make some ppl happy." Bowlsnapper: Looks like Sweetdarkdestiny fixed the BFM Blank HDD issue. Thank you! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Folder Link for the download : https://1fichier.com/dir/oU8S1x1b Folder Link for the download of the Extras Disc's : Emulators v1.0.0 / Game DLCs v1.0.2 / GAME Wide+HDD Fixes+Updates v1.0.3 https://1fichier.com/dir/RTai0x0y ------------------------------------------------- Bowlsnapper: I hate fichier. There are a lot of limitations on how many things you can download and ads. So I hosted these on Mega. Installer Disc: https://mega.nz/file/Aj1SBRhS#PtY226v0PJdLfrrIZD8NDwsyXkhzKmw8K3pazlAJ9iw Extras Disc 1 - Emulators: https://mega.nz/file/53l21SxC#Sytcsk9sAAYyBZVUSDM3LN4i6vEVdP0YiOhoFOviDrE Extras Disc 2 - Game DLCs: https://mega.nz/file/o2Nh2LBQ#d6KMQEBzRU18HzdJM5gZYQB-ckrSnOvI78Cto-H_Q6c Extras Disc 3 - Widescreen Hacks, HDD fixes, Updates: https://mega.nz/file/UvFSyQLR#oMouAkyzzcje04XhQ-D9C-BAuooUg2KhVnqMqF3KPT8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credit for this installer goes to Sweetdarkdestiny. I do not take credit for this. Original Thread: https://www.xbox-scene.info/forums/topic/396-ogxbox-installer-2021-refresh/#comment-722
  3. OGXBox Installer 2021 (EOL) Created by Sweetdarkdestiny THIS INSTALLER DISC ONLY WORKS FROM A BURNED DVD DISC, NOT MOUNTING THE DISC IMAGE SAVED TO THE HARD DRIVE This version is EOL and should only be useful for archival purposes. The newest version of this installer can be found here. Sweetdarkdestiny: "Why use this this instead of HeXEn/TruHeXEn or Slayers? Well, good question and here is the answer: It's faster than all of them. It doesn't have faulty bioses on it. It's up to date and it offers way, way more to install than any of the others. So you have plenty of Apps, Dashboards or Emulators to install and a huge amount of bug free bioses (ModChip and TSOP (incl. Winbond). It's a simple build without any fancy code or the need of copy stuff over and over again. It's clean by default which means no temp files will left behind. You have plenty of live apps you can use or just test before you install them." Bowlsnapper: I had to put these discs in my Xbox, rip them to the HDD, then take out the HDD, mount it with FATXplorer, copy the files to my PC, Create ISOs with Quix, then upload them to Mega. I only have the PBL versions, as those are the only discs I ever downloaded and the original ISOs are gone. I rebuilt the ISOs to the best of my ability as I feel that this is the best installer out there and puts Hexen and Slayers to shame. As I said, these are PBL (Pheonix Bios Loader) versions. This means that you must have a preformatted HDD for the BFM to load properly. If your HDD is new/blank, it will freeze upon loading and not work. I do not know why. It's a glitch, I guess. If your Xbox is sitting at a red LED and a black screen THIS IS WHY. Format your drive using the Slayer's Installer if necessary, or FATXplorer. As long as the partitions are there and the HDD isn't totally blank, the installer will load correctly. So stock HDD setups should work fine. If I had the non-PBL versions, I would post them, but I do not. We are lucky that we have them at all. It is a shame that Sweet pulled the links but I feel that this is something that should be shared and used for a very long time, at least until another installer shows up. Credit for this installer goes to Sweetdarkdestiny. He worked hard on it and it shows. I am STILL finding new things on this installer disc every time I load it up. Every other installer is a waste of time, in my opinion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ OGXbox Installer 2021: https://mega.nz/file/QjkhyRKR#Wxd3RTFiKS3l7gSqsGDVkbM03bscWXn_RTQGx7lyKck OGXbox Installer 2021 Extras Disc: https://mega.nz/file/lmcREZjQ#VfzXvJiKAAdNb0oNvmOW_kBgEOBTQpNNWMV1LlVt5QI 1.5.4 EOL Mirror: https://1fichier.com/?cmclnzvvd4gufvt90j4d
  4. I have seen a few people having issues with downloading the Artwork Installer so I went ahead and grabbed the latest version, along with the Preview Videos and 128mb Fanart and have uploaded the whole thing to share here. Xbox Artwork Installer 3.1.7z Just FTP to your console and run the xbe. Choose in the options if you wish to install the 128mb Art and/or the Preview Videos or not. @Rocky5 I hope this is ok to share here, if not then please let me know and I will remove it immediately.
  5. OGXBox Installer 2021 THIS INSTALLER DISC ONLY WORKS FROM A BURNED DVD DISC, NOT MOUNTING THE DISC IMAGE SAVED TO THE HARD DRIVE Made because ... ! First of, you have the choice between two versions. 1) PBL which uses Phoenix Bios Loader and 2) NonPBL without the Phoenix Bios Loader. Both versions aim mainly for ModChip/TSOP users. So you don't have the options to softmod. If you want that, go with Rocky5's Softmodding Tool. Why using this this instead hof HeXEn/TruHeXEn or Slayers? Well, good question and here is the answer. It's faster as all of them. It dosn't has faulty bioses on it. It's up to date and it offers way, way more to install as any of them. So you have planty of Apps, Dashboards or Emulators to install and a huge amount of bug free bioses (ModChip and TSOP incl. Winbond). It's simple build without any fancy code or the need of copy stuff over and over again. It's clean by default which means no temp files will left behind. You have planty of live apps you can use or just test before you install them. Just give this installer a chance, test it and I think you don't use anything else again (except for softmodding which I don't plan to integrate at all.). NOTE: Use folder links below to download the latest OGXbox Installer 2021 - v1.5.4 archive or other supporting files. 1 ) OGXBox Installer 2021 UX PBL v1.0.0 MD5 for the v1.0.0 ISO: b844a24f31c0c8f41325e783d50f9d1a MD5 for the v1.0.0 RAR: 50ae7369f08a972601c4c75260965532 Download from 1fichier : https://1fichier.com/?44oryacyh292q6t7rbzd Folder link for updates : https://1fichier.com/dir/mX1kipIz Download from Mega : https://mega.nz/file/AZ9zESba#otk8Ckf5LlvkKkw1ty4GIsVyDRnxhuCfZu4M6YqLC4w Folder link for updates : https://mega.nz/folder/xUl13A4B#d_RMbhNrNA81QhgwoaUv4g 2) OGXBox Installer 2021 UX v1.0.0 MD5 for the v1.0.0 ISO: e82dacd9b36f496e85c98b3935462f52 MD5 for the v1.0.0 RAR: d463ac6e8ce9829469c962b790f8d8e0 Download from 1fichier : https://1fichier.com/?52xlot8c5ms9e1rb5n9e Folder link for updates : https://1fichier.com/dir/mX1kipIz Download from Mega : https://mega.nz/file/YA8lHQzJ#VOazKVrHL6oZ9qW0ezyEM3U3hs38_-w5OfOkLCMvX-0 Folder link for updates : https://mega.nz/folder/xUl13A4B#d_RMbhNrNA81QhgwoaUv4g Finaly, because i don't have the permissions to edit this topic later, I have included folder lins for Mega and fichier where you can find updates. Just bookmark them or this topic (I will do a post in case of an update, what ever suits you better. If you have a question or you need help, feel free to ask and i will respond asap. And if you find a bug (which i don't hope) or you have a suggestion, which could make this disc better, let me know, I'm always interested in making things better. PS. Using this DVD as a Frisbee is prohibited! Use other installer for that.
  6. So i'm new but not new to this and just got back into it after a very long time away and have been skimming through here and google for help. I recently modded my xbox, installed cerbios and I am using xbmx4gamers dash. I installed the fan art installer and it works for the xbox games but when i go over to the emulators it doesnt show any art work. Is there a specific emulator for these art works to pair with the fan art installer? The only emulators I have installed so far is nestopiax, pcsxbox and snes9box. I have placed those on the E drive with the fan art installer. The games play I just don't have the fan art or cover art for the emulator like I do for the xbox games if I enable fan art. When I disable the fan art it just gives me the generic icons.
  7. When downloading any packages to your computer there is still a default .xbe in them. and all Xbox apps/games have a default.xbe they have to or you cannot ever launch anything Instead of a .exe which the computer reads for launching programs and apps, the xbox has a .XBE XBOX Executable. The XB stands for XBOX and the E stands for executable. Anyway I downloaded the Gamers - Emustation Artwork Stuff from the following link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a3ZaFTuuu5L7lDbnOjmA5tlHhrwpWFKC?usp=sharing Which is the link found in this topic: I am now going to copy and paste an exact quote from the Topic Creator: Yet there isn't a single default.xbe anywhere in that package which means there is no possible way to run the installer at all. Furthermore the xbox reads the following extensions for images png - jpg - tbn - bmp (The proper dashboard still has to be used as some dashboards cannot read certain image files.) Anyway after looking through the package, there isn't any proper file extensions for the xbox to read either. Someone needs to create the proper picture formats so the dashboards can read it and say what dashboard those pictures go with, place those pics in the properly named folder, .rar that folder, and uploaded it. All someone needs to do then is download it, unpack the .rar file, and copy the folder that has all the pictures in it, onto the proper section of the xbox. Right now there isn't even a way to run any of this off a disk or the HDD. it's a complete shit show with no clear simple easy instructions. I shouldn't have to still connect the xbox to the net to download what I already have just to get it to run. This whole thing is a major and complex mess.
  8. Another installer..... (only spanish language) This Installer [/ b] comes without frills, many of the security processes occur automatically, without asking the user. Such as the creation of backup [/ b] of the Eeprom [/ b], which is always done in e: \ Eep-bak \ eeprom.bin [/ b] Standard version [/ b] It can burn on a DVD-R or run it virtually. https://i.imgur.com/GOirsEP.jpg [/img] Lite Version [/ b] It can be burned on a CD-RW / DVD-R or run virtually. https://i.imgur.com/bP307Iy.png [/ img] A quick glance [/ b] [/ color] https://imgur.com/a/3SPKT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3TQqjO28NE Defining Borg-OS [/ b] [/ color] This is a hybridization [/ b] between the installation of a Exploit NDURE [/ b] and a classic installation for CHIP / TSOP [/ b]. So that they are perfectly compatible with any previous exploit, with chip or with tsop flash. A single and single installation for all XBOX [/ b], avoiding installation errors that so many headaches can give .. [/ color] [/ size] Borg-OS [/ b] has a system called XelectoR [/ color] [/ b] to select at will the dashboard / emulator / application [/ b ] Of start. Including being able to assign different dashboard / emulator / application according to which button [/ b] is started. Operation of XelectoR [/ b] [/ color] Even if the old skins of the retiree BH-Lite [/ b] still appear, the menus are the same https://youtu.be/ITzowht3VRM and https://youtu.be/2C7pR1WXuAk What does it take? *** [/ b] [/ color] Dashboards [/ b] XBMC4XBOX 3.5.3 + Trainers + Skins Pack XBMC 9.04 + Trainers + Skins Pack XBMC4Gamers updated to the latest revision of its author Rocky5. XBMC-Emustation updated to the latest revision of its author Rocky5. UnleashX 0.39 0528A (Rocky5 patched) + Skins Pack EvoX +3935 + Trainers + Skins Pack Avalaunch 0.49 build 142 + Skins Pack Trainers [/ b] Xored Mini Launcher v2.2 + 1330 chetos Utilities [/ b] ConfigMagic v1.6.1 Chimp 2816 Rocky5 HD Tools XBpartitioner 1.3 BiosChecker 5.0 Controller Test DVD2XBOX 0.78 DVDX-2 2.0 RAM Checker Enigmah Videomode Selector Gueux-DVD FlashBios (EvoX) + BIOS Pack Resctoox + BIOS Pack (256Kb & 1Mb) Detector Version Xecuter FlashX + BIOS Pack XBlast OS v0.56 + BIOS Cromwell and IND-BIOS 5004.67 *** The Lite version does not carry either the XBMC4Gamers or the XBMC-Emustation as well as any Skins pack [/ color] [/ b] Borg-OS Advanced Settings [/ b] [/ color] With CHIP / TSOP [/ b] [/ color]. Possibility to automatically load a Bios M + 8, configured to output video signal officially, patch 480p and true VGA. Of course with configurations 06 (F) and 67 (F + G) Very useful to skip some limitations of the Bios of the CHIP / TSOP, such as limitations with hard drives, IGR and / or have a certain video output. All this without having to touch the original Bios. Possibility of changing the color of the LED, does not work with Bios IND-Bios, unless a Bios M8 + is loaded into RAM in the manner mentioned above. Activate the ISO Kernel Patcher, that is, enable the use of ISO Loader as if you had exploit NDURE. It does not work with Bios Xecuter or with IND-Bios 5001 and 5004, unless a Bios M8 + is loaded into RAM in the manner discussed above. If it works with Bios M7 and M8 +, and IND-BIos 5002 and 5003 With EXPLOIT [/ b] [/ color]. Possibility of having official video output, 480p patch and VGA, more typical of NDURE such as virtual eeprom, LED color, fan speed. Of course with configurations 06 (F) and 67 (F + G) Possibility of activating or not the loss notification ** of date / time, possibility of manual or default setting of the date / time ** The LED makes a little dance the first time [/ b] starts the XBOX, to warn that the date / time has been lost. This does not affect at all the operation is normal. If it is deactivated it does not make any kind of warning. **** Manual adjustment is that if the date / time is lost, the first time [/ b] you start the XBOX, you will go directly to the date / time section of the MS Dash. If it is preset the time will be adjusted at 00h00 04/01/2016 By default it comes in warning activated and preset, They can be combined as you wish. To be taken into account [/ b] [/ color] Whenever a Bios 480p Patch [/ b] or NKPatcher 480p [/ b] is used, the 480p box of the MSDash [/ b] must be unchecked . With the boxes of 720p [/ b] and 1080i [/ b] there is no problem and they can go to the taste of the consumer. Small problems may arise with certain games
  9. I am running both from the ‘app’, and the script option and I select yes, then no to preview videos, and no to skip artwork that already exists and then it just starts on emulators and 36% pleas halp me internet!!!
  10. Well the “Xbox artwork installer” is out, although it’s only on my downloader that comes with XBMC-Emustation and XBMC4Gamers. Currently prebuilt is 1072 Games with full artwork and synopsis information. There is more artwork done but that’s for specials and homebrew/emulators eg... these aren’t part of the installer. But you can download and manually install them from the github link below. Also a big thanks to everyone who scanned the disc and sleeves of all the Xbox games over at Emuxtras. If you want to make your own artwork or manually install the artwork you can get everything you need here. Link: XBMC4Gamers Artwork Github Full artwork source, 23.1GB worth so it’s big :eek: (removed, as to many downloads effect downloader and all files on this account) Link: Full Artwork Source Google Drive (23.1GB) Here is a preview of said artwork prebuilt ready for the Xbox. Link: 007 - From Russia With Love
  11. So I have all my games working and have tried XBMC-Emustation & XBMC4Gamers, Ive updated the dash to the newest version (tried the stable and non stable version). Ive downloaded and updated the Xbox Artwork Installer but every time i run it, it starts and adds the artwork but it stops in the middle of the of the D's in my library. The percentage bar hits 26% and then it quits and just sits on the artwork installer menu. I can run it again but the same thing just keeps happening. Is there a way to just manually add the artwork using fatxplorer, this is the last step. I just need the artwork so i can run Xbmc4Gamers as my dash and have it look amazing!
  12. I am using an Electron Shepherd Xbox2HDMI dongle and have 480p and 720p enabled for my Rev 1 xbox with a X.B.I.T. modchip. XBMC4Gamers is working great and looks clean on my Vizio TV in 720p but when I open the Artwork installer it looks like the attached images. This so far is the only app I have noticed this behavior in.
  13. Slayer's v.2.7 2021 This a updated version of the last ORIGINAL version v2.7 from Slayer's without BFM-Bios. Slayer never used a BFM but the later updated ones does. Not sure who has made them but they heavily screwed up the BFM Bioses. The ORIGIANL Slayer's (without BFM) almost never failed to boot even, all other installers failed! (Incl. the horrible BFM modded Slayer's, what a shame). So that makes Slayer's a useful disc to have on hand if you run in such problems that your other installers won't boot. And because I wanted it as original as possible I have not touched much here, like you can see below. I have not even changed the name (Slay3r's would look cool) or versions number. I just added the year 2021 to it to point out that this is a REAL ORIGINAL Slayer's with just some little changes. Hope you guy's like it. Changlog (Slayer's v2.7 2021): Added : ~ 1200 trainers. Added : A hand full of nice old skins. Added : The iND 5003.67 and iND 5004.67 to the flash section. Added : The option to install XBMC4Gamers (latest build). - You can installed also as main dash. :) Added : The option to install XBMC-Emustation (latest build). Added : XBpartitioner 1.3. Added : Enigma NTSC-PAL. (Strange it was linked but not in the ISO) Added : BiosChecker. Added : XBox version checker. Added : Complex Tools Added : Px HDD Loader Added : Xored Mini Launcher. Added : Resctoox to flash the Sharp and Winbond. - I also added the option to flash a Sharp or Winbond TSOP. For both I choose the EvoX m8+ noDVD because it makes the most seens. Added : A Live Apps menu (8) for quick access of all apps. UPDATED APPS: Updated : Config Macig to Rocky5's 1.6.1 Updated : Dvd2XboX to the latest build. Updated : DVDX to the latest build. UPDATED DASHBOARDS: Updated : XBMC to 3.5.3 Updated : Avalaunch to the latest build. Updated : UnleashX to the latest build. UPDATED EMULATORS: (Some of them were very very old.) Updated : ZsnexBox to the latest build. Updated : pcsxbox to the latest build. Updated : n64 to Surreal64 CE to the latest build. Updated : neogenesis to the latest build. Updated : Colecovision (AdamX) to the latest build. Updated : A2600 (z26x) to the latest build. Changed : The bios EvoX bios files to noDVD.(No other changes here) 1fichier Folder Link : https://1fichier.com/dir/xE2qhDTu Mega Folder Link : https://mega.nz/folder/sF9UQZZY#nPzCaPS9-fkYH2hjZkaf_Q Peace!
  14. Hello, I'am using Artwork Installer 1.9.4 and when i use it in "Auto" mode, i have some artwork missing. If i use it, in "Manual" mode, it"s ok, i can find the artwork. But in manual mode, it's long... Do you have a explanation or a solution ?
  15. I have been trying to find versions 5.12 and 6 for "softmod installer deluxe". Does anyone have a link?
  16. Hello I don't know if it's better to post here or in Software / Apps, I'll try here. So I use XMBC4Gamers, and my collection of games uses subfolders for genre, because I don't like navigating a flat list of 700+ games... In the past the Artwork Installer Script worked fine and managed to find artwork and install them for my games in subfolders (i.e. for instance F:\Games\ShootEmUp\Xyanide) I updated to latest XBMX4Gamers and Artwork Installer (installed the app now) and this doesn't seem to work anymore. When searching automatically with both the App and the Script, missing artwork is not found for games in my subfolder When adding artwork manually with the App, I get an explicit error when browsing to F:\Games\ShootEmUp\ telling me this not a valid game folder without beeing able to go to F:\Games\ShootEmUp\Xyanide Is there anything I can do ? I thought about moving the game folder temporarily i.e. F:\Games\Xyanide, install their artwork that way then move them back to F:\Games\ShootEmUp\Xyanide\Xyanide, will it work that way and the artwork be displyed for the game or not ?
  17. Anyone here has copy of the new Softmod Installer 6 Deluxe plus the USB version (SID6) that they can share?
  18. Hello, I have a problem with the artwork installer in xbmc4gamers. I have in the F drive games from # to M and in the G drive games from N to Z. When i use auto installer he finds only the games from N to Z.
  19. Hey guys and lady's, the titel mostly say it already. I would be interested in which tools you use for your xbox and which tools you think should be on an installer. And also interesting is what you would like to have on an installer as well like emulators (and ofc which), dasdboards (Old, new ect.) or which options you think would be nice to have on that disc. Reason is, Dave an I had a little chat about the installer and some little issues with it and like I wrote in the topic (of the installer), I plan to re-design it a bit, if you will so. (Because Dave is right here and there so, yeah....) Thats why I would like to get some imput of you guys. PM's are also welcome, in case you're shy. So hit me with your suggestions ect.. EDIT. And no softmodding. Rocky does a awesome job with his softmodding tool so there would be no need to put something like that on an other installer.
  20. hi there, I've recently installed a 2tb hdd with xbmc4gamers. I can't find the xbox artwork installer. Can anyone help me please?
  21. Hi Team, So i have this working just fine, it has downloaded and installed 90% of the artwork. There are however some games it wont do it for. I have tried and tried for hours to do it manually, but cant seem to figure it out. i have added files individually like icon, fan art etc etc but it wont pick it up. Is there a way to set them manually??????
  22. I just installed xbmc emustation and it looks great. I am only going to use it for my original xbox games that I have already installed on the hard drive. The only problem I have is that I don't have any artwork for my games - instead I see a list of games when I click into the xbox folder. In the menu there is an option called 'Xbox games artwork installer' but nothing happens when I select it. Any idea on what I'm doing wrong - I'm not familiar with xbmc - first time using it as I always used my xbox for coin ops but I recently purchased a second xbox with games I used to play back in the day such as Black and Burnout 3 Takedown.
  23. What would everyone want in a new installation disc?
  24. Hey guys I have another pack I put together go check it out. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1o5XU8rJ72NlHkpVXIUxfuMdln972oJGk
  25. Hi Guys. I'm new to modding the XBOX. Just soft modded a V1.1 XBOX and using Softmod Installer Deluxe v5.11. Everything seems to have gone fine but now the light around the eject button is solid orange and the eject button doesn't blink when the dvd drive is reading a disk. From what I have read, this seems to be normal after modding and I have also read about where to go into settings to adjust the lights. But what I have not been able to do is figure out how to get it back to looking stock. In other words, I just want the light to be solid green when booting up and while running, and have it flash green when the system is busy. I have tried setting it this way in settings but it doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure what I'm missing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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