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  1. Wow, thank you thank you thank you to you and @KaosEngineer! I was getting desperate trying to make this game work... Couldn't find first chain 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 02 00 00 01 (nor its replacement 35 38 34 34 34 35 34 36 FF 01 00 C0 07) in the default.xbe but managed to change second one despite HexEdit v4.0 adding two '?' by itself in both Find and Replace field, after fiddling a while to get this '?' to disappear, it works, and now the game starts ! So I noticed you give the same two chains to modify for all three games, what are they doing exactly ? I still have some
  2. Difficult to say it's not "my" games.... And to complicate matters my console is PAL but forced in NTSC so ...
  3. @KaosEngineer I seem to have many HDD games which runs only in 480i (with everything correctly connected (component cable) and configured (higher resolutions enabled + Enigmah Switch), other games work fine in 480p or even 720p), does this mean they are not patched to run in 480p or that they are not even compatible with 480p ?
  4. i'm partial to XBMC4Gamers myself, you can download everty artwork very simply
  5. Yeah but all my questions were for XBMC4Gamers not UnleashX
  6. Also anyway to change background color of dash / color of the bar below game to the nice og xbox radioactive green ?
  7. Sorry for basic questions but : - What is Title Update ? Is is patch/fixes for games which were deployed through XBLA ? - Do you install them by just copying them over the game ? Is it the same for DLC ?
  8. So I will use F: and G: for my game collection and wanted to know how it is managed. If I put games in subfolder (like Platform) on both disks (F:\Games\Platform and G:\Games\Platform) will they appear in dash as in a single Platform subfolder or will it crash ? Also is it possible to have an image displayed for the folders like for the games ? and eventually banner ? I also wanted to know if it is possible to download anywhere the whole artwork ressources base used by the dash ? I need it to manually fix games which are not scrapped by the dash and also to know which game
  9. Voljega


    I am currently transferring the whole xbox game collection to my modded xbox with a 2TB, using XBMC4Gamer as dash (installed on F:). I do that during the night, transferring through FTP 50 games at a time (which takes roughly 6-8h at home) Twice now, the dash has freezed on screensaver, I don't know if it's a bug in screensaver or ftp transfer
  10. I am already having ! I wen to a third of the game of so, really fun and loves the graphics !
  11. Hmmm I also have problem with some games not starting / freezing and I'm not sure it has anything to do with what is installed, seems more like complex compatibility problems between BIOS, xbox model, video display of the console and of the game, installed dash an even maybe type and model of modding (in case of tsop / hardmod) Seems tricky to debug For instance for me Super Monkey Ball Deluxe is rebooting my console and as you can see here it seems really tricky : http://www.nfohump.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=128092
  12. @Magicaldave or for the first one point you can use WINE and this script by Rocky5 to activate FTP through Windows Explorer : https://www.youtube.com/redirect?redir_token=iVNB_HNXZChJZsWgw4iViyw0VOB8MTU1NTA2NjgwOEAxNTU0OTgwNDA4&event=comments&q=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2FRocky5%2FXbox-Softmodding-Tool%2Fblob%2Fmaster%2FUtilites%2FPC%2FOpen%20FTP%20Window.bat&stzid=Ugz0zZsZZfMAfutZ9wF4AaABAg.8gXDJBK1QKv8l_pGrHWokx Not sure it will work, didn't try it
  13. This is not a question, just want to thank @Rocky5 for this beautifull dash, it's exactly what I was searching for, up to the possibility to use subfolders in Games directories ! Well I only have left the problem of a seemingly good amount of games freezing or rebooting my xbox, but it is not related to this dash as it happened before with my previous dash
  14. BUt unfortunately I still have the issue of some games freezing or rebooting the console :s
  15. Woohoo another success guys, manashed to change dash and everything seems fine

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