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  1. OK thanks ! Will try that I must say I really love all your tools, thank you for all your hard work
  2. Hello I don't know if it's better to post here or in Software / Apps, I'll try here. So I use XMBC4Gamers, and my collection of games uses subfolders for genre, because I don't like navigating a flat list of 700+ games... In the past the Artwork Installer Script worked fine and managed to find artwork and install them for my games in subfolders (i.e. for instance F:\Games\ShootEmUp\Xyanide) I updated to latest XBMX4Gamers and Artwork Installer (installed the app now) and this doesn't seem to work anymore. When searching automatically with both the App and the Script, missing artwork is not found for games in my subfolder When adding artwork manually with the App, I get an explicit error when browsing to F:\Games\ShootEmUp\ telling me this not a valid game folder without beeing able to go to F:\Games\ShootEmUp\Xyanide Is there anything I can do ? I thought about moving the game folder temporarily i.e. F:\Games\Xyanide, install their artwork that way then move them back to F:\Games\ShootEmUp\Xyanide\Xyanide, will it work that way and the artwork be displyed for the game or not ?
  3. Thanks guy I managed to find the hdd fixes file somewhere else. I guess I need a subscription to download files now and for some reason my Ghostscript extension was partially breaking that ? I don't seem to be able to access it anymore so .... Anyway I resumed trying to fix my broken games (sadly I have lost my excel file listing them apparently and that was two years ago so good luck to me remembering it all) I can say that my issue with Arctic Thunder was clearly due to a bad dump, so if anyone like me have issue with the game it comes from the XBOX HDD Ready collection floating around. What I did is download the ISO Redump of the game (also floating around) which are massive, and extracting the game content from it with XDVDMulleter Beta 10.2. Works like a charm, just copy the iso content to the xbox and the game works fine now. The first Blinx game was also fixed the same way. I will try to fix all my broken games if I manage to remember/find them and give some solutions here if I manage to fix them. That also includes games displayed in 480i, a lot of patches are floating around One of these is Scooby-Doo: Mystery Mayhem but I can't seem to find a 480p patch for it, has anyone got one ?
  4. Seems the file donwload crashes for me everytime I try, and then for 10mn after it says I'm not allowed to download the file Then it crashes again after a few ko transfered...
  5. Hmmm now I've enabled Fast Game Parsing and the UI stays stuck on 'Loading' with the animation in the top left... even after rebooting the console I can here the HDD working from time to time though, and I have close to 1000 games (all with their artwork) but is it normal ? EDIT: Ok it seems this feature is not compatible with using subfolers for games (I sort them by genre like that)
  6. Yes it is. Well good news, it turned out I had another in F:, replacing this one worked, and this seem to be mine/ I seem to have lost some customisation though, I'll have to check, and try to update urldownloader again I guess I'll come back if I need any further help ! Thank you again !!
  7. OK just did that and copied it over my seemingly installation in E:\Apps\XBMC4Gamers Unfortunately I still have the exact same error on next boot
  8. Hello SS_Dave, well I just had the exact same error, and I'm pretty lost, I have FTP access though I did everything on this xbox for the first time more than two years ago so I don't remember anything about it, not that I knew much to begin with. So what exactly should I download from the github and where should I put it on the XBOX FTP ? Thank you in advance for your help, or anybody's help.
  9. Wow, thank you thank you thank you to you and @KaosEngineer! I was getting desperate trying to make this game work... Couldn't find first chain 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 02 00 00 01 (nor its replacement 35 38 34 34 34 35 34 36 FF 01 00 C0 07) in the default.xbe but managed to change second one despite HexEdit v4.0 adding two '?' by itself in both Find and Replace field, after fiddling a while to get this '?' to disappear, it works, and now the game starts ! So I noticed you give the same two chains to modify for all three games, what are they doing exactly ? I still have some 30 games or such not working, some of them are rebooting the console, some of them are freezing it...
  10. Difficult to say it's not "my" games.... And to complicate matters my console is PAL but forced in NTSC so ...
  11. @KaosEngineer I seem to have many HDD games which runs only in 480i (with everything correctly connected (component cable) and configured (higher resolutions enabled + Enigmah Switch), other games work fine in 480p or even 720p), does this mean they are not patched to run in 480p or that they are not even compatible with 480p ?
  12. i'm partial to XBMC4Gamers myself, you can download everty artwork very simply
  13. Yeah but all my questions were for XBMC4Gamers not UnleashX
  14. Also anyway to change background color of dash / color of the bar below game to the nice og xbox radioactive green ?
  15. Sorry for basic questions but : - What is Title Update ? Is is patch/fixes for games which were deployed through XBLA ? - Do you install them by just copying them over the game ? Is it the same for DLC ?

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