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  1. The OG install dvd doesn't boot. The drive spins up and sounds like it wants to load it then it stops, the front led blinks, and the xbox screen says EVOX in the upper left corner and linux at the bottom. Every time I take a step forward I feel like I take 2 back, I'm so lost lol. I flashed evox via http and set that as the default launch item. Is dashboard different than BIOS? That hexen disc (which is now in the trash) was actually able to boot after I went through that "unleashx detected a new hdd" setup wizard, but never the OG install disk. Why does my screen show EVOX, but then that wizard said UnleashX? Thanks for your continued help, I know it must be frustrating dealing with someone who has all these problems.
  2. Ok so now I have an ssd in there (only other spare I had) and with the OG installation dvd in it said evox detected a hdd change would I like to format it. Without the dvd in, it would just go to an error page. So I formatted it, including F and now it boots to just the xbox evox screen with "linux" at the bottom, and my xbox led is flashing. Where do I go from here? I'm assuming it doesn't matter if I use evox, the og installation disk, or hexen to format the drive just so long as it gets formatted. EDIT: i put a different drive in there because no matter what I did, it just didnt like that 1TB HDD. Now when I start it with the hexen disk and that 1TB drive, it says the same unleash x has detected new hard disk. Do you want to format your new drive? With no hexen dvd in, it gives error 13. Do I need partition F? What does that do? Just realized that the logo in the upper left is EVOX, but the message itself says UnleashX. Those are 2 different BIOS right? It's like they're mixed together somehow.
  3. Ok cool, I have that installed and see the Evox logo when I start the xbox, then it gives an error 16 page call customer support. So next up is preparing the HDD, which I need to format properly. When I try formatting from xenium it always fails. So I guess I need to use that OG installation dvd right? How can I boot from that dvd?
  4. Cool thanks for this, I'll give it a read through. I am able to access it via HTTP, and I see the option you are talking about. So from here, I should upload that EvoxM8+v16.bin SS_Dave provided right?
  5. Sorry for the delay guys, real life and all that... After running that formatting tool, I see the disk as one big unallocated space. Unfortunately that didn't fix anything. I even tried with a different drive. Still always fails to format from within Open Xenium. BIOS need to be in the c drive of that hdd, which I can't format the c drive because it always fails so im stuck there. I can't use the OG installation dvd to format that hdd because I don't have any BIOS which I need in order to boot from the dvd drive, is that correct?
  6. Yes it was, I did format it with diskpart > clean all but I will try that tool. Ah alright, but since I do not have any BIOS installed currently, that would explain why both buttons have the same result.
  7. When I try to format the C or F drive it just says failed to format partition. I wonder if something is wrong with the HDD. It's a Thomson DVD drive. So to install the BIOS from a dvd it would be add new launch item> flash? When I do that with the installation dvd in and select D, the next screen is just blank. Nothing for me to select. I don't really understand what powering on the xbox with the eject button is supposed to do. When I do that it looks the same as when I power on with the normal power button only it opens the dvd drive too. I could try burning the BIOS to a dvd.
  8. It's running version 2.3.1 When I FTP there is nothing, here is a screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/hfndmYp If I double click on that folder icon to move up a directory, the xbox either freezes or reboots itself.
  9. Hey, yes I have the OG Installation 2021 disk burned to a dvd from the link you provided. Yes I get the Open Xenium menu when I power on with the eject button. I cannot find a way to actually boot that disk though.
  10. Thanks. Hmm, well for the 5 seconds I was able to log in via FTP before it crashed and the Xbox froze I saw that there is nothing there. No C drive, so I guess I have to format that HDD first? This is the spare 1TB drive that I had laying around, I am not sure if it is truly blank but I figure I'd be able to format it from the Xbox. Unfortunately I don't have a USB adapter.
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. I thought I needed retail BIOS for some reason, it was part of the guide I was following. Its a 1.0 Xbox and Open Xenium didn't come with any BIOS. I'm heading in the right direction now.
  12. What ups So glad I found this awesome forum for the OG. I installed an OpenXenium chip and now I don't know what to do. My goal is to swap the original HDD (which is EVOX softmodded) with a spare 1TB I have laying around. I tried adding the retail kernel to the launch menu but it isn't working. On the original HDD the xbox boots to a black screen, on the spare HDD the xbox boots to an error screen. What is my next step?

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