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  1. Please go with the Xblast flashing method in your next release. I requested this previously too. Xblast can erase, flash and resize any bios file.
  2. I got two Winbond TSOP xbox. Should I try the same bios on them? I got pin headers intalled on them in case TSOP fails and I will snap in a modchip. That way we will know for sure. But the Xblast TSOP recovery does not work on a 256kb TSOP that has a EVOX M8 or Xecuter bios fragged on them. The M7_TSOP bios simply will not boot the to TSOP to run the DVD. I tried it many times. Please share the method if you succeed.
  3. Its been pleasure checking out this kick ass disk. Let me know please how else I can help. I have 14 xboxs in my collection and have various brands of modchips to test. I don't care If I screw up any xbox or modchip as this for fun and a side hobby. There are plenty more on sale around where I live in the $25-30 range!!
  4. And It has been tested on with a DuoX2 Modchip as well.
  5. Sweetdarkdestiny, yes I have tried flashing the NO-DVD Bios to TSOP, OpenXenium, Xenium Ice, Xblast lite and to a Aladdin modchip. The 2TB Green HD booted just fine and I was able to cold boot DVD Drive. I disabled the Head Parking feature on them using the WDIDLE3 Utility. Maybe put a link to the Ultimatebootdisk download page that's what I used. The disk comes with various other useful tools and lots tutorials on youtube how to use the disk and WDIDLE3 which is on the disk. Maybe if you can please include the two tools (Ponyprog and Liveinfo Beta) used for eeprom reading, writing and modif
  6. Dave, I maybe didn't clarify myself. TSOP_m7 will not boot it self flashed on a modchip if the tsop that is fragged has a Xecuter or EvoxM8 bios flashed onto it. I tried this by connecting d0 and A15 to ground on a Xenium ICE modchip and also a Xblast Lite which has A15 and D0 solder points on the modchip. TSOP recovery methods are only good for 1MB flash motherboards. Motherboards that have a 256KB TSOP flash can only be recovered if the the TSOP that is fragged on them was a MS original Bios. If trying to recover a bad flash on a 256kb motherboard that has a M8plus or Xecuter will not
  7. The best way to use the WDIDLE3 Tool is to download the Ultimatebootdisk. Its free boot disk https://www.ultimatebootcd.com/ . Boot it from a PC and access the Utility from within the boot disk. Super easy lots of tutorials on youtube regarding this and takes only less than 20 seconds to disable Head parking feature on the green drives. Thanks again Dave for pointing this out.
  8. Great work Sweetdestiny! I have tested the Installer on all my Xboxs TSOPs and Modchips. Works great for flashing and Hard Drive upgrades. I don't think anyone gonna ever complain about not having a certain bios! But they sure will complain about getting lost in the so many BIOSs. LOL!! We are going to need map now to find our way in and out of the Bios choices!! Great work.
  9. I have a Xblast Lite and TSOP_M7 flashed to one of the banks. I had a TSOP Fragged XBOX that I tried it on to recover the TSOP. TSOP was flashed with a M8plus that fragged on it. M7 Bios would not boot. It only boots to recover a MS original TSOP or a possibly a IND 2004 on some xbox versions, It will not recover any other messed up BIOS on the TSOP. I tried this for countless hours. I tried booting the TSOP.M7 on M8Plus, Xecuter, IND Bios flashed TSOP bioses. It will boot none of them. Only one it booted fro me was the MS Genuine TSOP and I was able to flash that one. All others it did n
  10. Many thanks to Dave for pointing out this tool. Here is a download link to the tool. Took me a while to find it. Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support (wdc.com)
  11. Dear friend I narrowed it down to the WD Green 2TB HD. Its not compatible with the no DVD Bios. Both Xboxs that I tried the M8 NODVD bios had the Green 2TB with SATA Adaptors made by kingwin. Its not the BIOS its the WD Green Crap. I tried an IDE WD 500GB Blue and a stock Xbox drive and both xbox boot fine with the NODVD M8 Bios. But weird thing is M8 with DVD Support, IND and Executer have no problems. Please add the WD Green 2TB as a culprit to the NODVD Bios list lol!!
  12. Dave the DVD Drives are fine, As soon as I flash the TSOP with EVOX DVD Support bios they work. Also all the other bios work fine too. Its just EVOX NODVD Bios I am having trouble with.
  13. Sorry to be a pain but I tried all this, I have no clue what I am doing wrong but soon as flash a NoDVD evox bios my Xbox wont boot. Will just freeze on X logo. As Soon as I Unhook the IDE Cable from the DVD Drive it boots fine. Tried flashing a TSOP on Winbond and Hynix. Same story on both. Happy New Year!!!.
  14. Dave Sorry I did not clarify my self. I meant EVOX M8 Plus with DVD Support.
  15. I mean as all the Evox M8 Plus bios are the NODVD Bios in the installer disk. Will it be possible to add EVOX M8 Plus with DVD Support? Thank You Happy New Year!!!

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