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  1. Add one more SPDT switch A18 and your Bios should split 4 ways into 256 banks as he states in the first pic as optional.
  2. Raja


    Send Tek Nemesis a personal message. He is in Alberta, Canada. Or Contact him via facebook. Look at Daves Post.
  3. If you are referring it to the LPC Rebuild board, then yes. Its easier to just use wires. I used the LPC rebuild board once only and its a nightmare removing it if things do not go right.
  4. The easiest way to Use this Utility is to download Ultimate Boot Disk. Follow this Tutorial and the link to download is also in the description.
  5. Hey I have a few 1.0 Xboxs with the fan on GPU. The fan on motor shaft is just held by magnet. You can pop of the fan very easily. I have put in a a drop of synthetic 0w20 motor oil in the bushing hole and snapped the fan back on. Never hear any sound from these fans anymore. They been running now for over a year and still no noise.
  6. I don't have a answer to that question. Maybe Dave or Kaos can answer to that.
  7. It works well if you have a fiber glass pen to scrub off the protective layer and then use flux to solder.
  8. Here are few pics to help you find them. Use a low heat setting on the iron. Don't give up, once done soldering the alternate points try running the bios identifier tool again and see if it identifies the TSOP chip before flashing.
  9. Try running the Bios checker tool from the OGX Installer disk. If it Identifies your winbond chip that means your TSOP enable points are good. If its not Identifying try to Solder the alternative points.
  10. Also try to reflow the pinheader, and make sure the modchip is seated properly. I ran into that kind of problem myself with these cheap aladdin modchips as the female header on the chip does not always make a good contact. Use a bit of pressure with your hand on chip while booting and see if that helps.
  11. Thank you so much for the updated version and switching to Xblast for Sharp/Winbond TSOPs. It will be nice to see you and SweetDarkDestiny working together to accomplish one of the finest releases in the future.
  12. If its the DVD Tray eject belt as Kaos Mentioned, use a tweezer to put it back on. Put the belt on the big pully on the left side and then pull it with tweezers to slide onto the small pully. Pull out the DVD Tray all the out so you can see what you are doing and use some light. Good luck!

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