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  1. KaosEngineer your a legend! XDVDMulleter was what i needed! So this breaks down the iso, into XBE files and its working just fine now! So thanks very much. Once last question... in Xbox4Gamers, when i look in my game library, its showing up as attach virtual disc, rather than the games name, any ideas how i fix this? otherwise the game works fine.
  2. Hello again. I have tried qwix. But when I try extract the .iso it just gives me another.iso lol. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. My files are just regular .iso do I have to convert to an Xiso or something. Or when I FTP it over to Xbox does it extract it to all the relevant files.
  3. Hi, thanks for the reply, and info. that is one way for sure. Is there no way i can take my .iso image of said game and extract it, like what you see when you dump a game to your HDD via the console?
  4. Hi Team, I currently have a softmodded xbox, with XBOX4Gamers dash, with about 80 games on it. The games were direct rips from my libary. Now i also have a bunch of Xbox games in .iso format as well. Can i just FTP this over to my xbox and GTG, or is there more steps to get it working right? "" So after reading some other posts, seems to get .iso to work is a hassle." Is there a program i can use to just rip the .iso to its default folders like you see when you rip a game on the xbox its self?
  5. Hi Team, So i have this working just fine, it has downloaded and installed 90% of the artwork. There are however some games it wont do it for. I have tried and tried for hours to do it manually, but cant seem to figure it out. i have added files individually like icon, fan art etc etc but it wont pick it up. Is there a way to set them manually??????
  6. Hi Team, Is this download still active? When ever i try download it only downloads a portion of each? HELP!!!
  7. Please any opinions before i go buy it??
  8. Just finished this one recently. Only soft modded right now, as im waiting for new chips to arrive. Has 1tb HDD
  9. Hi team! So.. I can get a brand new in box rear projection TV. Will this be any good for my OG Xbox and retro console gaming in generall?
  10. Easy way to sort this issue is to use Rocky 5's soft modding tool. This will repair or replace any soft mod version. watch this video for how to do it. links for downloads are in his video info.
  11. UPDATE!! brought this broken AF xbox back to life. Installed a Aladdin XT Plus, and also had to make a custom cooling solution haha. She works!!! however the DVD drive is completely stuffed, wont even open. HDD is fine just not locked hence it wouldn't boot originally. So now, ill just lock the drive and think about what to do about the DVD drive.
  12. ok sweet. thats fairly simple then. I already ordered Alladin XT chip figuring that would be the only way. Thanks for the info and the quick response. Really appreciate it.
  13. Hi Team, So i picked up a XBOX, but sadly the DVD drive is destroyed and so is the HDD. The mother board its self works fine. Is there anyway to get this up and running?

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