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  1. Well that worked..so im a little step closer now. Now do i have to find out to use my xbox properly, because i dont have a f*ng clue what to do with those banks...when i turn on the 1st and 3d button it boots in xbmc...i have the new hdd now hooked up and partitioned f and g so thats good. But i still cant boot up hexen or rocky5. Ive tried to flash a bios but i think i do something wrong.. I only want to boot to for example xbmc4gamers
  2. Thats just my problem...that doesnt work. Ive tried everything to get into the config live but nothing works
  3. Hi there, I am beginner in modding so correct me if im wrong. I bought a xbox 1.6 with a x3 chip and x3 panel with lcd. I really dont know what the previous owner did but i think he fucked things up. When i start the xbox and pressing the white button the xbox doesnt boot config live..i also cant flash a bios with biosflasher through lan. It is also impossible to start up hexen or rocky5.. Is there someone who can help me? My goal is to change the hdd.
  4. Tysonb

    Errorcode 21

    Hi there, I've accidentally whiped my HDD on my xbox instead of clone it to my new 1TB HDD... I had a backup of eeprom and dash with the softmod but.... I think it whiped my softmod and everything, can't boot into Hexen. anyone a solution?
  5. oh what i love this site, thanks!!!!!
  6. hi there, I've recently installed a 2tb hdd with xbmc4gamers. I can't find the xbox artwork installer. Can anyone help me please?
  7. hi there, I am looking for a torrent link for coinops 8 massive. I cant do it with Mega. Does anyone has a link?
  8. That would've been the perfect video for me!
  9. Thank you very much! Ive done it, i didnt have a molex splitter so i had to be creative but it works. Thanks again!
  10. No when the hexen dvd is in the drive and i turn it on it doesnt boot hexen i get errorcode 16
  11. I don't know, i softmodded many xboxes to sell them but these 2xboxes i didn't do myself..can i see if it's a hard or softmod?
  12. hi there, im sorry for my english i'm dutch so it's far from perfect. I have a problem with upgrading my hdd on my xbox classic, i saw on youtube that i can buy a sata hdd, a convertor to sata and a 80 wire cable. When the xbox starts i get error 16. My drive and the disc are good because with the original hdd it runs hexen 2019. Im a bit of a noob with this so please be gentle with me. I hope some one can help me

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