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  1. Hi Im looking for a halo2 blue crystal box only.
  2. Can you please ship it to holland? It's not that far.
  3. Tysonb

    Error 16

    Hi guys, I recently put a aladdin chip in a xbox with a 2tb and it worked fine. Now the xbox gives me an error 16. When i put in a recovery disc the xbox is booting forever in the bootscreen with linux. I tried another aladdin chip, openxenium chip, resolder the d0 and pinheader, tried d0 on screwpoint on the bottomside of the motherboard, tried another dvd drive, another hdd, another ide cable. Anyone an idea?
  4. Hi, I have the blue xbox with the black jewel but there are blue xbox with grey jewel. What are the exact names and differences?
  5. Tysonb

    2tb origins

    Thanks for your reply, what do you mean by AP?
  6. Tysonb

    2tb origins

    Hi there, I tried to download the 2tb origins from arcadepunks but that doesnt work anymore. Is there another site to download this?
  7. Thanks guys! I flashed another bios and now it works perfect!
  8. Edit: It happends with every hdd i put in. Is it something with the chip?
  9. Hi guys i have a problem, i just filled up my new hdd. When the dash loads it shows on f and g 0,0 free and when i go to file explorer it shows nothing in f and g. I put in the hexen disc and in hexen the f and g shows the correct amount of free space and all the games and emulators are appearing in the f and g and i can play the games. The xbox has an old Smartx chip
  10. Tysonb

    Weird screen

    I have a standard cable with the white red and yellow. With that cable i have the problem. I also have the problem if i connect the hdmi converter. If i use those cables with my other xboxes there is no problem, the problem is in the xbox but where do i start? Do i have to resolder the XBOX AVIP Socket PCB Underside?
  11. Tysonb

    Weird screen

    Ive tried component and bitfunx hdmi adapter. With another xbox there are no problems with this cables
  12. Tysonb

    Weird screen

    Hi there, Suddenly my xbox has a blueish screen. When it boots what normally is green is now blue and also my dashboard is missing the green color. Does anyone has an idea? Ive ruled out: Tv settings Dvd drive Hdd Ide/sata adapter Video cable
  13. Tysonb

    X3CP Blue

    Hi, Is there someone or some website where i can buy the x3cp blue?
  14. Tysonb

    Cant change hdd

    Hay ss dave, You told me that FATXplorer is better to fill up a 2tb drive. I've tried different things but i dont understand it .
  15. No need for help anymore...!!!! I had no storage left in that drive :lol:

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