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  1. First of all do not talk down to me like your king shit and i don't know what I'm doing ok. I've been dealing with modded XBOXs probably since before you were born I'm talking about the days of FLASHFXP. So If I say something doesn't work, or something is wrong, then it doesn't work, and it's wrong. Regardless of what you might think or what you've been lead to believe, when an xbox is modded, then everything can be done via a disk or FTP which means you can burn anything to a disk from your PC and then transfer it to the XBOX HDD and go from there. I do, and have always done every mod I ever do on the xbox soft modded and chipped) all from just from the DVD drive and a file explorer because that's needed to copy any contents from any disk to the HDD. This specific softmod combined with upgrading the HDD, kills the DVD drive on the xbox rendering it unusable so even dvd2xbox doesn't work. As it stands now the DVD drive on this XBOX I'm using worked 100% fine until I soft modded it with this crap. Just want to point out that XBMC4gamers is garbage for anything disk related. The disk drive itself works just fine, I have modded the specific xbox more than once and the DVD drive works just fine in every one of them except this soft mod, there isn't a single thing in the entire softmod which works when the DVD drive is required. Because you're more in tuned with defending garbage than actually stepping back and seeing the issue let me sum it up for you, the topic creator is trolling people by saying these can be manually installed when that is totally untrue and FYI manual install means to ftp the files I mentioned above, put them on your xbox via a disk/ftp then run them from it.
  2. Update DVD2XBOX freezes and locks up the xbox so copying disks from the DVD drive to the XBOX HDD is impossible. Some process in the softmodding kills the DVD drive
  3. When downloading any packages to your computer there is still a default .xbe in them. and all Xbox apps/games have a default.xbe they have to or you cannot ever launch anything Instead of a .exe which the computer reads for launching programs and apps, the xbox has a .XBE XBOX Executable. The XB stands for XBOX and the E stands for executable. Anyway I downloaded the Gamers - Emustation Artwork Stuff from the following link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a3ZaFTuuu5L7lDbnOjmA5tlHhrwpWFKC?usp=sharing Which is the link found in this topic: I am now going to copy and paste an exact quote from the Topic Creator: Yet there isn't a single default.xbe anywhere in that package which means there is no possible way to run the installer at all. Furthermore the xbox reads the following extensions for images png - jpg - tbn - bmp (The proper dashboard still has to be used as some dashboards cannot read certain image files.) Anyway after looking through the package, there isn't any proper file extensions for the xbox to read either. Someone needs to create the proper picture formats so the dashboards can read it and say what dashboard those pictures go with, place those pics in the properly named folder, .rar that folder, and uploaded it. All someone needs to do then is download it, unpack the .rar file, and copy the folder that has all the pictures in it, onto the proper section of the xbox. Right now there isn't even a way to run any of this off a disk or the HDD. it's a complete shit show with no clear simple easy instructions. I shouldn't have to still connect the xbox to the net to download what I already have just to get it to run. This whole thing is a major and complex mess.
  4. After upgrading my xbox HDD, it not only boots and runs 10 times slower, but the DVD drive now doesn't read any disk I put into the disk drive even official xbox games. It just says unknown. Now I don't mind the system booting up slower, but not reading anything in the disk drive is a major problem. I followed this tutorial exactly (I used the exact parts and followed all steps)

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