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  1. Which Bios

    The only operation I've not been able to use with the X3 BIOS is to run games from the ISO (XISO) file instead of the extracted file set. For that, I boot the M8plus BIOS stored in one of the additional banks. The CDROM Modchip patch to do so works with only a limited number of BIOS's and the X3 BIOS is not one of them.
  2. Avalaunch Folder Icons?

    Not sure it's possible. Check the AvaLaunch Manual v2.2 (PDF) . Update: Seems icons are only added to the applications/games that have an XBE file associated with them not the top-level menu items.
  3. Which Bios

    The X3 modchip has its own BIOS to support all the features of it. It can also boot other modified BIOSes if you prefer. X3 Build 3294 is the latest for the modchip from Team Xecuter. It is 1MB in size and fills 4 of the modchip's 8 256KB banks which leaves 4 256 banks that can be used as either a 1MB bank, 2-512KB banks, 1-512KB bank and 2-256KB banks, or 4 separate 256KB banks. You need to make sure the version of the BIOS you flash is compatible with the Xbox version - 1.0-1.5 multi-version or specific build for v1.6s.
  4. Questions and Other Stuff

    Is the DVD playback kit dongle installed in a port.? From what I remember, the X3IR alone only allows the Xbox DVD remote to power on/off the console it does not perform other functions.
  5. XBox 1.2 - 1.5 Christmas Lights

    How was it modded? Does it have a modchip installed? Is it a solderless install?
  6. Questions and Other Stuff

    Maybe it uses the DVD playback kit remote if the use MCE remote option is not enabled. But, you probably already tried it that way.
  7. Best Bios for Pre-1.6 Emulation?

    There are several. Doesn't affect installing or launching of the emulators. Evox M8plus Xecuter 2 4981.67 or 4983.67 Xecuter 2 5035 - x2config.ini allows BIOS configuration changes to be made by editing this file that's stored in the root of the Xbox's E drive iND-BiOS 5003 iND-BiOS Beta 2005-02-15 (aka 5004) These two iND-BIOSes also have a configuration file but it's named, ind-bios.cfg, and it is stored on the root of the Xbox's C drive. These are the latest BIOS versions from the various BIOS development teams.
  8. Fastest Cable for X-Link Kai/Ftp?

    No, the Xbox only supports 10 or 100 Mbit per second data transfers - Cat5 will do. And most newer Ethernet ports support auto-MDI/MDI-x making a crossover cable unnecessary. The port automagically connects the proper pairs of wires on each end to allow data to be transferred. The Xbox does not do auto-MDI/MDI-X but if your computer's Ethernet supports it, you are good to go using either a crossover or standard Ethernet cable.
  9. Questions and Other Stuff

    The MCE remote is different than the Xbox DVD playback kit remote. MCE = Media Center Extender
  10. Dead Ethernet Port?

    I've fixed an Xbox where the wires inside the Ethernet port connector were so caked up with dust and grim that the cable could not make good contact with them. After using compressed air to blow out the majority of the dust followed by cleaning them with a 91% isopropyl alcohol soaked q-tip until it came out clean instead of black then letting it dry out. Reconnected the Ethernet cable and it was again on the network. Does the LED on the right side of the Xbox's Ethernet port flash? I think that's the one. One LED shows the link status (connection established between the Xbox's Ethernet port and the router) while the other indicates when data packet transfers are occurring.
  11. Questions and Other Stuff

    What's this mean VGA go without green witch ... You talking about these two NKPatcher override files: /E/nkp11/video.bin with a single character: 1, 2 or 3. 1 force progressive mode 2 enable VGA fix 3 both options 1 and 2 /E/nkp11/eeprom_off.bin An empty file its presence alone switches off the use of a virtual EEPROM.
  12. Questions or Issues.

    Chimp 261812 should format the extra space to use 64KB clusters. You can double check that the extended partitions >512GB in size are using them by running XBPartition v1.3 and scrolling down to highlight partition 6 then 7. The cluster size in use will be displayed in the bottom section of its display. Again, only a partition >512GB in size needs to use 64KB clusters. If the partition is improperly formatted, the text ER will appear to the left of the partition's size. For a 2TB drive, partition 6 and 7's formatted size will be 927.78GB each. Source: https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=649&hilit=2tb (XBPartitioner v1.1 shown in picture but use v1.3) Note: If partition 6 and 7 are not 927.78GB's each, the drive is not formatted properly - a partition cannot be >1TB in size with 64KB clusters.
  13. Dead Ethernet Port?

    What brand and model is the 'network extender' device? It has to be running a DHCP server for the Xbox to receive an IP address. If not, you'll need to use a static IP address (set manually in the dashboard's settings) What address is your PC at? Is it set to obtain an address or a static (manual) IP.
  14. XLink Kai

    The Xbox can only run 1 app at a time is what I hear. You can't have the tunneling app sending data to the Kai orbital servers and run the game at the same time. The old release of XBMC that supported XLink Kai only performed the GUI portion to set up the arena connection through the Kai engine. XBMC still required another computer be it PC/MAC or now Raspberry PI or other SBC that runs the XLink Kai Engine to forward the system link packets to the orbital servers. The orbital servers send and receive packets from the engine computers of all the consoles in the selected arena to play the System Link game.
  15. XLink Kai

    It is still available for Windows, MacOS (x86), Linux x86 - no GUI and Raspberry Pi & other ARM-based SBCs. XLink Kai: Evolution VII. Global Network Gaming.

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