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  1. Bad Hard Drive. Possible To Save?

    Possible to save, yes. What's the error number in the upper left-hand corner of the screen? (It may not have one if the dashboard is the first 3944 release.) What are the last 5 digits of the serial number and manufacturing date on the stickers on the bottom of the console? Serial Number format: LNNNNNN YWWFF L = Factory Line Number NNNNNN = number of Xbox produced this week Y = last digit of year (200Y) of production WW = week of production FF = factory number produced in 01=Mexico, 03=Hungary, 05=China, 06=Taiwan
  2. Hdd Loader

    Px HD Loader v1.3 download is available here . Many more Xbox modding apps available on that site too.
  3. What Do I Do With My Modchip?

    No additional benefits using the Aladdin XT plus 2 as it only holds 1 BIOS. However, they can be modified by reprogramming the CPLD (Lattice LC4032 chip with a JTAG programmer) and swapping out the 49LF020 (256KB = 2Mbit flash) with a 49LF080 (1MByte = 8Mbit flash). Install the XBlastOS (256KB) and have 2 additional software selectable BIOS banks: 1 - 256KB and 1 - 512KB. https://assemblergames.com/threads/mod-aladdin-xblast.55068/
  4. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    What files/folders are on the C/E/F/G drives? Can you access the console using an FTP client?
  5. Games Freezing After Hard Drive Migration

    Delete all the files on the X, Y and Z drives - game cached content.
  6. Unlocking Original XBox Hd

    XboxHDM23USB Beta 3 is available to write a softmod installer on the C drive of the Xbox HDD. You either need the eeprom.bin backup to UNLOCK/LOCK the Xbox HDD with XboxHMD23USB Beta 3 or hot-swap connect the Xbox's HDD after the console unlocks it to PC using a USB-to-HDD interface adapter.
  7. Zelda - Time To Triumph (V1.2)

    Please don't repack it and add a password on it. U forget to add the DL link? The file is available at emuxtras.net in the Downloads -> (Xbox) Homebrew-Ports section.
  8. One More New Member

    First, determine which version you have? If it's a 1.0-1.5 open it up, remove the clock cap, clean off the leaked residue with isopropyl alcohol and cotton swaps. Repair any trace damage if the console acts strange when trying to power it on and/or ejecting the DVD tray. Then, softmod or hardmod it.
  9. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Boot Hexen disc and Install XBMC Do you know if your Xbox is softmodded or hardmodded? If so, which and how so?
  10. Random Screen Freeze

    Time for a thermal repaste of both the CPU and GPU. Is the hot air exhaust fan running inside the console? As well if it's a v1.0, is the GPU fan running?
  11. Umm Noob Member Saying Hi

    Welcome to OGXbox.com Mod it or lose it, KaosEngineer P.S. Have fun with your newly acquired black boxes.
  12. Greetings

    Welcome to OGXbox.com. Mod it or lose it, KaosEngineer
  13. Unlocking Original XBox Hd

    When power cycles or the IDE bus resets, the HDD will again be locked. You have to hotswap, leave power connected to the HDD, and change the IDE connection from the Xbox to a running PC. The PC cannot be rebooted as it'll reset the IDE bus once again locking the HDD. The only way to keep it unlocked is to remove the locking password. However, a softmodded system requires the HDD to be LOCKED to work. If you have a copy of the EEPROM saved after softmodding, you can use XboxHDM23USB Beta 2 or 3 to unlock and relock the HDD. As configured, XboxHDM23USB requires the Xbox HDD to be connected to the PC via a USB-to-HDD interface (IDE and/or SATA) adapter. (The PC and Xbox's grounds need to be tied together as the Xbox's ground floats - no Earth ground on the Xbox's AC power cord like the PC has.)
  14. New Member

    Welcome to OGXbox.com. Have fun with your black box. Mod it or lose it, KaosEngineer
  15. XBox Keeps Restarting ?

    For v1.0-1.5 Xbox's the clock cap is not necessary for the system to boot. The MS dashboard will start each time AC power is removed as the time/date will be lost. As long as AC power stays connected, they will be retained after a power cycle as the Xbox's power supply provides standby power to keep the clock running even when the rest of the console is off. However, V1.6's require the clock cap to boot. Do you know what version your Xbox is?

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