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  1. Xbox Softmod

    If the drive is connected via a PC's IDE interface, use either XboxHDM v1.9 or v2.2a.
  2. Xbox Softmod

    XboxHDM23USB only looks for HDDs connected via a USB-to-HDD interface adapter. HDD interface either IDE, SATA or a combo with both interface types available.
  3. I think the Monster cable's adapter connects to the AVIP ports +5V, Ground and Digital output. Use the following diagram as a reference to trace the connections from the 2.5mm jack to the AVIP port pins: Connect the digital output and ground to the coaxial input on your digital receiver or add a Toshiba TOTX177 (not exactly sure if this is the correct model number to use as there are several different optical transmitters available) TOSLink optical transmitter and capacitor as shown. I suspect the 2.5mm plug's tip is 5Vdc (AVIP pin 1), the top section, the sleeve, is ground (AVIP pin 24) and the central smaller width section, the ring, is the digital data (AVIP pin 6).
  4. A Place To Download XBox Skins In 2018 ?

    Look at
  5. eBay. Crazy that they made the cable without the optical driver present. It's part of the small adapter in the picture you attached. The other cable is a standard TSOLink optical cable Monster-style.
  6. Xbox Softmod

    The program will start but it cannot read/write data from/to the HDD until it is unlocked. Without the eeprom.bin file, the lock and unlock options will not perform their desired function. These options cannot compute the lock/unlock password to send to the HDD. The unlock function in XboxHDM23USB is temporary. It does not remove the password like ConfigMagic 1.6-FINAL or Rocky5's v1.6.1 updated release. Once the HDD resets or is power cycled, the HDD will be locked.
  7. Xbox Softmod

    Does it show a list of hard drives to unlock. If not, then the PC is not recognizing that an HD is connected. The XboxHDM23USB software REQUIRES the HDD to be connected to the PC via a USB-to-HDD adapter. Beta 2 does not install the softmod game saves (one save for the game disc you have and another which includes the softmod package itself). You have to have the eeprom.bin backup to unlock the HDD or hotswap an already Xbox unlocked HDD to the PC adapter. I'm thinking that some USB-to-HDD adapters reset the HDD when attaching it. Thus, the HDD relocks. Use the menu option #5, Check Lock Status, to verify that the HDD is unlocked. Menu item #1, List drives connected, to make sure the application sees the Xbox HDD.
  8. Xbox Softmod

    The XboxHDM23USB's USB portion means the HDD for the Xbox is connected to the PC via a USB-to-HDD interface adapter be it IDE, SATA or a combination adapter with external power supply for 3.5" drives. The software runs from Windows (including version 10). You run the batch file, xboxhd.bat. Remember to copy the eeprom.bin backup to the same folder where the batch file is located before starting the application. To build a new drive with the Beta 2 version, you need to add files for the MS dashboard - Clean C and E files for Xbox.7z (D: 1.00.5960.01). Copy the Clean C and E files for Xbox's C subfolder content to XboxHDM23USB's hdm\C subfolder. After completing the steps to build the new HDD by selecting Launch xboxhdm in the main menu and returning to it, lock the HDD before exiting XboxHDM23USB. Next, install the new HDD into the Xbox. You are ready to softmod. But, why use Beta 2 when Beta 3 will setup the new HDD with a no-original-game-disc-required softmod installer. Add no files to Beta 3's HDD_files\C subfolder - yes, it uses a different folder than Beta 2 - and follow the steps of Beta 2 to build the HDD. After locking the drive, install it in the Xbox to boot to the softmod installer. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete its installation.
  9. My XBox.

    Disconnect the DVD drive to get an error 12. The HDD should remain unlocked. The HDD has to remain powered all the time during the Xbox to PC IDE cable swap. Another item to note here, the Xbox has a floating ground. There's no Earth ground on the AC power cord. If you connect the Xbox HDD to the PC when powered by the Xbox, it may reset as the ground level adjusts. Best to have the drive powered by the PC or have a wire (alligator clipped) to the PC case and Xbox internal shield to tie the two devices grounds together. That way, there's no potential difference between the two that changes during the cable swap which can reset the HDD thereby causing it to relock.
  10. Dev Box Eeprom Challenges

    The devkit app to run retail signed content is available at digiex.net: https://digiex.net/threads/retail-game-loader-v1-20-load-games-on-debug-developer-xbox.13818/
  11. Dev Box Eeprom Challenges

    No, I just want to get the drive operational again. Copy the content ASAP to a new HDD as recommended before the glitch occurs again. Not sure if there's a firmware update fix available for this non-problem per Seagate. I hope to issue the secret command I found for this series of drive model's firmware to rebuild the platter structure. Once it finishes, the drive once again POSTS with the correct size and allows access to the files stored on this 3TB drive as it was prior to the hiccup.
  12. My Current Stuff for Sale

    There may be information on assembergames.net for a pre-encoder sync recovery VGA mode. However, I've not searched for them yet. Update: There are two topic threads at assemblergames.net with some information: N64 Freak's query and 3 pages of replies related to Xbox VGA BIOS modification help needed! and bennydiamond's My Xbox modification project : A worklog and reference for future modders.
  13. Dev Box Eeprom Challenges

    This adapter is for my Windows PC's HDD, not an Xbox HDD fix/mod. There's supposedly a bug in the firmware that when it glitches causes the drive to report a size of 0 blocks. During POST, the PC BIOS won't recognize the drive so Windows can use it. The BIOS sees the drive brand/model/serial number/etc; however, It has 0 blocks accessible and won't set it up for the OS to access it. A majority of the Xbox Tools I've downloaded over several years are on that HDD. Seagate SATA drives have a serial port accessible on 3 pins of the header next to the SATA connector: RX, TX and GND. This serial port allows Seagate to communicate with the drive's firmware. Some people have found a few proprietary (secret) commands to reinitialize the drive so it once again is seen with the correct size by the PC's BIOS with the data intact.
  14. Sata/Ide Adapter

    Most, if not all, SATA HDDs support the ATA security feature to lock the HDD. The Xbox compatible HDD list is accessible at: http://xboxdrives.x-pec.com/
  15. Dev Box Eeprom Challenges

    A Dev Kit already supports the entire 128MB of RAM with it's BIOS. To run retail games, there's an app to allow you to run them from the devkit's dashboard. I'll have to see if I can find it again as my HDD croaked with a majority of my Xbox modding files. Finally received the USB serial-to-TTL level adapter to try and repair the drive as I've found others have done. Can you PM me a copy of the EEPROM file?

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