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  1. Hello

    Depending upon the build date you can generally tell if it's a 1.4 or 1.6. After April 2004 Serial number format: LNNNNNN YWWFF L = Production Line # in this factory NNNNNN = number of Xbox on that line produced this week Y = Last digit of year (200Y) WW = week of the year produced FF = Factory (02 - Mexico, 03 - Hungary, 05 - China, 06 - Taiwan) 1.4/1.5 production starts in 2003 Week 30 til production of 1.6's started. 1.6's production started in 2004 Week 20 onward till end of production in 2005. LNNNNNN 33WFF 1.4, 1.5 LNNNNNN 42WFF 1.6 You can also look for the presence or absence of the motherboard mounting post below the serial number sticker: See https://imgur.com/a/HM6PU
  2. New To the Ogxb Forums

    hi ogXbox 4 ever!
  3. Og Xbox Soft Mod Issue

    The dashboard files are corrupted. I'd upgrade your softmod to Rock5's latest Xbox Softmodding Tool by using the Quick Upgrade package: Build v1.1.4/Installer Variants/Quick Upgrade.zip Installation instructions included in the archive's Read Me.txt file. Then, install (FTP upload) a clean set of MS dashboard 5960 files to the console's C drive.
  4. Wanted, 480p Force Bios Files

    They should be on xbins FTP server. Also, on the backup web site: https://the-eye.eu/public/xbins/XBOX/Console Based Applications/bios/Force480p/Force 480p XBOX bios collection v2.rar Update: Just checked xbins FTP server and it's still there too.
  5. Team XEcuter Custom Hardware

    The black switch panel came as part of the X3 modchip purchase. Team Xecuter X3 Full Kit
  6. My Top 10 UnleashX Skin Picks

    R U pressing (A) twice? You have to for the new skin to be set as the new default. Pressing only once is a temporary preview of the skin until you select another or reboot and the previously set default skin will return. The on-screen instructions state that fact. Many users miss that little tidbit! Update: (A) Select Start / (A) (A) Save (Y) Download skins (doesn't work anymore ) Not sure why the Start button is shown before the slash and the 2 (A) buttons to Save. Pressing the Start button only exits back to the previous menu for me. Update 2: Check the path that your installation of UnleashX uses to access new skins. Do the skins show up in the list? If so, you are uploading them to the correct directory. Open System -> Settings -> System page and scroll down to the Skin section: Skins listed above is a subdirectory where your UnleashX's default.xbe file is located. You can set a path to a different folder name if you prefer or IIRC a fully qualified path (e.g., E:\Skins). Next, display the System Info page as seen below. To do so at a menu, press the (Y) button. Scroll down to the UnleashX section to find the Path entry. This folder is the location where UnleashX is running from on your Xbox.When the Skins path value is set to Skins the complete path to each skin is: <Path>\<Skins path>\<Skin Name>\ If <Skins path> is a fully qualified folder - starts with <drive letter>:\, <Path> will not be prepended. Substitute the values found for <Path>, <Skins Path> and <Skin Name> for the actual directory names. For example <Path> = C:\, <Skins path> = Skins and <Skin Name> = <XvGM> the complete path to this skin is: C:\Skins\XvGM Note: Skins saved in folders under the <Skins path> folder are surrounded with "<>" symbols to indicate that they are not skins built into UnleashX's default.xbe file. They actually sets of files uploaded to your Xbox for UnleashX to use from the <Path>\<Skins Path>\<Skin Name> folder. Make sure that you do not have sub-subfolders when you upload a skin. The skin.xml file must be found in the <Path>\<Skins Path>\<Skin Name> folder after value substitutions (no "<>" symbols). For more information about using UnleashX and skinning, download the UnleashX Tutorial P.S. Rambling now, too late / early in the morning. Way more information that you probably needed. Pressing (A) twice was as far as I most likely needed to go.
  7. Hallo

    Welcome to ogXbox.com Try it soft then do it hard; modding that is! ogXbox forever!
  8. [your] Favorite UnleashX Skin

    Post a link or attach the skin's file archive (max 1 per post please) to your favorite UnleashX skin. Thanks, KaosEngineer -- >/dev/null 2>&1
  9. My Top 10 UnleashX Skin Picks

    There are many, many, many more skins that I did not review at the time I made these selections. If anyone finds a skin that they like, please post a link or attach it to a post here. thanks, KaosEngineer -- >/dev/null 2>&1
  10. Hard Drive Size Issue

    The BIOS of the ogXbox only supported LBA28 access for a max 137GB unformatted HDDs. Stock HDDs were either 8GB or 10GB drives with only the first 8GBs used. Users of modified systems with an original 10GB drive could gain access to the remaining 2GBs (actual formatted space is less than the full 2GBs). Updates to modified Xbox BIOSes enhanced the LBA support to pseudo LBA48 (actually only 32-bits are usable) for a maximum of 2TB. Use of the LBA48 enhanced access requires the use of the proper tools to correctly format the extended partition(s) of a new larger HDD namely XBPartitioner v1.3. IIRC with it, the maximum size of a single partition is 1TB (927.78GB) when formatted to use 64KB clusters.
  11. Mayflash XP Joybox (XBoX To Ps2 Adapter)

    There's a picture of one connected to an Xbox Controller then the PS2 end is connected to what I'm guessing is a PS2 to USB adapter here. Allows Xbox controller to be used with a PS2, not the other way around.
  12. Mayflash XP Joybox (XBoX To Ps2 Adapter)

    Don't find anyone with them in stock. They've been discontinued for several years. Last one I find that sold on eBay was over 2 years ago for a used one at $18 + 3.75S&H.
  13. Hello

    Welcome to ogXbox.com! Do it hard or do it soft; modding's the name of the game here. KaosEngineer -- Xbox 1.0/1.1/1.4/1.6 Mod: X2/X3/XBox Softmodding Tool/Xenium S.P.I.C.E.
  14. Sata/Ide Adapter

    Which adapter didn't work?
  15. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Website won't let me download it. Tells me I must be a registered member. Huh??? "Sorry, there is a problem You must be a registered member and have contributed several times to download files. This is here to help our membership achieve their goals rather than to just let people leach. Error code: 2D161/2" Guess I'll just use the MEGA link.

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