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  1. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    What does the DVD power cable look like that came with the modchip? I don't understand what it's used for. Which pins does it tap off of from the DVD connector on the motherboard.
  2. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    How are the switches configured on the external adapter? Could it be trying to boot the wrong bank? Is the modchip enable/disable switch working? Update: Do you have the original DVD power cable? Where's that red and black wired connector from the new DVD power cable go?
  3. [req] Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 (Default.XBe Us)

    Wait, that's the wrong game!
  4. [req] Brothers In Arms: Road To Hill 30 (Default.XBe Us)

    Where did the info come from that such button combos exist for this game? Not the way I generally think of trainers working with Xbox games. Xbox Version Cheats: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/xbox/920310-brothers-in-arms-road-to-hill-30/cheats
  5. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    If you see Microsoft under the big X logo at the end of the animation and no other text (e.g., Xecuter2, Xecuter Rox my Box, or the Evox Shield in upper-left of the screen during the animation), it's most likely not booting a hacked BIOS , but loading the stock MS BIOS. Error 07 - HDD timeout - hard drive not found. Reseat all IDE connectors: MB, DVD and HDD. From what I recall, the "Microsoft" text appears under the big X logo as an indication that the HDD is now unlocked. Hexen disc won't load using the stock MS BIOS - unsigned code.
  6. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    Good luck, hope they all work!
  7. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    Only thing I'm wondering about is the cutting of LFRAME maybe it needs to be restored and try.
  8. XBox 1.6 Wont Power Up

    Yes it's a v1.6 Xbox console. You'll need to find an Xbox PSU specifically for a v1.6 console and match your input AC power specs. (e.g., 120VAC or 220VAC). Looks like IC21 blew out and blew the top off that capacitor with it. The Xbox Repair Guide isn't going to help you for component-level repair of a V1.6 Xbox Power Supply Unit (PSU). ebay, craigslist, offerup etc are you best bet to purchase an entire used 1.6 console for spare parts. Years ago, there were a few 3rd party vendors that made replacement power supplies for the Xbox console; however, they've been out of production for many years.
  9. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    A B.I.T more info for the X-B.I.T install in a v1.6 console: https://web.archive.org/web/20141025042607/http://forums.xbox-scene.com/index.php?/topic/246438-anyone-tried-x-bit-and-v16-yet/page-2 dayspringband posted 07 August 2004 - 10:55 PM: ok everyone keeps posting and talking about the LPC rebuild and wire installation for SmartXX and Xenium chips but NONE for XBIT. they aren't the same chips. how can u use and installation guide for another chip? Dra60onSlayer posted on 08 August 2004 - 02:22 AM: The LPC rebuild is the same for ALL modchips.. it does not matter what modchip manufacturer who made a good pic... but so far we haven't seen any pics from DMS (the company that makes X-B.i.t) that's why wee are talking about Xenium, SmartXX and Xecuter LPC rebuild. take any of them but be sure to install a switch on LAD0 if you need to disable the modchip without having the xbox frag. also ground LFRAME / D0 to disable internal xbox bios(activate the modchip) -------------------- Post on xbox-scene.com archived at the wayback machine about how to install X-B.I.T in a v1.6 console. Anyone tried X-Bit and v1.6 yet.pdf
  10. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    Found this incomplete (Lite) Edition of X-B.I.T v1.5 installation manual for a 1.6 but it has the additional board and of course being a lite version is not the complete manual just a starting teaser without all the vital information included. XBit_Mod_Install_V1.6_Lite.pdf https://web.archive.org/web/20050416070721/http://forums.xbox-scene.com:80/index.php?showtopic=376770 not that there's much good info still accessible at the links listed.
  11. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    Bank selection and chip enable or Stealth Mode. https://web.archive.org/web/20060203131527/http://www.dms3.com:80/xbit_bios_selection.htm Make sure the chip is enabled not in Stealth Mode. (STM). Does the X-Bit LFRAME rebuild restore the signal before or after the cut by the Xyclops chip to the LPC Debug header pin 3? Another item from the developers archived website. https://web.archive.org/web/20070208081708/http://www.dms3.com:80/xnews.htm Ground connected through the mounting screw. I'd think ground is ground be it via the screw ground point or a wire soldered to the pogo pin top to that same screw grounding pad. They also mention that the X-Bit uses 5Vdc and not 3v3 (3.3Vdc). Not sure if pin 9 pogo pin actually goes anywhere. Xbox-scene.com mentions a * "9-wire installkit for v1.6" however I have yet to find any info about it.
  12. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    Evox M8plus_16.bin (256KB) should work as well as the X2 5035 16.bin (512KB).
  13. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    I see I got a wire wrong. Well as far as if you were using the wire harness and not soldering wires to the top of the pogo pins. Wire 4 from the side wiring harness connector was to D0 on v1.0-1.5 consoles. N/C on a v1.6 console. But for pogo pin/header pin 4, no connection (N/C) as stated earlier is correct.
  14. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    Well actually that sounds better than worse. For this modchip to work in a v1.6 console the modchip needs to have a 1.6 compatible BIOS flashed to it. As that chip generally was used only in v1.0-1.5 consoles the BIOS pre-flashed to it may not work thus FRAG'ing. I'll have to check but I'd have thought the system would boot just there would be no video (BLACK) screen as the wrong BIOS will not properly configure the Xcalibur video encoder but too will not set up the RAM timing properly thus FRAG'ing as the system sees a major fault occurring in a key piece of hardware/software. Do you have any idea what BIOS is flashed to the chip? Update: The console's not a 1..6b as it has Samsung DDR SDRAM (v1.6) installed not Hynix (v1.6b) for the system's 64MB of RAM. Good news!
  15. Problems With XBit 1.5 and 1.6b Mainboard

    LPC pin 5, It too should already be present and requires no restoration. X-BIT Wire Harness Installation on an ogXbox V1.6 console Wire 1 - LCLK - LPC pin 1 - no restoration required Wire 2 - GND - LPC pin 2 - no restoration required Wire 3 - LFRAME - LPC pin 3 - restore per X-BIT restore diagram above pin 3 Wire 4 - POWER - N/C - Power Switch signal line Wire 5 - LRESET - LPC pin 5 - no restoration required Wire 6 - 5Vdc - use alternate unswitched standby 5Vdc per Xecuter 3 installation diagram Wire 7 - LAD3 - restore per X-BIT diagram pin 7 Wire 8 - LAD2 - restore per X-BIT diagram pin 8 Wire 9 - 3.3Vdc - use LPC Debug port Pin 15 Wire 10 - LAD1 - restore per X-BIT diagram pin 10 Wire 11 - LAD0 - restore per X-BIT diagram pin 11 N/C - No Connection I think that should do but I don't have an X-B.I.T to try. Doublecheck them.

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