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  1. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    Whoa, the original HeXEn 2018.rar file is 374.86MBs. The extracted iso inside is a 2.1GB file - HeXEn 2018.iso - size 2,154,299,392 bytes.. Update: If you only have a 2MB RAR file, the download did not complete properly. What unrar program are you using? What OS? I think you unrarred the contents to have the name of the original RAR file you downloaded. (Update: Then again maybe not, if your original file was only 2MB's)
  2. Made a HeXEn 2018 Update

    When I unrar it using WinRAR, there's a 2GB+ iso file inside.
  3. Can't Ftp Games To Console

    Try clearing the cache - always wondered what that meant as my hardmodded console's UnleashX menu has no such item - and deleting all the files in the X, Y and Z drives. From what I understand, the cache file used by UnleashX is named items.xml. Use the File Explorer (aka File Manager) to delete it from the directory where the UnleashX dashboard is loaded.. Or, add the following line to UnleashX's config.xml Menu section: <Item Action="Delete" Arg1=”items.xml”>Delete Cache</Item> After deleting items.xml, reboot the console for UnleashX to recreate it.
  4. Xbox

    No four, five, six or more... Welcome to ogXbox.com. Keep on moddin', -- KaosEngineer /dev/null
  5. Time Reset After Removing Clock Cap.

    The clock cap was a PowerStor AeroGel SuperCap - rated at 1 Farad 2.5 Vdc. It can be replace but not of much use. Set the clock via the Internet. If you prefer to replace it, go with a better quality nichicon supercap rated at 1F 2.5Vdc can be used. PowerStor's new SuperCaps may have fixed the problem but those used in 2001-2004 for Xbox production are almost all now leaking electrolyte on the Xbox's motherboard destroying it. Once the time is set, the cap is not needed as long as you don't unplug AC power from the console. When AC is unplugged and no SuperCap is present, the real-time clock will instantly lose its value. BIOS Which BIOS is currently flashed to your modchip? There are several BIOSes available to fix the clock loop problem. The latest BIOS versions available are: M8plus (256KB) X2 4983 (256KB) X2 5035 (512KB) iND-BiOS 5003 (256KB) iND-BiOS Beta Feb-11-05 - aka 5004 (256KB) Note: Required modchip bank size in parentheses. Some of these BIOSes come in .06 and .67 versions as well as versions for either v1.0-1.5 or v1.6 consoles. Make sure you use a BIOS that matches your current LBA48 configuration (F only - .06 or F & G - .67 and console version and modchip's bank size.
  6. New To Softmodding One Question About Halo Edition.

    Without the case and its matching Serial Number sticker, it will be hard to prove that it is a MB from a Halo Edition console. The case and controller made the system a Halo Edition console more so than the MB installed. They were what came off the production line to stick in the case - nothing special about them that I know of. No insignia printed on the motherboard to show it was a Halo MB. What version motherboard is it?
  7. Wazz Upp

    Nice, welcome to ogXbox.com. Is the 3 HDD expander the Xtender mod kit? IR mod for which chip? Keep on moddin', KaosEngineer Wazz Upp! -- Two / Six / Four / Nine / Three /dev/null
  8. New XBox Psu for All Versions

    I don't think there can be an ALL encompassing version of an Xbox console PSU. It would need to have 3 motherboard power supply connectors: V1.0/1.1, V1.2-1.5 and V1.6. Update: Spoke, well wrote, before I looked at the linked page. It does, it does have 3 connectors/adapters for all versions of the motherboard. Too bad it's in NL shipping to USA $$$ (€€€) more than the PSU itself.
  9. Xbox Power Supply Pinouts

    No PowOK is an output from the power supply unit (PSU) that is raised to a logical HIGH level (3.3Vdc) after the output voltage levels have stabilized. You need to tie the Vstb (3.3V standby voltage output) the BROWN, GREY or PURPLE wire of the various v1.0-1.5 PSUs to PowON (White wire except for the v1.2-1.5 Foxlink PSU where it is GREEN). The PSU pinout diagram at the top of this thread is incorrect for the V1.6 Delta PSU's Blue PowOK line. It is at 0V (a logic LOW level) while the console is OFF (STB column). On the console, the System Management Controller (always powered on by the Vstb voltage from the PSU while AC is provided to the console) awaits the user to press the power or eject button. It then drives the PwrON line of the PSU to 3V3 volts (a HIGH logic level). Once the power supply's output levels stabilize, the PSU raises PwrON to a HIGH level sensed by the SMC which then resets the CPU/GPU/MCPX and starts the clock circuitry that runs these chips which make up the core processing power of the console.
  10. Xbox Power Supply Pinouts

  11. Hello Im New To the Forums.

    You'll most likely need: 1. An Xbox Controller port to female USB adapter cable, 2. a compatible 8MB to max 4GB USB thumb drive (old generic USB drives seem to work well as does a USB to microSD card adapter with a <4GB microSD card), 3. Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool which includes game saves for 4 different exploitable Xbox games. Some available in either NTSC or PAL versions according to your Xbox's video region. And, the all important softmod installer save. 4. Original game disc for one of the following Xbox games: MechAssault 007: Agent Under Fire Splinter Cell Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 5. Xplorer 360 to copy the game save files from your PC to the Xbox FATX formatted thumb drive.
  12. Hello Im New To the Forums.

    Hello Joseph, Welcome to ogXbox.com's forums. Mod on dude, KaosEngineer
  13. XBox Won't Boot Games or Emulators Off Hd

    There are two types of caches with UnleashX on the Xbox. There's a cache file and also the temporary cache files stored on the X, Y and Z drives. Delete all the files stored on these three drive partitions with UnleashX's File Manager and reboot the console.
  14. No Video or Audio Output

    Yes, v1.2-1.4/5 use the same power supply. Part of the BIOS in the 256KB TSOP may be corrupt. There's enough to boot the console but not configure the audio/video of the console. Or, some of the chips have died or are no longer working properly in those functional areas of the console's hardware. If connected to your TV through a high-definition AV pack or cable, you could also try to toggle between 480i / 480p video modes with a hotkey/button combo. Hotkey to switch to HD modes With the latest Xbox Dashboard (5960), force 480p display mode: Press and hold the left trigger, right trigger, and both analog stick buttons. The normally displayed 480i dashboard will switch to 480p output while using the Xbox High Definition AV Pack or cable. Repeat the button combo to toggle from 480p to 480i and back again. This combo only works if using a high-definition pack/cable to connect to your TV.
  15. Hello

    Hello new user, monblondero. Welcome to ogXbox.com! Keep on moddin', KaosEngineer

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