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  1. Yes, but they did mention it still needed to be optimized for 64mb. Interested to see if that happens and what changes need to be made, either way it's a great looking project.
  2. Maybe it was just the layout of the board, but in the DCDigital you got to keep the origianl av port and just had to cut out a little bit for the mini hdmi to fit through. That way you could use either port. The Xbox is a whole different beast though
  3. Thanks for that Kaos! I see that it may be still in development to eventually run on stock 64mb https://github.com/marty28/Half-LifeX So now if it did run on stock 64mb, would there be a benefit for the 128mb? Other than having the ability to play it now instead of waiting haha!
  4. Yep, that is what I was thinking to Dave! I already have a DCDigital for my Dreamcast, so I really want to see what they bring for the Xbox. Especially how to install and what features in will contain. Would be interesting if they did keep the AV port, that way you could have all hookups covered in case you ever wanted to switch which to use.
  5. Thanks for the info Kaos! Nice and helpful to know I can see myself getting the mod done to help with emulation purposes more than anything. I really hope it boosts playstation and N64 Is there any known homebrew being worked on that will take advantage of a 128mb?
  6. Interested in seeing how this compares to a XboxDigital from citrus3000psi when it eventually gets a release.
  7. cool, thanks Dave!
  8. Still interested in doing the 128mb RAM mod, however what specific ram is used/suggested?
  9. This is the answer I got if anyone is interested in this as well: "LoveMHz (Dustin) — Today Short answer, yes. The XboxHD+ will be releasing with 480p, 720p and 1080i upscaling with more options in the future."
  10. Thanks for the link Kaos! I just put up my question on discord and we will see what they say. I really would like to know if the mod takes ANY game and integer upscales the resolution to your choosing. That way this thing would be the all-in-one mod to make any game run in high rez.
  11. I guess this is a good place to jump in regarding a question ha! With the talk of heat sinks and paste, about what is the average temp is considered normal for the xbox? For example with nothing other than the stock heat sinks and fan. I ask because I'm wondering about getting a different fan or would just playing around with the speed in the menu be just fine?
  12. Good to know HDShadow. I'm just using unleashx and I see in the system settings led menu you can choose what color you want (red/green/yellow/orange) to display when different actions are taking place. You can also choose between solid or flashing.
  13. Does anyone have and installed XboxHD+ by MakeMHz? https://makemhz.com/products/xboxhd I really want to get something like this but wanted to confirm if it truly upscales games. For instance if a game doesn't have 720p, will this thing take it and output the game at that resolution?
  14. Just checking to see if there are any devs that would like to look into any of these games that have the source available. I know some have already been ported to xbox, however there are quite a few that would be interesting to see running. https://github.com/historicalsource?tab=repositories Here is the original thread where I came across it. Thanks to Anthony for bringing it up. https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=14362&sid=6ed6fdb2d6b35f40b68765561d4d2f92
  15. Haha! thanks for catching that Is there a time limit as to when you can't edit a post? I checked to see if I could just edit that post I made and it wouldn't let me.

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