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  1. Damn... I was hoping to find something that would just convert them ha! It would be much faster Thanks for the info Kaos Just seems strange that there isn't something like that out there to be used for viewing game manuals, especially for emulators/roms. I mean, I guess you could create them one by one with that CBR / CBZ but that would take an eternity by one person. I wonder if this has been discussed before about getting a group together to try, but I doubt there would be much interest garnered in this as I'm not sure how many people still actively use their xbox for playing emulation. Xbox seems like a perfect system to have this option to view manuals.
  2. Does xbox have some sort of pdf reader available or converter to view pdf files? Some way to convert them to be viewed on xbox?
  3. Dinosaur Hunting, The Red Star, He-Man Those three stuck out the most for me. Great to have them now
  4. Thanks for the reply and info! I will check into that.
  5. Using xbmc emustation, or really any emulator, is there a manual/booklet viewer? What file types are recognized and are good to use?
  6. I'm having an issue with xbmc emustation regarding reading roms. I initially had a rom set in the .zip format placed in the proper rom folder. These roms worked fine and I didn't have any issue. Now, I had found a more complete rom set and decided to place them in. The only difference was the new rom set were all in the .7z format. When I tried to play those, it looked like it was loading them until a little message came up stating they weren't a recognized file format and loaded the menu again. So the real issue came up now when I finally tracked down the complete rom set I needed (which was in .zip format like before) and placed them back in. Now emustation still won't play the games and has that error message still. The .zip files are the prefered file type correct? Is there some sort of settings or file that needs to be changed or taken out for them to work again?
  7. Thanks SS Dave! Seems to have worked and all is good so far. Now I have to test it out by loading it full of everything.
  8. Hello, I am currently getting ready to upgrade my xbox HDD to a 2tb one. My question is how much space should I give to each partition? Realistically I'm going to fill this thing up with most of the emulators I can run on the xbox while being able to fit as many original xbox games on it as well. How have some of you done this? Thanks I'm not sure I'd be putting a playstation emulator/games on here because I'm not sure if the compatibility has improved on that front. Whats the latest on playstation emulation?
  9. Yes, but they did mention it still needed to be optimized for 64mb. Interested to see if that happens and what changes need to be made, either way it's a great looking project.
  10. Maybe it was just the layout of the board, but in the DCDigital you got to keep the origianl av port and just had to cut out a little bit for the mini hdmi to fit through. That way you could use either port. The Xbox is a whole different beast though
  11. Thanks for that Kaos! I see that it may be still in development to eventually run on stock 64mb https://github.com/marty28/Half-LifeX So now if it did run on stock 64mb, would there be a benefit for the 128mb? Other than having the ability to play it now instead of waiting haha!
  12. Yep, that is what I was thinking to Dave! I already have a DCDigital for my Dreamcast, so I really want to see what they bring for the Xbox. Especially how to install and what features in will contain. Would be interesting if they did keep the AV port, that way you could have all hookups covered in case you ever wanted to switch which to use.
  13. Thanks for the info Kaos! Nice and helpful to know I can see myself getting the mod done to help with emulation purposes more than anything. I really hope it boosts playstation and N64 Is there any known homebrew being worked on that will take advantage of a 128mb?
  14. Interested in seeing how this compares to a XboxDigital from citrus3000psi when it eventually gets a release.

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