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  1. Ok, just tried it out with just powering it on with the eject button...... same issue, it took quite a while before the Microsoft text popped up and then booted into Emustation. It does boot an original game disk just fine, but the same thing happens at the beginning with the long pause before the text pops up. Maybe it is the HDD?? I have another Xbox with the same exact HDD and that one boots up instantly and shows the XBMC Emustation screen before going into Emustation.
  2. The HD AV pack is like a dongle that plugs into your Xbox AV port that has component outputs on it. That's where component cables can be plugged into. It's like a 2 piece setup.
  3. I've noticed something when I turn on my Xbox. It does the initial 'flubber' xbox animation when I turn it on, however it sits there for quite some time (maybe at least a good minute) before it moves on. Now normally it would do the xbox animation screen and the word 'microsoft' in white letters pop up indicating it's good to go and proceed to a dashboard. Mine now is doing the animation and sits there for a while, longer than normal, before I get the microsoft text and it goes to the dash. Additionally it isn't showing the XBMC Emustation title screen before it jumps into XBMC Emustation either like it did before. Again, normally it would show a XBMC Emustation title screen before it went into Emustation. So my xbox does this -> turns on / does xbox animation -> hangs for a bit before microsoft text pops up -> takes a while on blank screen -> eventually loads up XBMC Emustation On my other xbox it goes -> turns on / animation -> instantly does microsoft text -> quickly shows XBMC Emustation title / splash screen -> goes right into XBMC Emustation Any ideas on what is going on and what I can do to resolve this? XBMC Emustation is loaded on E: and all roms/media/etc are on F:
  4. I have a softmodded xbox running xbmc emustation, my main question is does anyone know why the light would sometimes be half red / half orange? Other times it looks fine and does the normal orange color for softmodding. Even though it's half red / half orange it still seems to run and operate just fine. Anyone else have this?
  5. Anyone have any info regarding DosXBox running and how well does it work? Also wanted to see if it could be possible to run within as part of Emustation. Not sure how updated it is, but I did find this: https://digiex.net/threads/dosxbox-v4-0-hcl-download-pc-x86-emulator-for-xbox.13735/ older link https://www.xbox-hq.com/html/modules.php?name=Xbox_Homebrew&op=view&gid=11
  6. Not sure what to think..... It worked when I tried it again tonight. Before chimp wouldn't go, now it did and everything seems good. I don't like when I can't explain how or why ha! HDD is in and partitioned as it should.
  7. I have a sata hard drive that is compatible with the xbox, along with the little converter board needed. I also have a new 40 pin / 80 wire ribbon cable for the sata HDD. When I do the initial hot swap of the ribbon cable from the DVD drive, do I use the original one in the Xbox or the new one? I ask because I tried the new one and it seemed to boot up fine while both hdd's are powered on with a y splitter Molex. Now when i ran chimp, it seemed to start ok but then it just froze up and didn't go any further. It started and got to those first initial error text (which is normal on doing this I believe). However it just sat there and didn't prompt me to press a button to proceed any further. So I wasn't sure if there was any steps I missed. I was following this tutorial
  8. Thanks again, it worked great!
  9. Thanks! I will try that out later tonight.
  10. Hey Rocky5, how do you go about using the Resize MP4 to Xbox size tool?
  11. Thanks for the info HDShadow! Good to know and now I will have a general gauge to go off of when I start putting in all artwork.
  12. Is there a preferred pixel size for the box art and screenshots? I want to add my own in so I was checking to see what size and resolution works best. Also, do PNG files get converted to jpeg? Because I placed some PNG files in and noticed they turned to jpeg.
  13. Thanks guys! Yeah its for emustation so I will go with the mp4 to xbox tool. I will give it a try and let you know how it goes.
  14. I know that the format for the videos for the roms are in a .xmv format. Is there a way to convert other videos to that format? I have some videos for games but they are not in .xmv, so I wanted to see if I could convert them over to be used.
  15. Yeah, I have it. here it is Is there something specific in there that might help with what was going on? Thanks as always Kaos! location.bin

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