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  1. True but the Modchip powers up, Xbox boots and hangs just before the Microsoft word appears bottom of the screen, any idea about the d0 I asked about please.
  2. Brilliant it kind of boots but goes no further than the photo I followed this and twisted the same wires, even tried disconnecting pin 8 still same result. Do I need to ground pin 7 wire to something it mentions something about d0 but I'm just not sure... See below it mentions it.... 1- HDD LED +ve2- LAN LED +ve3- Common +ve4- Modchip power in5- Ground6- Flash Protect7- Chip enable/D08- Bank 1 selectTo power the chip you need to connect pins 3-4To enable the modchip as the default boot bios you need to ground pin 7 (D0) and generally pin 8 to select Bank 1All the LEDs are powered by pins 3 and 5 and use an inline 220k resistor.eg. For my setup - boot off the chip, flash protect, and using bank 1I connect 3-4 and 5-6-7-8For Bank 2 you just disconnect pin 8
  3. So pin one is the 1st pin on the left, really appreciate this help people. Oh it's a 1.6 so TSOP is out of the window, with stock HDD. I must have 2 more in the loft
  4. Thats mega thanks don't suppose there's a circuit diagram so I can make some
  5. Awesome I'll take a look when I get home, but uninstalling the mod chip would make it FRAG right as it has an upgraded HDD and ata133 cable.
  6. Okay I've just been reunited with my Crystal Xbox after 14 years in my mums loft I has the 2.6 Modchip, HDD upgrade but the switch board is missing from the front leaving just the cable hanging. I'm guessing it's going to be impossible to find one and can't find info on making a custom one, so can I remove the mod chip and soft mod it. Many thanks
  7. All fixed and she's working like a charm even applied new thermal paste. Massive thank you for all your advice, awesome people, awesome forum.
  8. And my 1990's soldering iron is up to the job yeah, it has a fine tip.
  9. Are there the correct ones for the v1.2 motherboard. https://www.cricklewoodelectronics.com/3300uF-6.3V-Low-Impedance-Low-ESR-Radial-Electrolytic-Capacitor105-deg-C.html Really appreciate it
  10. Yes holy squirrel is correct lol, I did the clock one a few years back, any idea where I can get replacements and what the correct values are. I was thinking of RS components or Farnell as I'm in the UK.
  11. She still boots thank god, I'm guessing it's a good idea not to use it?
  12. OK so I just popped open my xbox to try and sort my HDD problem that KaosEngineer is kindly helping me with to find this, see photo, any idea where I can get replacement it's a v1.2 Its freaking me out. Wasn't like that before I'm sure, advise greatly needed.
  13. Is that what you mean, thanks for your help buddy.
  14. Hi peeps, i just upgraded my 160Gb to a 500Gb Sata. New 80 wire ide cable etc, cloned with Chimp 261812 which took 6 hours to clone drive F where the games are installed........ Rebooted xbox and F is only showing 120Gb, so i used XBpartitioner to resize it which deleted all my games lol aggrrraaaaaaaaa..... Then F only was showing just under 300Gb ? The only way i could get my 500Gb was split it over F and G. My setup is Xbox v1.2 Softmod Rocky5 latest version Sata adapter the green one with the 2 capacitors and jumper on the right 80 wire IDE cacble 500Gb Sata WD HDD Thanks all for any advice, i really appreciate it.
  15. Thanks for the information mate I wired it Black to motherboard blue to HDD and Grey to the DVD drive didn't use Sata adapter as I'm waiting for it to come just changed the cable and get Error 09, thanks for your help pal I appreciate it.

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