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  1. Thanks for the information mate I wired it Black to motherboard blue to HDD and Grey to the DVD drive didn't use Sata adapter as I'm waiting for it to come just changed the cable and get Error 09, thanks for your help pal I appreciate it.
  2. Thanks dave mate but that link isn't working my end pal
  3. Black to mother board, grey to the DVD Rom which I had a twist 180 as the notch was the wrong way round and blue to the HDD, that's the only way it would fit. From left starting with black all the notches are on the left if it's lay flat looking at it. I haven't got my Sata adapter still waiting for delivery but I did just the the IDE upgrade in a old crystal xbox 15 years ago and it worked first time mate.
  4. Hi everyone, my IDE cable upgrade finally come after faffing about trying to get it to fit I get error 09, swapped back to stock IDE boots perfectly. I've attached a screenshot of the cable I used and people in the reviews say it worked for them but I'm not sure there true as the IDE connectors seam the wrong way round. Thanks all for your advice.
  5. Thank you I'm going to have a mess hopefully I can find monkey Island and carmageddon games
  6. Thank you so much mate for the awesome information I'm over the moon with this. Thanks again, top man.
  7. Wow that's so cool , don't suppose wolfenistien and Heretic is available
  8. Hi im looking to play the original Doom games on my Xbox, whats the best Dos emulator and will it run doom. Thanks for your advice.
  9. I wanted Evox as that's what I used back in the day of x2.6 and x3 Modchips, it was simple and worked like a charm for basic game playing. I tried it again a switched back to UnleashX as I was having grief with FTP using Evox. I did also try Xbmc4gamers but had no luck setting it up. There's a prebuilt version on git hub but I just couldn't get my head around it. If anybody could help that would be great
  10. Wow that's impressive Dave, is the dongle mounted in front of the PSU I see a PCB? What's that black box with a plug going into it below the GPU? You said internal HDMI now then I need to know more about this you have any links to this little gem of a Mod, I'm all ears
  11. Wow that's next level stuff great work, let's us know how it goes please.
  12. It's 12v 3mm LEDs I need just not sure what resistor to use, any ideas would be great
  13. I been looking a upgrading to 128MB but not confident enoght to try installng them, are there any UK installers you could reccomend. Lol you said 1 of 3, how many do you have ?
  14. Rocky5's v1.1.7 softmod installer disk mate. Sussed it, i used the NKPatcher from the apps menu. Thanks for the info, immaking notes
  15. Thanks everyone, next thing some green port LED's me thinks.

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