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  1. Definitely de-soldering the PCB rebuild board and going with wires until i get really really good Thanks for your help and tips anyway
  2. linked J1 and resoldered the point this thing still 3x boot and frag
  3. but Dave, i already soldered a jumper wire on the chip exactly how described earlier in this topic still have to bridge J1?
  4. i reflowed a couple times , checked with my multimeter still 3x boot cycle and frag
  5. its an OpenXenium tried booting with no chip .. same thing happens rechecked everything and assured that every joint make proper contact , also checked for random solder speck around the working area and traces etc at least 8 times but still 3x cycle boot + frag its late for me atm i will post pictures tomorrow
  6. im experiencing the exact same issue atm the first time i booted it it worked for 5 seconds and then my screen turned all green now it 3x cycle boot flashing green and red + the chip LED lighting red (static)... tried reflowing a couple time it does the same shit any tips to de-solder the LPC board ?
  7. Welcome aboard ! =D make sure your Xbox is not a 1.6 revision before snipping out the clock cap otherwise it wont boot anymore
  8. lucky man ! have fun repairing the other one
  9. so if i get it right.. this bios let you read discs only if you boot the xbox with a disc already in the drive?
  10. im waiting my 2tb + IDE to SATA adapter thanks for warning i guess i need to ftp this .bin in my hdd? and use hexen to install software i need to flash ? (im new to modding , usually watching youtube stuff about it)
  11. my Xbox will thank you forever and for my part i will vouch your stuff anytime ! Surgery has been successful Dr.Dave
  12. I really appreciate your hints i will try my best to address those issues the red circle is just a wire i tried to connect to the "burnt" spot ( its not linked to anything ) what about the destroyed trace/point ? i could wire it to the same point as you and it would work? *wich is the red circle wire* the red circle is just a wire i tried to connect to the "burnt" spot ( its not linked to anything )
  13. tried to install the aladdin xt plus2 on my 1.6 and ... last connection i had to make didnt go well ... i feel bad the point didnt want to tin, ended up destroying the point and traces around it is there anyway can i fix this mess ? https://ibb.co/FY4vbT0 https://ibb.co/nRq48GJ (its my first time soldering dont be too mean on me lol) thanks for future inputs

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