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  1. Does and anyone have HD Skin they want to share>? Looking for some Like the one below unleashx-hd.html
  2. Use Global Shipping it will drop price for the buyer.
  3. Can u Ftp it over to your pc? Basic Networking Guide - Official Tutorials - OGXbox.com
  4. Hello Welcome If it was me I'd change the thermal paste, I use a hair dryer to remove the old coolers lol , and a mod chip for a 1.6 Happy Thanksgiving
  5. I changed it around and got it to work with one that worked the other day with the skins I did and now its working!!! Thanks KaosEngineer SS_Dave OK ill try it out FileZilla thanks Now ill just wait trail to run out then switch lol
  6. Looking for help in ftp to my xbox I got a copy of FlashFXP 5 works for some and other xboxes not . Does anybody know why? And is there a way better programs ?
  7. I'm using Unleashed X and I put it in E:\Games with a subfolder for each game
  8. KaosEngineer I ripped my games to my Pc, via dvd2xbox, now i what to ftp to my sons xbox, I did and then his xbox is empty in game folder on the dashboard.But is in File explorer. I'm using Flashxp5 to ftp, I must be missing something, yes?
  9. I watched most of your videos and plan on ordering some mods
  10. I'm running a Seagate 7200 Green paid 60 for it, I'm happy with it I still have 1,5 gig still til use up lol Anyone got a cheaper drive a 2t? That they bought ? Gonna add one to my sons Xbox soon , I seen a Ibm one on ebay for like $35 good or bad?
  11. Thanks never would have found that otherwise , it cool to get all that music Thanks again K-9
  12. Thank you KaosEngineer It worked and I learned alot above the system skins area Do u know where saved Music that is ripped to the system is ? I would like to keep all this music that comes on this xboxes and then reload on my main system
  13. gonna try the tip given to gray1, from KaosEngineer

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