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  1. So much fun I just got a second copy!
  2. K-9


    Here"s were it started, the mess is mine and yes she wants it cleaned up lol! So sheaves are going in the game room so the spares have to go!
  3. K-9


    I still have some more, that only a few of my systems , I am wiling to get them out of my game room @morph10u5 if you ever need a few, he gave $375 for the lot and I was happy to get some out of my game room ! At last check i think I still have 6 , some softmoded some not! Sometimes they come modded, sometimes not. I game hunt mostly(in lots) and some just fine me, out in the wilderness (trash fines) or a clean out! I also donated to one less orphan some Xboxes with softmods for the kiddos to play
  4. Got this in and cracked it lol The last pick is for a guy that want a few of my Xboxes All original no idea what he's gonna do with them, (Did you count them?) Yes one was the Gamestop Xbox
  5. Have you started playing Gears 5 ?
  6. executor 2? Softmod? I have one that says that, no chip in it Nice find
  7. Welcome Looking forward to what you both make ! Going to up grade my xboxes soon as well Great people here!
  8. Hello Does anyone collect Physical copies of Microsoft Company Store Disks? There Rare? So u had to be a employee of the company to buy this ! I got a few and wondered that's a sub set collection ? Kinda like Platinum hits subset. Plz let me know thanks K9
  9. I want to share my dashboards for free, can i do that? And If yes how? Also may have some Roms and things old school ones for free , if yes how? Do I do it on the forum Thanks sorry I'm learning this is my First community I've joined and i want to help out
  10. Picked up a Sony Dvd+R trying out
  11. Thanks Guys, I grab some Dvd-r and cd-r just in case.
  12. Well I'd like to fix my hard drive on my Aladdin chip modded console I didn't put the chip on there and I tried to add a dashboard the chip loads Evo and then just goes blank on the screen and I think I killed the hard drive I want to upgrade it anyways so it's not a big loss to me the chip does load in first so I'm thinking a copy of hexen 19 burnt onto a disc probably help me out with this but I've been reading and I think that's the right solution and I'm a Noob so trying to download it , I did get it after some reading, do have a copy on my PC, I just don't know how to get the program open after rar. Extracted the PC, it looked blank, so no idea what happened there, then burn it to the disc rw drive I have a lot of reading to do LOL any ideas?

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