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UIX Lite Dashboard

Some days ago TeamUIX released a new version of there UIX Lite dashboard in version 

Below are folder links for Mega and 1fichier where I have uploaded a copy. In the future you can use these links to check for updates. 

Download Folders : 


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6 hours ago, Zé Miguel said:

Hi, first of all thank you for sharing. I m having a problem running it, just goes to a black screen, any tips? 

How it looks, some ppl. reporting problems on the discord server but right now, there is no fix. . 

So I have uploaded the previus version UIX Lite v0.9.9.1b to 1fichier and Mega as fallback.

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1 hour ago, Zé Miguel said:

Just go to a infinite black screen, o try to rename the uixlite.xbe to default but didn't work either. Thanks for replying 

You have the uixlite.xbe file and the uixdata folder with its content in the same folder?

I'm going to test it, UIX Lite, on my console right now and see what happens. 

I'll update this post once I finish. brb...


Edit: Back, it runs for me.  If you want it to appear in your replacement dashboard's Apps or Applications menu, it will have to be installed in one of the folders the configuration file is set to scan to find applications.  Also, the uixlite.xbe file must be renamed to default.xbe.

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There's a new version:

UIX Lite v1.0.0b has been pushed to the usual places.

This build adds ftp support, currently DHCP (IP is available in System Info) user/pass are xbox.

480p autodetection was cleaned up a bit, and Cerbios drive letters were changed to R and S.

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FYI, for those who were curious. The reason it keeps breaking is my implementation of JbOnE’s TitleMenu. What I had available was busted, so I reverted it back to the scripted games menu from tHc, until I can get all the kinks worked out.

Hit us up on discord if you need help.

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