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  1. Hi Kaos sorry I just saw your answer today, I try to rename it to default.xbe but just make the same freeze.
  2. Just go to a infinite black screen, o try to rename the uixlite.xbe to default but didn't work either. Thanks for replying
  3. Hi, first of all thank you for sharing. I m having a problem running it, just goes to a black screen, any tips?
  4. Before anything thank your reply, unfortunately no, I only got that image from Facebook, never saw the video, only Tha picture I try to talk with the guy that post it but he doesn't reply
  5. Hi dear xboxs friends, I want to know if anyone knows where to get this skin, I presumed that is for UnleashX, but I'm not sure, it's based on the old xbox website and I love the idea.
  6. Hi, I really appreciate if you help me with that, I need that too for my language translation
  7. Thank you very much
  8. Idk, my game is from arcade punks torrent so I guest it's NTSC but idk for sure
  9. Thank you for answer, I don't have the retail game unfortunately, I have the one with patch, and I want the original one becouse I have a gamertag on Xbox, so I want the unpatch one.
  10. Hi, thank you for the share, anyone have the default.xbe without the fake gamertag patch please?

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