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  1. idk what I'm doing wrong EvoX boots it as unknown xbox disc then kicks back to evoX dash nor will it coldboot the disc (TSOP v1.1 box btw) freshly burned no scratches on disc at 4X speed could it be the fact their dvd +rw media?
  2. it seems as 7 trainers their names are too long for FatX (Luckly all 7 were PAL region)
  3. hi so I've been lurking a while and i came upon something on another forum i found nearly 3,000 etm trainers in a single zip which I'll attach or link below question is can mini read etm's if they are named <game Title>.etm ex Fable.etm or must they be named in that T<####> format i see bundled with Xored (the 1337 Trainers you can dl via the xbmc4gamers downloader) Link is https://archive.org/compress/ETMTrainers for those interested
  4. sorry but it seems to not read on my tsop'd box fresh hdd
  5. i'm getting an error on smartctl it will not open eeprom.bin to lock the drive
  6. hi so I did the following steps so far 1)softmodded my 1.0 via SC PH 2) I used rocky5's tools to null the eeprom then extract the nulled eeprom backup to my gdrive ok so now I have a sata hdd (Seagate 500GB) and a kingwin SATAtoIDE board knowing that it doesn't have a master/slave switch by best option is to use xboxhdm i have a question first is there a way to burn the iso to usb boot instead of by cd? and i want hdm2.0 that supports sata drives correct? thanks for your help

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