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HDD/OS upgrade for a working 1.6A Xbox with a Super Aladdin Live modchip


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Hi there, 

Noob that just join this community for some solid advice/direction for my upgrade,  

I have a working 1.6A xbox with a Super Aladdin Live modchip running XBMC on a 80 Gb IDE HDD

My aim is to upgrade the HDD to a 500 Gb Sata HDD (I know I could go bigger) and also upgrade to Rocky 5 instead.... 

I currently have:
- The 80 wire/40 pin IDE cable (ATA 100/133)
- IDE to Sata converter 
- 500Gb Sata HDD

What are my options? Do I have to hot swap the HDD with the disk drive with a program running on the xbox ?  

Thanks in advance for any help or links for guides/programs to help me !! 

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Rocky 5 is a softmod.  It's not needed as you already have a hardmod (Super Aladdin).  There's so many things that you can do and that's what makes this scene so exciting.  

A super simple upgrade is to download an Xbox HDD image (like a 500Gb Dragon build).  After you download it, you would connect the HDD to your computer and use a program like "HDD Raw Copy Tool" to write the image to the HDD.  When complete, it's as easy as plugging the HDD in and starting your Xbox.  It works right away without any tinkering.

Alternatively, you could download a program like TruHexen 2021 and burn it to a DVD.  Once the DVD is written, put it in the Xbox DVD drive, connect the new HDD and power up the Xbox.  If memory serves me correctly, TruHexen will detect the new HDD and ask you if you want to set it up.  There are a bunch of things to do in the setup process but just remember that you have a hard mod so you won't need to install a softmod.  The goal here would be to install something like XBMC4Gamers and then transfer your games/emulators to your HDD yourself.

Take a look at YouTube as there are lots of wonderful videos for the Xbox.  Mr. Mario has excellent ones.  There are demos of Dragon and XBMC4Gamers setups.  

I look forward to seeing what you can do with your Xbox.  If you want some cool gadgets (like an Xbox HDMI adapter, wireless controller adapter to use Xbox One / PS4 / and other modern controllers with your original Xbox) then send me a PM.  


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1st download a copy of the OGXBox installer disk from here https://1fichier.com/?cth0up49z0ehhtm0rtce and burn to a DVD-r as slow as the burner will go.

As the bios on the modchip is probably old I would suggest you update it from the OGXbox installer disk you just made (have a look in the live apps under Bios's)

You are looking for  EvoxM8.67 cee type

Then fit up the new hard drive and use the Install disk to set up the new HDD as this will format the hard drive and install a dash board to get you started.

I would suggest you try several different dash boards to find one you like (Me I use the xbmc4gamers)



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It gets the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.


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