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Quake 3: Arena (Beta)

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Description: This is the Quake 3: Arena game engine ported to run on the Xbox - Read the read me for more info

Author: Carcharius (carcharius at gmail dot com)
Version: Beta

Download Link | Password: ogxbox.com | Download 3parts and unrar


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This game is available elsewhere to Please login or register to see this link. . The version there seems to be ready for installation (FTPing) to the Xbox after extraction from the Quake3.rar archive.

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I've been working on some og Xbox games using XDK 5933. I've successfully implemented an OGL to DX8 wrapper and have confirmed on PC that it's capable of running Quake 2 and Quake 3 with minimal performance loss and with all graphical features working :D


Maybe someday? who knows.

fingers crossed

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Great! Q3A is one of my favourite games of all times, since it was out back in the day. But I'm simply unable to play this kind of games with a joypad.

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    • By dispunko
      Please login or register to see this attachment.
      Description: Quake 2X is a PC port of Quake 2 to our wonderful Xbox
      - Full singleplayer 
      - Full network support (up to 256 clients) 
      - Full xbox/pc network compability (xboxes can join pc servers and vice versa) 
      - HDTV resolutions (480p, 720p, 1080i) 
      - Widescreen - PAL60 support 
      - All xbox antialiasing modes are supported (up to 9x supersampling) 
      - Movies are played at their native resolution (320x240) instead of being scaled down to 256x256
      Author: Repi (quake2x at hotmail dot com)
      Version: Beta 3

      Download link: 
      Please login or register to see this code.
    • By Randyslim76
      I've been asking around at different sites to try and see what FPS's were able to be ported to the xbox.  I've had a lot of information but without any results.   So far I know of these from the PC will work. 
      1.Alien Vs. Predator: Gold Edition
      2 Descent II
      3 Doom
      4 Doom II
      5 The Ultimate Doom
      6 Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment
      7 Final Doom: TNT: Evilution
      8 Duke Nukem 3D
      9 Heretic
      10 Hexen
      11 Rise of the Triad
      12 Shadow Warrior
      13 Quake
      14 Quake II
      15 Quake III Arena (Featuring Homer Simpson vs Darth Vader)
      16 Zombie Crisis
      I found these at this link here. Please login or register to see this link.
      I also found these games listed on eBay. The seller's Xbox  had a lot listed here. 
      Star Wars 
      Doom II: Hell On Earth 
      Herian 2 
      Dimensions of Time 
      Wolfenstein Nocturnal Mission 
      Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny 
      Wolfenstein Second Encounter 
      Quake III Arena 
      Shadow Warrior: 
      Wanton Destruction 
      Twin Dragon 
      In Time 
      Lo Nukem 
      Last War 
      Rampage Warrior 
      Tai Wang 
      Tonight Never Ends 
      Wang Bang Heaven 
      When I Was Young 
      Any help with links to these or if someone had made a game pack of these on the Xbox then please let me know.  Thank you so very much for any links and or information of other games , expansions, or mods   
      Please login or register to see this link.
    • By OGXbox Admin
      We'll be playing Quake 3 Arena tonight on PC. Message me for the download link and server link if interested.

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