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  1. i have also lost access to my coin ops as well i think the hard drive has become corrupt not sure where to go from here how i can start again without loosing all my games and roms
  2. hi its got a alladin xt mod chip also today i have had my dash randomly reset please see my new thread
  3. Hi all im still very new to the og xbox. i bought my xbox from a modder that had everything setup for me yes i should have done it myself so i could learn lol on my main menu i have all my emulators listed but i have lost my shortcut to xbmc4gamers i can still load it by going to programs and selecting it but it was nice to have a shortcut for some reason today my whole dash reset to default i have no idea why and this is why i have lost my shortcuts and as i did not set this xbox up i have no clue how to get the xbmc4gamers shortcut back. thanks
  4. solved thanks. i managed to launch unleashed dashboard and find the saves deleted them then reinstalled the game again now works fine thankyou i hate this dash xbmc emulation station wish i could change it i have xbmc4gamers as well but i have to launch it from the emulationstation dash anyway thanks for your help i didnt even want to play the game lol just frustrates me when i cant get something working lol
  5. hi using xbmc emulationstation and i dont have a x y or z drive i cant find the saves anuwhere on any partions nor can i get this game to launch. so frustrating as it was working
  6. Thx I haven't tried deleting the config file not sure where the save games are located? I've installed a few times now and can't get it to boot annoying as it was working fine before I stuffed around with the in game settings. What file did you click on to boot the game? I used default.xbe
  7. thanks i was putting it in g:\ports\quake2x as this was where it was originally but ill try putting it in that directory and see if it works
  8. Hi all i need help with quake 2x it was preinstalled on my xbox when i bought it from a modder but i stuffed around with the graphic settings and now when i go to launch it all i get is a black screen. i have tried to re download the game but all i found was a beta 3 copy i tried to install it but i get the same issue every time i boot the game all i get is a black screen. ive tried to email the developer but the email seems to no longer work any help would be great thanks
  9. Hi please help i have down everything in the instructions and everytime i launch i just get a black screen. it was working fine before i stuffed around with the aliasing settings now i cant get it to boot at all i have tried to do a full reinstall with no luck
  10. thanks ill give it a go lol i knew it was a easy fix but i was going through all the menus and couldn't find anything
  11. hi i got it working. i was pressing start instead of going down and clicking select to install
  12. Hi all i have a xmc4gamers xbox. i just want to help to enable to sound on the menus and when you are going through games to select it used to make a sound but i tripped over my controller and did something and all the menu sounds have been disabled how do you enable them again thanks.
  13. Hi sorry what directory can i find the advancedsettings.xml, file in?
  14. Hi im using xbmc and also xbmc4gamers the latest version. it does not matter what dashboard i use i get the same error. sorry i think the dash it boots to is xbmc or emulation station or similar im not home atm. but like i said either dash will bring up the same error
  15. log files that i found in q:\system xbmc.log xbmc.old.log

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