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  1. Sorry for being late. I used another linux distribution but I think also in ubuntu will work. In most distribution modules/drivers for that programming device is already there, so even if you are not so experienced you'll manage to do it in 5 minutes. You can even try to do it with a live CD, without the need to install the operating system to your hard drive. Install urjtag via your package manager, plug in programmer and start flashing
  2. I had problems flashing it in Windows. Tried different machines at work (a Dell Xeon notebook, a i5 PC, and even a core2duo machine. Errors all around, even tried different drivers). Came home, I flashed it under Linux in one shot, no error, all smooth.
  3. Ciao , benvenuto. (Hi, welcome)
  4. Would be possible to get the mega key for the downloads? Thanks
  5. I didn't try any other adapter, but in my case, with the startech one I just have the exact same boot time as the previous IDE HDD. I just transferred the exact same files I had on the old disk to the new one (so, they are "equal" in terms of data), and it boots without delays. Works very good. Now I just put inside the old IDE HDD because I don't need extra space at the moment, but at least I checked that it was working good. Paid 19,90€ for it a week ago. Not cheap for sure, but it's ok.
  6. I think in the root of the E drive, if I understand correctly. PS. are you Italian?
  7. Which one is it, you have a photo? But if have no way of selecting it (strange thing, but possible) probably is doing "cable select" on it's own, and probably it will work correctly.
  8. If you're referring to me: yes, I received that cable.
  9. Any chance to have the file reuploaded? I received today the XBOX Controller to USB cable and wanted to TSOP my 1.1 XBOX in these next days. Thank you Sceriffo
  10. That would be perfect for my xbox I'm going to TSOP-flash. I'm still waiting for the controller port to female usb adapter to arrive. Is this save file available? Thank you
  11. You have problems starting it from DVD of from HDD? I have EU version, transferred it via FTP on the HDD and it works good without patching anything.
  12. I tried last night, and I can tell that while keeping the L trigger pressed scrolling up and down with DPAD it goes faster! Great!
  13. 15k RPM IDE? I only have SCSI and SAS that goes so high in RPM.
  14. Thanks to all. I'm in EU, and I'm using the classic composite 3-RCA cable. Still in search of a good SCART cable at a reasonable price. So I'm not in hi-res mode. UnleashX have a very very good scrolling behaviour. Normal with DPAD/triggers and fast with analog sticks. It's simply perfect. After I finish (I hope soon) a work-related online meeting I'm going to try, I'll try to hold trigger while scrolling, but I think I did already try to do that. But I'll check again. Thank you all, Sceriffo

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