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  1. I absolutely love Coinops and always have. I have always admired the simple structure of titles organized with gameplay videos and filters as easy as pushing a button. it's not art based and I'm done with that. You can sort all the games by name, date, system, genre, players, and etc. It may not be the flashiest frontend but it's very organized and simple to use. Not to meantion you have CPU speed adjustments embedded if you need to slow down or speed up a game. I think that everything has it's positives and it's negatives and all have their place in everyone's Xbox. I know my Xbox has several different ways to play games. I love Rocky's applications he has made and I love BP's. Not to mention anything and everything that keeps the love of this device alive.
  2. This is the same guy that uploaded the YouTube video. I found this title related to his name @Andy 'Darkslide' Simon
  3. If N64 Freak says they work then you can bet they actually work without question.
  4. Ok as soon as I can I will grab all the fps games from that and subtract it from the list. Then anyone start searching for any of the other games please. Is beginning to think I was the only one that really enjoyed old school first person shooters. Cool.
  5. I asked for help in several places and only one or two people offered to help. I had several projects going at once so I chose the that it time crucial first. I will work on this as soon as I get more files accumulated together.
  6. I saw that too. Been watching them for quite some time now. He's made tons of progress so far. Honestly thank you for posting any updates on this though. [emoji106]
  7. I've been asking around at different sites to try and see what FPS's were able to be ported to the xbox. I've had a lot of information but without any results. So far I know of these from the PC will work. 1.Alien Vs. Predator: Gold Edition 2 Descent II 3 Doom 4 Doom II 5 The Ultimate Doom 6 Final Doom: The Plutonia Experiment 7 Final Doom: TNT: Evilution 8 Duke Nukem 3D 9 Heretic 10 Hexen 11 Rise of the Triad 12 Shadow Warrior 13 Quake 14 Quake II 15 Quake III Arena (Featuring Homer Simpson vs Darth Vader) 16 Zombie Crisis I found these at this link here. http://digthatbox.com/2011.02.27_arch.html#1298943709066 I also found these games listed on eBay. The seller's Xbox had a lot listed here. Star Wars Doom _______________________________ Doom II: Hell On Earth Herian Herian 2 Biowar Dimensions of Time Wolfenstein Nocturnal Mission Wolfenstein Spear of Destiny Wolfenstein Second Encounter Quake: ________________________________ Quake/Hipnotic Quake/Rogue Quake III Arena Shadow Warrior: ________________________________ Wanton Destruction Twin Dragon In Time Lo Nukem Last War Park Rampage Warrior Tai Wang Tonight Never Ends Wang Bang Heaven When I Was Young ______________________________ Any help with links to these or if someone had made a game pack of these on the Xbox then please let me know. Thank you so very much for any links and or information of other games , expansions, or mods Thankyou.
  8. Wow definitely got me beat with my XBOX collection. I find allot of the games I need from spindles without cases. Now over 50 or so of my cases are at my parents home. All those empty spots are games I have sold to buy a game that a eBay leach was selling.
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    Very impressed with how much time and detail you gave to a stranger. You are one of the good ones my friend. [emoji106]

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