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19 minutes ago, hotwhelz said:

is it possible to use something like this for the jewel lighting.


Thought it would give a nice even light.  i know its more than just a diy leds but for new people like me would be easy and quick

Maybe could work inside but check the Consumption or put an auxiliar Power supply

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    • By sh0rtlife
      siting here running updates, with dave as my co-pilot, ive been thinking about permanent solutions, not just long term but something we can do once and never muck with it again, and yes im fully aware we can network out and get time untill something changes a site goes dead or we live with a wrong clock.....
      so the obvious one to me would be to run a set of wires off the clock cap pins out the back of the box and do an external battery backup mounted between the AV and the cat5, but..lets face it, how longs it going to last?, how long would it take to charge?..theres ALOT of variables and too much chance for a dead clock that needs reset

      me personaly i keep ALL of my vintage consoles on a switch box so that their bricks and power boards dont EVER see voltage unless they are in use, to preserve caps, boards and bricks, and heaven forbid..a power surge of some kind that manages to get past my ups, i figure setup like that my consoles should out live me..i hope, for the guys that dont unplug or kill power, you just replace the cap, or go with a small battery
      but its got me thinking about not only the xbox but any other unit with a clock cap that could be without power for weeks...months....lets face it we never know what life throws at us
      so what do we know, ..its a 2.5v cap...but what amps?..if we were to run 2 wires and add a port to the back of the box we should be able to add some manner of small wall wort brick and step down the amps/volts, heck you could use the same wall wort to keep clock voltage on multiple consoles depending on how they are displayed...im not just thinking the X  but any/all systems

      anyway its an idea im tossing out there however dumb it may sound at the moment
    • By bulkchart32
      if u could put a setting in a mod menu to increase the deadzone for the controllers then that would be awesome. alot of games seem to have super low deadzones and it causes drift unless the controller is brand new. 
    • By ShinGoutetsu
      Hi guys,
      I posted this on a few xbox groups and thought i'd share it here too. 
      I basically remove the jewel, use a dremel to make a circular hole where the jewel was and then attached a round 800 x 800 pixel (3.4") lcd.
      The video is provided by a small media player such as the Sumvision Cyclone +2 but i am also going to set it up with a raspberry pi zero to save space. Using the small media player means having to lose the dvd rom due to space confinements.
      The interface between the lcd and media player is a HDMI to MIPI pcb with 50 pin flat ribbon cable, you can find them on most china electronics websites. The video is just some boot videos i found and stitched together. This media player can loop playback on start up provided the video is placed in a folder in the root of an SD card or USB stick named AUTOPLAY

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