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  1. Yup those transistor blout out if you put the mobo in the wrong case, and yes is pnp not npn, I don't know what I thinking when write my first comment Here go a trick if you damage some of those transistor and the local store don't have surface mount, put a 2n3904 in replacement, is the same transitor the difference is the pin out and package, but is easy do it just compare the datasheet and check what pin is colector, what is emissor and base, them solder in the place of the pads, that's how I fix my console on the cheap I guess the trick works too for the mmbt4403 reemplacing b
  2. Yeah my 1.6 almost die by that, I put my motherboard in a 1. Something case bough in Mercadolibre and blout out a transitor, for my lucky was easy to fix, just put another npn transistor there and done, the next stuff is cut the metal from the screw hole and reassemble the console
  3. Maybe could work inside but check the Consumption or put an auxiliar Power supply
  4. Great dude, about the file size, try use mediafire or mega but I don't know if this forum is enemy of external download links, if not split the file on 4 archives of 1.8mb like diskett (uff that was a loooooot time ago) and upload here If upload the file is a lot of troubles for you well is not like I really need the file so take easy bro
  5. Ps: unleashx says gdr8050L with firmware 0012 no serial number so by the mod and the info is a 8163b replacement
  6. Yup that's right, those drivers are old and specific one so is dificult find one that the original xbo drive, luckily for me my drive still working well after all this years just needed a maintenance in the tray mechanism, anyway, reading the info I noticed my first xbox was a early 1.0 with seagate hdd, usb daughter board,conexant codec(who I love the sound quality of that) and I guess a thomson drive I dunno the only stuff I remember about that is that drive distroyer my original copy of project ghotam racing 2, halo 1 and 2. by the way I still having laying around the daughter u
  7. Wooo that's a lot of information about the mod, just for curiosity about it, can you upload the information? Or is something top secret?
  8. Yup sorry I'm in the cellphone let me fix the photos The dvd is lg hitachi drive I guess... If not let me open my x again to check that
  9. Well a little history behind this dvd drive, my first console was a 1.0 xbox with dvd drive fault(the one who distroy disk) bad power supply and caps disaster, so in the 2010 or 2012 that console decides die frying the nvidia chipset the mpcx3 or something but that was the last time turn on.... anyway the think is the first time that console fail my father take to a repair shop (change the dvd drive) so that dvd drive Has been with me since 2005, so today I disassemble that dvd drive coz It was getting stuck when open or closed the tray plus bad motor belt, so the interesting stuff I found i
  10. Yup, I know it, the no-dvd bios is a paint in the ass if you mess with the hdd or the dashboard, unable to boot from dvd if you make a upsie, thing I do the last month Anyway hanging on the thear this modchip only works with evox bioses? And is possible disable the logo in the corner? Also, is possible rid off the clock cap in the 1.6 board?
  11. Or you can try the xboxhdm 2.3 with usb hdd adapter support
  12. Right now yes coz it is repaired, I fixed my console with xboxhdm2.2 usb and my old lga775 with IDE port, via hot swap method, with that I can create all the partitions and stuff needed, and the last stuff I need do was copy the dashboard to c via xplorer 360 in windows 7 and that's it, the last thing I do is flash the bios without the noDVD
  13. Yup was that bios, that's whI couldn't "flash" again the dashboard
  14. Okay my x is alive again, how I managed restore the hd, well using the xboxhdm usb 2.2 slax with all the stuff I need in a small sata hdd, so I boot from there and then i did all stuff for a new hdd also install the dash, I dunno why But the x was refused to boot and sitting on error 21, them with the HDD unlocked I boot windows 7 and navigate via x360 manager, open the HDD, and copy all the stuff from the cd I had (the same utility but old maybe is 1.7 or something) the think is I remember that cd was ready to go with unleash dashboard, anyway I copy the c folder to my hdd and them boot from
  15. Ufff I wire this awfully Well fixing what I want say in that post: I download the xboxhdm 2.3 beta for usb so the idea is make a second hdd with my laptop installing all the stuff and partitions in it, them conect to the sata port in the hot swap pc and do the cloning hdd stuff with the "hack the Xbox cd"

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