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  1. Mine did the same thing and it was the band in the DVD Drive, i took it out, cleaned everything, boiled the band and tried again. Same issue. Went on ebay bought a new band for like 1$, put it in and it works perfect. It could be clock cap ate your traces, you can use a multi-meter to test it, but id try the cheap band replacement first. Doesn't hurt to have the new band anyway.
  2. What would be cool is to get a full case, 3D scan it then start 3D printing your own. That would be rad.
  3. @MadMurdock glad you got it! hope my link helped. You probably were already on top of it though huh?
  4. I have an OGX360 to restart you hit start, back, and all four of the top triggers. The Black and white are mapped to the top triggers.
  5. @Bowlsnapperthat is an understatement lol. He's like the xboxlopedia. Mad Props. This is great to understand, so i had to dig more. Found this from old Xbox-Scene knowledge: GREEN/RED Flashing: Probably a bad chip or bad image. SOLID GREEN/No EJECT/No AUDIO/No VIDEO: Probably a bad solder point. Check all your points again. It could also be a heat problem , make sure your fan is connected and don't put your xbox near heat sources. You can also try to open the top of the xbox and check if it goes better. SOLID GREEN/No AUDIO/No VIDEO: This is probably a problems with your audio settings. Try to boot your xbox with a standard a/v pack instead of a HD pack. ORANGE/GREEN Flashing: No AUDIO/VIDEO (A/V) pack. This may also be down to a solder splash on the board or a damaged track. ORANGE Flashing: This may also be down to a solder splash on the board or a damaged track. May also be due overheating. GREEN for half a sec then RED Flashing: Bad/Corrupted or Empty Eeprom. SOLID RED: System overheated , hardware failure , ... FLASHING RED: Dead, broken or empty eeprom. and: This would be good images/knowledge to save on the site. The solution for the Orange Circle error and then turning off the console. After a lot of research, changing capacitors, power supply, forced cooling on the motherboard, I found the problem, it was the temperature controller, a chip that has a sensor connected to the CPU and internally has another one, which checks the temperature of the motherboard. The chip in question is located in the vicinity of the MCPX marked on the motherboard as the U6F1 They are extremely cheap, but from China it takes at least a month to arrive, it occurred to me that, being a chip for general use, it could be found in other devices, and yes, it is in many electronic devices, even in notebook motherboards, the which checking some broken ones, I found that they all had one, from different manufacturers but the pinout is the same. And finished, several ignition cycles, stress control, more than 9 hours of operation, without problems.
  6. Yeah you were a big part of my support bud, i really appreciate it. That's why the admins setup this awesome forum, for community support. @KaosEngineer I appreciate all your help through this post as well. I tried to get the internal OGX360 but it is impossible to get. @N64 freak said " The internal OGX360 was my own design and i was the only one making them. Only thing i can offer would be a normal external ogx360 in the 3D printed case." The internal mod was GENIUS, it allowed you to either use the original xbox controllers, OR utilize the usb for 4 xbox 360 controllers with the microsoft reciever or an 8bit. Now the only option is this opensource: http://www.openxenium.com/ogx360/OGX360I-4CH_Install_Guide.pdf Now in order to get me some Xbox 360 controllers. I found someone selling an Xbox 360 PHAT Falcon V2, with its box, all original stuff, 4 controllers, 4 games, and all the cords for 20$!!! I couldn't pass it up. So now that i have it...... RGH1.2 Matrix and a 2tb Internal?? lmao, this damn rabbit hole doesn't stop.
  7. @sweetdarkdestiny THAT LINK IS AWESOME!! and he hooked it up to just take the power connection from the HDD power cable. Genius. Looks really slick.
  8. So, I bought one that had a cable chewed on, and replaced the cable and it works. While i was waiting for this i stumbled across another one. If someone still needs one I can offer you the one i fixed for the the price i paid and shipping. PM me.
  9. IMO the only sport games really worth it are NBA Jam, and NFL Blitz. SUPER FUN. I am surprised by your comment on 1tb's being so cheap compared to 2tb. during black Friday i picked up WD Green 2tb's for like 32$ and in fact were less expensive then the 1Tb's (i checked). I fit the entire HDD Ready, Coin Ops 8 Massive and still have like 90GB leftover for random stuff. I could get 1TB's free from old computers, but wouldn't want to put in an old drive in an XBOX that may be around for another decade and will have significant use. What i find interesting is that really the XBOX games by most people fall into different genre's based on how you grew up and the friends you had. Some were the sports type and loved playing FIFA and played it every year, some the baseball type, some the shoot em up halo type, others the puzzle games. I really found it hard to intentionally remove games other than the ones are duplicates and you can just keep the newest one. Anyway good luck with the endeavor!
  10. Also, got another xenium chip and another 2tb, used HDD Raw Copy Tool to clone my first drive and finished this setup. This one is going over to a friends house a present. Replacing the band on my old DVD Drive actually fixed it and it is not having any issues anymore. Overall a successful journey. Love how easy the Xenium chip is, and i got a special breast cancer awareness color or something. All you do is Solder those 10-12 points on the bottom of the chip, then run the d0 cable. Flashed the bios @Bowlsnapper recommended (x2 5035.67 bios) and off we were to the races. Used TruHexen Disc to install XBMC so I dont get the dead link in unleash X. Thank you all for the help bringing these two XBOX's back to life. OH and i got MakeMHZ's little heat sink for the NVIDIA chip as well . It comes with thermal tape, ready to go and there are no fitment issues. I didn't snag a pic of it (I'll add MakeMHZs) but it works perfect and why not throw a couple extra bucks if your already paying for shipping. https://makemhz.com/collections/xbox/products/xbox-mcpx-south-bridge-heatsink?variant=39310262665293
  11. Couple more updates, Got my OGX-360 from @N64 freak. Super solid build, the plastic cover is a little loose on the front, but that could easily be tightened up with a dab of superglue. I think leaving it loose is better if you need to open it up for anything. Hooked it up and was jamming, now I gotta fine tune it and get some rechargeable battery packs for the X360 controllers and a charger. Any suggestions on that front? I have an extra Xbox 360 receiver that i bought if someone is looking for one. Anyone have any clue how to restart the xbox with the 360 controller since there is no White or Black button?
  12. pretty nice build. I did the coin ops 8 massive, and the HDD ready and fully setup XBMC4GAMERS but i really like being able to see my CPU and GPU temps and IP on screen. Wish that was on XBMC4GAMERS menu on the top. I didnt research any of the homebrew yet, and I didn't do any emulators because for the most part, they are in CoinOps. How do you like the homebrew stuff? Thanks for sharing, i might do a video eventually.
  13. yeah because moms didnt want their kids playing quarters and trying to get girls to drink lol. Its a stupid game but thats what it was. Honestly as i scroll through I go OH i remember that game. Just binged and beat Fable over the last 4 days. There are so many classics. The ones i probably will never play are the 2003-2007 copies of every sport game.
  14. lol leisure suit larry, the guy game, man there are some classics. I am reliving my blockbuster rented days with this. I just got the HDD Ready and it was perfect.

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