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XBox Original Ram Upgrade

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Hello everyone! I want to perform RAM upgrade on my Xbox but I don't know which RAM I should buy. Here is the picture of the RAM from my Xbox:



So my question is which RAM should I buy? I found a couple of RAM chips on ebay and AliExpress but I don't know are they going to work on my Xbox. Here is the list:



And, thanks in advance!

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I prefer this one:




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When you will start, check that are quiet, no coffee, some classes, small Iron tip.

Take you Time, and Always check with xblast lite After each module, because your onboard bios will only boot 64 or 128Mb, but not with 81, 97, 112 Mb. If you are not in IND5006.XX onboard, do this first, if you are 1.6 version, flash first xblast OS. 

If you are in Europe, I Can send you Aladin XBLAST lite, with 1 Mb chip. This is a low cost Aladin xt plus, with a bigger chip and a New CPLD.


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Hi antonic901

Here it my 50 cents worth.

When I do ram upgrades I use a Modchip fitted with Xblast on it as you can then boot a main board without a DVD or Hard drive connected. As you fit each chip boot to the Xblast mod chip and test the ram chip and if it fails go over your work and test again DO NOT  fit the next chip until the current chip passes.

If you have not used a SMD rework station before  you are better off using a soldering iron and DO NOT forget Flux is a better friend than your Wife/Girlfriend/Lover when it comes to soldering 100 pin IC's

And if you have not soldered a 100 pin ic before go and find a old PC to practice on 1st



SS Dave

Soft modding is like masturbating, It get's the job done but it's nothing like the real thing.


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When doing the 128 mb mod i first place the chips in place the using smd rework hot air i get them tacked down. Then i go over each pin with a soldering iron. then i clean it up by going over them with hot air again to make the solder look nice and clean.  Im sure you can get it correct with just the hot air , but so far i have not had luck with that.  I need to get better it seems. but that works for me.

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Hello to all. Chips arrived a long time ago, but first try wasnt succesfull and I give up on it. Last few days I had some spare time and I tried it again, and on my luck I made it! So I will first say what was I doing wrong first time. When it comes to soldering iron you don't need some high quality like Hakko, I have used some chinease Baku shit. :) The key to succesfull upgrade is high quality flux. First time I used sam garbage from eBay. This time I used some high-end flux (bought it in my country for 10$ and it's from Poland) and that makes things a lot easier. Allign chip on board, put flux, on your iron put just a little solder and easily slide through pins. If some pins gets connected just put more flux on that spot, put iron in rosing soldering flux, clean it, and try to remove connection. Sometimes it will need a few attempts, but with patience it will get removed.

Now, on internet I see comments that you can mix all types of Samsung chips, but that's not true. I bought chips from AliExpress (you have link in second post of this topic) and they won't work on motherboard V1.0. Chips on my V1.0 were Samsung with last letter being M. Chips from AliExprees are ending with F letter. On V1.6 boards chips are ending with letter F. I have't tried to to remove all chips from my board and put all chips from Ali on it maybe that way F chips will work on V1.0. In the end I bought working Xbox V1.0 for under 5$ (they are really inexpensive in my country) take ram chips from it and put it on my board.

Now, I have question for you. Which BIOS do you recommend for Xboxes with 128MBRAM? Xecuter X2.5035 or iND-BiOS.5003? Before this mod I was using EvoX M8+ but after flashin it back from XBlast OS I see that EvoX doesnt support 128MB RAM mod.

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      I wonder if it's a RAM compatibility issue or indicating definitely damaged RAM IC? Does anyone know the max temp the RAM ICs are rated for?
      I am working with a 1.4 revision board and an OpenXenium which should be booting straight to XBlast. I haven't seen much info anywhere about a solid green LED in the process of a RAM upgrade.
      However when I've got a chip installed it power cycles twice then goes to solid green LED but no video and the OpenXenium LED is yellow whereas if XBlast were to have booted the OpenXenium LED would be green.
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