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  1. I'm going to report here, for sure. Mine will arrive in Juli. At least that's still the latest ETA... We'll see and find out. Greetings! Bot
  2. Hey tere! I had an official Pound HDMI-adapter, but was never too satisfied with the image quality (it was kind of blurry/stripey, even with the auxilary-power connected to the adapter). I then soldered my own component cable out of an AV-plug from the old Xbox and the 360 component cable (like in the tutorial) and I have to say, the quality is awesome! Just take your time studying the guide and plan about 2 hours if you have never done anything like this before. But i guarantee, it will be worth the effort... At the moment I'm waiting on my first HDMI+-Mod from MakeMHz to arrive, so I can further optimize the video-output of my beloved OG XBox... Happy tinkering! Greetings Bot
  3. Hey dave! How have you been? Thanks alot for your reply! This is good news. I'm looking forward to upgrading my xbox witch both mods then... Just have to wait a couple of months until the hdmi-mod arrives. Grretings Bot
  4. Hey folks It has been some time since I last posted. Hope you're doing well... What have you been up to? I recently preordered the new version of the HDMI+ mod from MakeMhz which will arrive in july and i wanted to upgrade one of my my existing xboxes with it. Since I'm going to solder anyway and i got some RAM chips laying around, i thought about upgrading the RAM as well. In this regard, i was wondering if there is a BIOS that supports both (HDMI and 128MB RAM). Is the MakeMHz-BIOS taking advantage of 128MB RAM? Does somebody have some experince with this? Thanks in advance for you thoughts! Greetings Bot
  5. hi @irlandez! my concideration is simple: first and foremost, i want people to contribute to this forum (as registering, browsing the forum and maybe posting some questions/answers or even buying a membership) rather than just browsing and getting the desired stuff for free and leave. this is one reason why i'm not sharing the keys in a forum post. at least one will have to register and drop me a message. it's not that hard asking for something... and if people are too lazy to register, well i suppose they don't really need what they are looking for. the second reason is, that i do not want to share this promo-dvd without any restrictions as for possible legal consequences. i uploaded this disc out of the desire to preserve a rare piece of media and to share it with collectors, enthusiasts and other interested folks. as for your suggestion: i already asked if this DVD could be posted in the downloads-section and @KaosEngineer (one of the mods) told me to share it via mega.com. so i did, and as far as i can tell, people have been happy. hope i answered all your questions. greetings bot
  6. @Markin: look in you inbox, there's something waiting for you. for all others stumbling upon this topic: regarding the keys to mega.com, i'm not going to post them publically here, but feel free to leave me a message and i will get to you. greetings bot
  7. hi i have replaced the fans in 2 of my original xboxes. i tried cleaning them before, but the bearings inside these fans can in fact go bad, and replacing the fans was easier for me than fixing the bearings of the og-fans... i went with bequiet pure wings 80mm. these fans do a superb job! since they are slightly larger than the originals, i had to modify the hdd-caddy and dvd-caddy a little bit (search for "original xbox 80mm fan mod") and cut off 2 edges of the fans (which is very simple to do with the pure wings-series of fans). result: temps are ok, but the boxes are definitely not as loud as before. i have set the fan-speed to about 40-50% and it is not audible at all. of course, since i replaced the fans, the hdd-noises were much more present than before. soo, my second advice would be to replace the hdd with a modern sata one or even an ssd. the dvd-drive is quite noisy when reading discs, but not audible in idle-mode. in my opinion, getting entirely rid of it would be the last option to choose. so in short: - clean the orginal fan and see if it changes something - if noise is still present, either replace your fan with a modern one (requires some cutting of the caddys). - or: replace the hdd with a modern sata or ssd (adapter and soft-/hard-modding required) at this point, i would also recommend replacing the thermal paste of the gpu/cpu. - last fix: get rid of the dvd-drive i hope this helps you in choosing a "direction" to go... greetings bot
  8. Hi dave! This looks very promising to me, how is your project coming along? Greetings Bot
  9. Hey guys and gals! how is it going? My first attempts at clearing the jewels of my 2 xboxes turned out pretty shitty to be honest. i was wondering if there is a place where i can order replacements. I know you're going to laugh fanatically and point you fingers at me, but hear me out: i'm not talking about original, official jewel-replacements! rather a place where you can buy the exact size and shape of acrylic glass that the original xbox jewel has. i dont care if it has the "XBOX" letters edged into it, since i could also imagine painting some of them with eddings or other colors, to make some unique "logos". Has somebody found such a shop? Please let me know! greetings! bot
  10. sorry, i forgot. i sent it to you guys via pm just a couple of seconds ago.
  11. Hey Folks, hey @KaosEngineer and @neighbor! hope you guys are doing well? So today, I ripped the DVD with my XBox. i ripped it with 2 different modes (iso and raw), created a Mega-Account and uploaded all the files, they are ready to go. I also scanned the artwork (front, back and DVD) for you guys (just in case you want to print it out or use it digitally). Here are the links: Raw DVD-Files: https://mega.nz/#F!rZh1SbQL .iso DVD-Files: https://mega.nz/#F!fJoBFRjK Artwork: https://mega.nz/#F!GI4HVLiQ so, start you machines and get downloading! greetings! bot
  12. thanks for the tip! i will do this tomorrow...
  13. Hi! Hmm... This seems like a good way to go in my opinion. Do you know of any combo that fits the xbox without the need for big modifications? @big F cool, that you opened this thread, as i was going to ask the same question... I'm planning on slim-modding one of my boxes i have lying around. With the use of such a combo, you could (in theory) make the box even slimmer than most existing mods... Like, 90s-style-laptop-slim at least! Greetings! Bot
  14. okay. i will hopefully be able to do so tomorrow, and i will post a link to my gdrive to get the .iso. is there any chance we could move the file to the download-section later on? i don't have a lot of space left on my google drive and i'm sure i'll need it for other stuff later on. greetings bot
  15. UPDATE: found two exemplars of this disc via ebay, but it seems pretty rare. @KaosEngineer would you be interested in an .iso? greetings bot

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