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  1. nice job! these look pretty good. do you already have a price in mind? greetings bot
  2. lol, i like this quote more than the last one
  3. Hey folks! Nothing too special here, but I finished refurbishing my og xbox. it's a v1.2 which i bought back in 2002. here's the work i've done: - removed clock cap - replaced 3 caps that went bad - hard-modded the box and flashed with evox, xbmc is stock dash now - replaced stock-fan with 80mm bequiet silentwings (and therefore trimmed the hdd- and dvd-tray a little bit) - installed green controller port-leds - installed blue and white power- and eject-button leds - cleared jewel, repainted the silver "xbox" letters with gold paint (turned out shitty though ) and installed a green led-ring on top - installed a 2TB sata hdd - painted the entire casing and a controller (s) white - added some coloured elements (front dvd-tray and middle part) aaand that's it i think. i actually did the whole thing to 2 consoles (the other one has the same mods, except for blue accent-colors). i gave the blue one to a good friend of mine for his birthday. i forgot to take pictures of the other box, since i was rushing to get the job done, but if you want, i can take some pics of it as well. special thanks to ss_dave, since he gave me the inspiration for the color-scheme! let me know what you think! greetings bot
  4. sir, i'm no one to judge, but i think you have a problem!
  5. the text is in german and reads something on the lines of: "feel the difference! dvd with games, which have never been seen before, exclusive previews of games which aren't even available yet and videos from:" fischerspooner, gorillaz, ministry of sound, primal scream.
  6. hey guys! not sure if this is the right sub, but well... recently i was clearing out my basement and stumbled across an official XBox Promotional DVD (pics attached below). If I remember correctly, these DVDs were given out to people preordering the system in europe (although I'm not sure about this)... Anyway, the disc is packed with cool artsy dvd-menus, game-trailers, demos and other stuff like the official "life is short, play more"-commercial (you know which one), etc. I have no clue if this DVD is really rare, but I think it's worth asking and this is definitely the right place to ask. so, let me know if you know anything about this dvd. if it's rare and requested by the peeps here, i'm going to create an iso out of it. greetings and happy modding! bot
  7. Thought this would help. Make sure to scroll through the entire post though, they seem to have updated/completed their lists quite some times... Greetings Bot_1
  8. Hi guys and welcome to the forum! Since you are talking about replacing caps: some time ago, i found a excellent post in another forum listing all the caps for the different xbox versions. Have a look: https://www.badcaps.net/forum/showthread.php?t=48951 Greetings and happy modding! Bot
  9. thank you for this tutorial! it was incredibly useful, straighforward and also calming! even for a guy like me, that doesn't solder that often it was easy to understand and go through. thanks again! good job!
  10. hey there! sorry to ask (i know it might sound dumb, but i'm no expert in electronics, so i'm just a little insecure): the pointed cap would be the only one i had to replace for the conversion? greetings bot_1
  11. bot_1


    hey kaosengineer oh i see. this looks like a pretty interesting idea, although the size of that image is huge! couldn't even download it if i want to, since my desktop doesn't have 2tb left of free space. well, maybe in the future there will be time to try it out... in the meantime i'm sticking to refurbishing my old boxes. i have been hard at work giving 2 of my xboxes (v1.0 and v1.2) a makeover. check it out... the parts are not all finished painting (going to do the rest today...) all parts have been washed, sanded and coated (1 layer plastic primer, 2-3 layers paint)... so far, i'm very happy with the result. a picture of daves xbox (white/blue) inspired me to do almost the same, since i thought it looks really cool. what do you think? greetings bot_1
  12. bot_1


    hi dave! thanks again for your reply! wow, your xbox really looks great! this just gave me some inspiration to paint the one i'm going to gift to a friend in the same color-scheme. i love the white/blue-combo! oooh, i see now what you mean by bridging the bt-point! so, i'm going to give this a go for sure... although, i'm considering a tsop-flash as you recommended, since i'm not planning on reverting this box back to stock anytime soon (that's my personal box), and the modchip is indeed not needed for modding an v1.2 . in the meantime, many things happened: - my v1.2 runs great so far. i have to pick up a copy of splintercell or else to softmod and later on tsop this console. then i can remove the modchip and set it aside for a v1.6-model, if i ever happen to have one. would this be the right procedure? remove modchip --> softmod --> tsop? or is there a way to flash the original ms-bios directly with the modchip inside? sorry for asking, i'm not really a pro when it comes to these things (that's why i bought the modchip back in the days). i was trying to find a clear answer to this earlier on and in my experience information on this is hard to find and there are different opinions around. - my v1.0 us-console just "died". not really, though. i'm assuming it's not the console but my step-down-converter (stupid thing)... the xbox is drawing waaay more wattage (up to 100w if i'm right), than the converter can handle (45W), so my best guess is, that the converter just gave up after a couple of minutes... but this leaves me in a situation where i'm not able to continue to work on it, since i don't have a power-source... - another xbox arrived (yay! surprise!): i managed to get my hands on what looks like another v1.0... it runs okay, but it's very dusty and sure needs some love... i'm starting to work on it tomorrow and will hopefully be able to give it a good clean, replace thermalpaste, replace the fan, and if i still got spare time, mod some leds in it... if i don't manage to get the us-console up and running soon, i'll gift this (the new one) as the birthday-gift for my friend... - still waiting on these stupid sata-ide-adapters... - stumbled across the "XBox Origins 2TB image"... i'm curious if you have heard of it. i don't even get what it is... is this some sort of pre-packaged iso with emulators and roms and original xbox roms already loaded? or do i get something wrong? so, this would mean copy and paste to hdd, and good to go, or not? well, depending if you need/want all the stuff that's in there i guess... what's your opinion on this? greetings bot_1
  13. hey there cryptblood i managed to take some pictures of my us-psu. would you mind having a look? today, i had more trouble in getting this thing to run: my step-down-converter which i ordered for testing the us-box arrived and after plugging it in and turning it on, everything was running great for about 5 minutes. then, the box just went dead. no reaction, no blinking, no light, no fan, long presses, short presses... dead! even after letting it sit for about an hour to cool down, still no sign of life anymore. my initial assumption is, that my step-down converter died... after this incident, i compared the requirements of the box (especially wattage) with the converter and turns out the converter only supports devices up to 45 watts. if it's true what i read on several sites, the og xbox consumes up to 100 watts, which could indicate that i just overloaded my new step-down converter. oh well, i never fail to surprise myself. what are your thoughts on this? greetings bot_1 ugh... if indeed my converter died, i'm a little pissed off. the company labels these things as "worry-free", "compatible with all US-devices" and "plug and play". this is just false advertising in my opinion. i'm trying to get a refund! ;)
  14. bot_1


    Hey, me again. So i managed to get my chip up and running permanently now by soldering D0 to ground... Everything works fine now. as i'm still waiting on my sata-adapter, i even soldered a few green led's to my controllerports and exchanged the eject-button-leds to blue/white. it looks fantastic and i really enjoy getting back into modding/soldering etc. In the meantime, i acquired another xbox (v1.0 us-model) to mod and gift to my best friend for his birthday... It'll take some time to get that thing up an running but i'm confident it'll be done in time. What have you been up to? Greetings Bot_1

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