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XEcuter 2 Bios Editing

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I want to get back into making custom x2 4981 bios's but need the XBOX TEXT.3ds file as mentioned in the screen grab below (x-projects.org is long gone).

I know I could use a newer bios but I liked messing with this particular one and having everything on the tsop rather than having a config file on the hdd.

If anyone has it could you please PM me? I have 3ds max and deep exploration but I can't find this, any help or links appreciated :)

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1 hour ago, Ging3rguy said:

Checkout xbmcmoddforxbox google drive, there is a copy there.

Do you happen to have a link at all? Just searched but couldn't find anything. Thanks 

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Unfortunately you don't seem to have the XBOX TEXT.3ds template I'm after. I did check all folders.

I don't want to use X2 5XXX bios's, I want to modify an X2 4981 bios and package the changes within the bios, no config file (i prefer to have everything on tsop). I'm going to replace the XBOX text on the splash screen with different text. It's a 3d wireframe model hence me needing the template file.

Thanks anyway

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17 minutes ago, Ging3rguy said:

Give this a try. Look in unofficial.

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Unfortunately that's just the X2 bios's, not the template for 3ds max. Thanks anyway

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