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XEcuter 2 3b Lite Install Diagram. 1.6 Compatibility?


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Evening all i've got 2 2.3b Lites and one 2.6. Anybody got the install diagrams as I can't seem to find them only the 2.3b+. 


Also with my LPC Rebuild kit they should work for 1.6's as long as I flash a working bios / Cromwell before installing? As I've ran out of Aladdins and have a few consoles in need of work. 

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1 hour ago, malarrya said:

I actually just removed this from my Xbox 1.0 a couple weeks ago and am looking to possibly eBay it. Any reason I should keep it?

Team Xecuter _ Xecuter 2.3B Lite Plus Install.pdf 929.68 kB · 1 download

Eh, if you’re on a 1.0 you can really get the same feature set besides write protect, which is still achievable with a switch, as is multibios on the 1MB flash chip. 

Having a chip around can always come in handy if your BIOS gets hosed for some reason though. 

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1 hour ago, Magicaldave said:

Eh, if you’re on a 1.0 you can really get the same feature set besides write protect, which is still achievable with a switch, as is multibios on the 1MB flash chip. 

Having a chip around can always come in handy if your BIOS gets hosed for some reason though. 

It wasn't making good contact with the board any longer. I think I tightened the screw down one too many times. It would cause the Xbox to power cycle 3 times then flash red. I never used the 2nd bank back in the day because I was too worried about screwing up the modchip. I actually just recently updated it with the latest Xecuter BIOS for it but the TSOP is soooo much better. 

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That's for the Xecuter 2.6 the OP here asked about. XpertXP should have made it clear he's asking about the Xecuter 2.3B Lite and specifically a wired install rather than pogo pin or a v1.0/v1.1 MB.

I assume the wired install is for the d0 connection which, from the PDF, sounds like a very odd way of doing things.

These screenshots are direct from the PDF and might help:-




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I don't have an Xecuter 2.3B Lite plus with pogo pins but I suspect the pin header on it may be a direct connection to the pogo pins.  

I believe it was used to connect to an external programmer so they may not be.  Hard to find specifics on it.

the only installation instructions released by Team Xecuter were for doing the pogo pin install that's how the chip was built.

You could solder a wire to the top of each pogo pin and solder it to the associated pin of the LPC Debug header port on the motherboard.  Where and how do you plan to locate the modchip so it doesn't make an electrical contact with something it should not.

What version Xbox?  If a 1.6, it was not intended to be installed in one.  There was no 1.6 Xbox when it was released.  An LPC rebuild is required and most likely an LFRAME# trace cut by the Xyclops chip which will disable booting from the the stock BIOS.  And, D0 connection to ???.

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XpertXP is talking about a v1.0/v1.1 and I assume too, after reading the PDF manual , that the wired solution is similar to what you've described but maybe just wiring the appropriate d0 pogo pin to the contact point on the MB.

I do not really see the point of wiring the LPC pogos instead unless there is some other mounting position/solution being proposed.

Using a pointy d0 pogo pin to line up with the small contact point underneath the chip rather than solder it in is a rather odd way of doing things. The PDF manual even warns installers that poor alignment could damage the MB, that the chip might not work if the one retaining screw is not tightened up just the right amount and that screw must be used with a spacing washer to keep the chip from fouling the MB, at the right level for the d0 pogo and ground it too.

The later Xecuter chips were mounted differently for good reason.  

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