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  1. I have a set of good RAM chips I’d be willing to get you for shipping cost. Also got a board to go with it if you need the spare SMD components. I’m not aware of where you can source those chips at this point beyond other dead units.
  2. This is the guide I used, it works well. Grab a flathead to remove the tabs, it’s surprisingly easy once you know what to do. http://www.dynatron.org/howto/XBOX/buildit/disassemble/face.html
  3. Well. They’ll work 50% of the time. First boot they’re spinning up, don’t respond to the Xbox. Error 7 occurs due to HDD timeout. Reboot and all all is well. I’d suggest against BUYING one for this purpose but if you’ve got a green laying around it’s better than Stock.
  4. Really, any SATA drive that doesn’t take a ridiculously long time to spin up will work. Even those are okay, they’re just so slow you have to start the console twice to actually make them get to dash. Think WD Greens.
  5. DoomX. DukeX. Maybe you could fit QuakeX on there - any of the three. I’d suggest just using any emulator pre-5th gen. The rom sets are incredibly small.
  6. As far as I can tell there’s little if any practical difference so long as you use the latest ones.
  7. From what I read of the thread you linked it looks like XBlast is meant to be flashed onto the chip at a specific location in the chip’s memory. I’d expect that if you booted on another bank after successfully flashing XBlast THAT would work. But it doesn’t seem like the initial flashing of XBlast can be done within the Xbox itself. Rig up a CheapLPC and use that. Never done this particular mod myself so I’m not certain however.
  8. You know. I always thought that shortcut was weird. I ended up just removing it because I couldn’t get it to work. The config.xml for UnleashX will probably be in C:/ which controls the menu layout. Locate the directory it’s scanning for XBMC there and move XBMC to match it. It may be necessary to create your own menu item for it which is doable but a bit more involved. If you don’t feel like doing that UnleashX settings can also create a shortcut for it in Settings > gamepad/IR shortcut. It’ll launch whatever you like based on a particular button press, and if you flashed IND-BIOS on you can reboot with the controller, then hold say “A” and XBMC will come up on its own. For reference, Here is a link to a modified config.xml which references the XBMC location as E:/Apps/XBMC/default.xbe.
  9. Just trying to get a better read on my CPU for patching games. 1480 works on some but others are a bit more finicky.
  10. BAHAHA! I actually really like this idea.
  11. The closest thing I know of to such a premade pack would be, eh, CoinOPS? You could download CoinOPS massive and I suspect that would get what you need. Personally I can’t stand CoinOPS because i think the front end is gaudy. I’ve a few SNES games that wouldn’t transfer and never bothered to fix. Check the names of the affected games. Are they longer than 42 characters, including the file extension? they would have to be shortened if so. The snes library I believe is well under one thousand, but there’s also a limit of 4096 files in one particular folder on FATX. Batch renaming often isn’t going to give you something very close to the original names, but if the length of the names is an issue on option would be to drop the affected games into a folder on your computer, CTRL-A to select all of them, and rename any one of the files. This would rename EACH of those files to whatever you choose to the name you entered, with the number appended. Such as: thisdidntfit1 thisdidntfit2 thisdidntfit3 and so on. In the end you’d still have to rename them but you could do it over time.
  12. OK, United States.

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