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  1. I mean DVD-R is honestly less ideal than USB IMO. These DVD drives fail all over the place these days. Do you mean you don’t have *access* to your router? Gotta get wi-fi from somewhere. Depending on your equipment, in order of preference: 1) you could just wire the Xbox to your laptop and FTP that way without the router in-between. 2) I’ve never done this myself, but if you have a way to connect your xbox’s Hard drive to your laptop the below mentioned apps could probably skip the USB drive altogether. Again, never tried it. You’d have to either hotswap your HDD or unlock it in Windows/youroshere to make it work. 3) You *Could* maybe use boXplorer, Xplorer360, or even Datel’s action replay (not sure about that last one) to install your FTP-ready games into, then copy to E/F/G partitions as I mentioned above. A couple notes on that. First, speed and capacity are abysmal. FatX will only work with a drive of up to 4Gb so you might have to do multiple runs just for a single game. Second, there’s sometimes an issue with these flash drives where you may have trouble creating folders or moving stuff directly. You might have encountered this in the initial softmod if you did it yourself. If this happens you have to manually create the folders using your desired app and then import the files (one by one, IIRC) into their respective locations. It’s honestly the last way I would recommend doing this stuff but HEY! Gotta work with whatcha got.
  2. Short answer, probably not. USB isn’t a good way to do much except run a keyboard or drop in your exploit. Do do you know what dash you’re running? If UnleashX, plug your Xbox into your router. You should see it’s IP address appear on the Unleash X dash. (192.168.0....) Download and install an FTP app (I use FileZilla) onto your computer and enter the IP address from your Xbox as the server. Xbox and Xbox are usually the default logins. Then you can drag and drop your games from Your desired FtP app to the F:/Games or G:/Games folders on your Xbox. Feel free to ask for clarification, and happy gaming!
  3. Link the switch board Pl0x? Also so how does this connect to the board and power the drives? Cabling nightmare??
  4. Would love one myself here in US. Not right now though.
  5. What is the large metal piece from your second post? Part of the cold plate? Either way, killer work. I’ve looked up water cooled Xboxes before and only ever found people getting shouted down over the idea! Would also love love to see what kind of overclocks you can get on this thing!!!
  6. Depending on the level of sophistication there are online services that can achieve both of these needs - they’re just a bit slow.
  7. The translation is pretty rough, but pushing through google translate reveals enough to make it readable. 1) Start with a no DVD BIOS (so it’ll actually boot!) 2) install a molex Y-splitter for powering the second drive 3) Tie all grounds (black wires) together 4) Attach the motherboard’s red/yellow wires to the center poles of the switch (I think this is a 3-pole?) 5)attach the red/yellow wires of respective drives or either end of the switch 6) make sure both drives are set to master so the system will boot from either 7) Figure out how to mount the damn thing in your case ???? 9) Profit!!!! The LEDs are optional and basically just so you’re sure which drive you’re booting from. You could just as easily switch the color of your LED from the dashboard. If I get a chance soon I might actually make an English version of this tut, had a couple people broach the subject of multi drive with me recently. If only there were some way to operate these drives in a RAID setup. Haha. Bottlenecks :’(
  8. This actually reminded me of the issue that 1.6 consoles have with 480p. May prove helpful, at least for fable. FWIW, I’m not sure if CoinOPS or Super Monkey Ball for sure have this issue, as I have neither. Can’t reproduce the issue with fable on my 1.6 or 1.1.
  9. I believe the latest versions of Xboxhdm install the Rocky5 softmod automatically, so your menus have probably been configured a bit different. You don’t really need the MS dash as you can use the extras disc to change video modes, but if you’d like to maybe dual-boot the MS dash, check here: https://github.com/Rocky5/Xbox-Softmodding-Tool/blob/master/README.md This disc can also be used to clear your cache and can run from HDD. If clearing the cache doesn’t fix the games, try a reinstall.
  10. IF you could get USB to work it’d Be so miserably slow you would give up pretty quick. Even being generous and assuming usb 2.0 speeds it would still take minimum an hour per game. Even that seems generous tbh Seems kinda weird that both lights are on stable, one should just be flashing to indicate activity If you’re feeling adventurous maybe you could just solder an Ethernet cable in place of the port, haha.
  11. Oh yeah dude, if you can unlock the drive you’re pretty much home free as far as any and all data is concerned. Unless you just have horrible luck and your drive craps out. You can use BoXplorer or Xplorer360 to navigate the drive and copy stuff directly from your pc, but I would just lock the drive to one of the other boards on hand and ftp everything back. Either way works, I just don’t like those apps. Edit: just wanted to clarify from my last post, three points on the Pi get wired to 3 points on the Xbox.
  12. You wire up 3 points on the pi, power on the Xbox, and run a program that dumps the EEPROM.bin file off of the motherboard itself. Then you can use that in CHIMP or Xboxhdm to unlock the drive.
  13. Damn, nice catch. So this softmod doesn’t make any changes to the key on its own. Expected, really. I’d still try the unlock but unless you zeroed out the key on your OWN system at some point and forgot it’s not gonna do anything. It’s mathematically possible to brute-force it, but.. yeah. I would get or find a Raspberry Pi somewhere. They’re like 20 bucks and actually make a nice complement to an Xbox anyway. (1080p!!!)
  14. Upgrading BIOS may get marginally better boot times and no DVD check, but that’s about it. I’ve heard others say this can damage hardmodded consoles so my recommendation is a bit cautious, but you might want to use Rocky5’s softmod extras disc. Easy to upgrade to a newer, less breakable softmod and some cool features like dual booting, easy to change dashes, and zeroing the hard drive key. Although your Aladdin probably defeats the point of that last one.
  15. I like your thinking! But no. The drive is unlocked as soon as the Xbox boots properly (your main problem) and never gets messed with in that way until reboot. Best case scenario, you might see WHERE the eeprom.bin was but you won’t actually get it . I’d say it’s worth a shot trying to unlock the drive with one of the generic passwords you mentioned earlier in CHIMP. Nkpatcher is capable of changing HDD keys although i’m not certain that this is ever done automatically. Never used Ndure. Worth a few minutes for your saves, for sure. Also what above poster said, back up and save every one of your xbox’s EEPROMs. Hell, better yet, use NKpatcher to wipe the hdd key entirely and be done with it. Just preventative maintenance though. Without those it can (obviously) be pretty hard to recover from a dead drive.

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