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Finished: XBox Slim Console Just Over 1' Tall


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I thought that all of the original Xbox forums online were all gone/dead. It's great to see that there are still active ones to be found!

For my first post I wanted to share one of my first Xbox consoles I modded. Its nothing special, just something designed to be used at events where hundreds gather where I wont be afraid to have any number of random visitors using it.  


The Xbox itself is simply softmodded and it has been reworked to use a 2.5" SATA HDD. From the 120gb it now houses coinops and a number of modded Halo, Timesplitter and Battlefront games. The idea is a very multiplayer friendly console that is intuitive to use. While it has an XBMC dash, it boots directly into coinops so any number of people can use it without having to ask what to do. Before I upgraded the HDD I took a snap of the original guts while I was working on the console. The HDD is sitting on a spacer above the motherboard to allow for increased airflow, done after the capacitors were rewired and replaced. For fans I am using a Sunon for exhaust and the famous Iceberq 4 for the chipset. The PSU has been wired externally similar to a laptop. While I could have used a picopsu, this defeats the purpose of the console being cheap, easy and worry free with strangers using it.


It's nothing fancy. But it looks great, its robust, it doesn't overheat after 12+ hour sessions, I have very little money invested in it and I built it so I wouldn't be afraid of strangers mashing on it. 



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6 hours ago, abazz009 said:

cool stuff man! you didn't show any shots of the external power supply? is that hardwired? in a case?

I'm building another one right now, when its done I will show it in detail. Its in an Xbox 360 power supply brick. While it is modified, it still maintains the disconnect function like the stock PSU does.

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4 hours ago, wikati said:

nice unit,


the psu, i am also curious how you approached the integration of connecting it externally.

It looks from one photo to be wired directly, can you disconnect the supply easily?

Great work.

For one unit I have it easy to disconnect out the rear. But I never unplugged it, so the only way to unplug it on the new units is removing two screws to open the case. and unplug it like you would the stock PSU.

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