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  1. shaokhann

    Help !

    Okay, I hope I got this right. The sst module of an xbox 1.6, how do I replace it?. Is there a tutorial or video to explain it?. I'd hate to throw away xbox.
  2. shaokhann

    Help !

    raduci in Inglese Morning, boys. A friend flashed Atr the bios at an xbox 1.6 with aladdin xt and hdd 160 gb. He put a bios for 1.0-1.5 instead of a bios for xbox 1.6. Now the xbox gives error 5 always. Can I fix it?
  3. hi guys, can you explain to me why i should prefer these chips over aladdin xt ?. What would be the difference?
  4. Thank you very much Kaos,, always ready is present. Unfortunately I had to delete Emustation and install it again. But I will jealously guard this topic if the problem should come up again. Thank you and Merry Christmas!
  5. Evening, boys, can you tell me why every roms I try to get started, xbmc emustation reboots?. the problem did it since I was doing the roms scan for the saturn saw, it was stuck, I shut down and every roms now brings me back to emustation (which is the main dashboard). I attach the xbmc.log file xbmc.log
  6. Hello everyone, forgive if intervengonin.un post a little old, but.ho needsbdi understand some.things. I.too.would.like.to.make.an.xbox.slim.and.maybe.with.a.2'hdd.switch. I have an xbox.1.0 and a 1.2 with an aladdin.xt chip. If.aggiirnoncon.hexen.2019.with.bios m8 ,.is.the.dvd.drive.already.disabled? Can I put a second hdd with switch instead of the dvd? Can I remove the yellow power cable from the dvd? Sorry for the questions but some of you have already done these jobs and I need a clearer guide. THANKS to everyone who will answer me
  7. shaokhann

    No Flash Bios?

    Yes yes, the chip works well. When installing a new hdd I had put the bios m8-137fc via dvd xwizard 3.1. But now with both xwizard and hexen it freezes already at the beginning of the flash
  8. Ah, così bella cartella Rom relativa all'emulatore, posso inserire tutte le cartelle dei giochi divise per lettera? Quindi se aggiorno le Rom mi legge le cartelle? Ho capito bene ?, mi dispiace ma cerco di capire nel migliore dei modi, non ho molta esperienza.
  9. Good morning, guys. While I was transferring the Roma via ftp to Emustation, I realized that it no longer gives me the Downloader version. In fact if I try to download nothing happens, it doesn't make me download anything from the Downloader anymore. The cable and the rest works, in fact via ftp I can transfer. Did anyone happen to you?, maybe some file or parameter to fix? Thanks always for the availability
  10. Guys, how come I can't transfer more than 4096 Roma to Emustation? (emulator C64).
  11. the dash at boot is XBMC-Emustation, which is located on the F: partition. Previously it was installed unleashx, which is still present but via program, I created the shortcut to have at boot XbmcEmustation.
  12. shaokhann

    No Flash Bios?

    I'm using the Aladdin chip with the old version of the m8 BIOS you found on the Xwizard DVD.
  13. shaokhann

    No Flash Bios?

    You're so kind. Thank you. Last question for today . Does anything happen to all the content previously transferred to my hdd? ( xbox game, xbmcEmustation etc etc?)
  14. shaokhann

    No Flash Bios?

    Sorry again, but I'm a noob where should I put the downloaded files? then should I flashare ill bios via xblast?

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