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  1. Has anyone actually re-programmed the cpld on these revision yet? I have one on the way, and is likely to be this revision.
  2. Like I said, I belw it away, and did it again, and it now works, but it was really, really strange
  3. Here's the thing though, the connection test passed with cerbios 2.03r. It would bomb out right before the country select screen when you try and setup an account.
  4. ok, so I just nuked the non working drive again, and with Cerbios 2.03R, as expected it didnt work. Flashed to EvoXm8+, and it took me through to create Gamertag. Flashed back to Cerbios, and all is working now. NFI what was up with the files on the old drive, but that was annoying!
  5. originally cerbios 2.203r, but also tried with evoXm8+ behaviour is the same between the two drives independant of the bios. This is really doing my head in!
  6. I am trying to get one of my Xboxen ready for when Insignia drops, and I am having a wierd issue. If I put in a HDD built with OGXbox installer, it works. I can get all the way through to the create a gamertag screen. If I put a hdd that is a clean build, only MS dash files on it (5960), it fails just after "create an accont" screen. "something went wrong.." Same bios, same dash, only difference being one was hand built with fatxplorer. with just the dash files, the other with fatxplorer and "OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.3 beta 2 For FatXplorer + XBoxHDM" files... The only modification I made to the ogxbox files, was adding the ini file for cerbios. Ideas?
  7. Also, given how trivial it is to tsop flash these days, this negates the need for the most part for a chip for most people
  8. Damn! There goes my whole reason for chasing a 1.0 console in the first place. So in light of that, if I were to build a 1mb bios consisting of say for example cerbios in bank 1,2 and m8+ in the other two, if I screw up the cerbios for some reason I should be able to "three wire" the system to boot again right? or I'm wondering if there is a way to be able to have that config as a switch. Position 1: whole tsop active, position 2: only bank 3,4 for recovery
  9. Bit of a thread necro, but here goes anyway. I am looking to 4 way split the tsop in a 1.0 console I just got my hands on. I vaguely recall reading somewhere, and I cant find the thread now, that if you have both switches wired up, you no longer need to cut the trace? Am I correct? or is my memory faulty....
  10. So, after a few hiccups and disasters, I am back at looking at this issue. If I have the ini set for no dvd, and with the drive disconnected, the boot is near instant. If I have the dvd connected, I get the pause. Would appear to be some sort of conflict on the IDE bus possibly? Though if I have the dvd enabled, it does work just fine, there is just the delay... Ideas? Planning on getting a startech adapter, but not sure this will solve the issue
  11. Ok, Mystery solved. This kerbside pickup TV is a POS. It would appear that only the component input works. I took the xbox to another tv, and using a third party Svideo / composite cable I was able to get a signal on both svideo and av. I can still use this tv, but it has suddenly become less useful
  12. Just one? I thought you had to have a number of them
  13. To be honest, I dont know. It isnt that old, so it should, but it was a kerbside pickup, so who knows. I probably should try a different tv... I figured that if the component was working, then the av should...
  14. Just a cheap xbox to hdmi thing. Xbox port one end, a hdmi the other

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