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  1. Finally I can reply again... Thanks for your help guys. I ended up burning a copy of FF2 and ripping it to the HDD using DVD2xbox. It had an error moving 4 files on, but I manually placed them in after the transfer was completed via FTP. Doesn't freeze at the title screen anymore. @KaosEngineerWasn't able to find both titles in the attached document but I appreciate the help on here and on reddit. I'm just going to create another XISO for call of cthulhu and rip it to my Hard drive.
  2. Thanks for that! Do you know how I could identify if the needed ACL file is included in acl.7z? I did find that Mega link before, unfortunately didn't have the titles I was looking for.
  3. Hello everyone, Thank you for all the great resources on this site, was able to figure out issues with games like JSRF, Panzer Dragoon, Voodoo Vince and more. I'm still having issues with 2 games on my list that I was dying to play - Fatal Frame 2 & Call of Cthulhu. I've tried different Bios' different launchers, launching the game in different resolutions, multiple downloads and more. Next thing I'd like to try is applying an ACL patch using DVD2xbox, but I can't locate the ACL file needed to do this without burning. Eventually I'll try that if nothing else works... Running an X3 chip on the latest bios on XBMC from a 1.6 Xbox for context. Does anyone have any advice or the ACL files I need to run these games? I think they're trying to access specific assets from the DVD drive, they keep freezing at the exact same point Everytime I load it up.
  4. Man this is crazy. Sweet mod, always wondered if something like this would be possible.

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