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About Me

  1. Hey guys. I’m hoping to find the gerber for the OG, front mounting bios switches. I have found the chunkier files here on GitHub, but I’m hoping to avoid that and go with the original, thinner version. The goal is to have one made in WHITE for a project I have planned.
  2. Fun little project, recreated the casing for the pro switch used by the x3 modchip. Done in Fusion 360
  3. Hi. Found my old v1.1 Xbox which I modded 20years ago with an Xecutor 2.3 Lite (see pics). Wanted to get it going again now that Insignia is running, so before even powering on, I've removed the clock cap and replaced the 5 CPU caps which were leaking. Powered on today, and it starts in microsoft dash. Hooray! Soldering successful, but no X2 bios. The 'X2 Lite Ext' board with the 3 switches on doesn't seem to work (switches are bad - checked with meter). Also the 5 black wires leading to the Ext board were frail and snapped off from the connector while testing . Luckily I caught it and labelled each so I know which wire does what. Question is, what to do? I doubt I can find another X2 Lite Ext switch board and cable. Does anyone know if any other switch bank works with my chip? I could just bridge the wires to force modchip enable and bank 1, or try to build my own new switch bank. Any suggestions if you've done this before? Thanks
  4. Remembering back to when I purchased my first Xecuter 3 mod chip, I was annoyed to discover the bank switch did not come with it. Payed the price for getting a used one, or at least making sure it came with everything. I looked all over to see if someone could help me jumper connections so I could use the different banks available to no avail. Finally I bought one new, which is not a choice nowadays. So I am dissecting switches and making schematics for each, starting with the most popular Xecuter 3. I have already mapped out the Xecuter 2.2 Pro and Xecuter 2.3b and will make a .jpg for them as well. Not being familiar with the programs used to edit pictures and make these, it took me 3 times as long to make this one schematic than it took me to test and map it out. I'm saying this in hopes I won't get flamed for poor work, I just want to help. Let me know what you think.
  5. Need to replace a bank button as well as the protect button. Found some potential replacements online through other threads here or Reddit but they won't work. Found a replacement bank button I could 3D print, but still out the protect button. Ideally I'd prefer just the switches off a broken unit but will entertain buying another X3CP or Pro Switch. Regards
  6. Hey guys im looking for a xecuter 3 pro switch message me if so for sale thank you.
  7. I want to buy xecuter 3 clear pro switch does anyone have one for sale dm if so.
  8. I'm looking for a replacement sticker for the X3 BIOS bank selection switch or a replacement switch if anyone has one spare in the UK? I am also looking for an Xecuter XLCD kit to complete my X3 install (this isn't a huge loss if I can't buy one and I don't mind going down the DIY route for this if nobody has one they want to sell - I've had some great advice from the XBOX-SCENE guys regarding what parts to buy). Please let me know if you can help. Thanks.
  9. Hi, I managed to snipe an Xecuter 3 for about $100 and an LCD for it, but I'm missing the Bios bank that they usually come with. Is there a way to make a custom bank as an alternative or are there any dip switch banks that can imitate the same thing? Thanks!
  10. I'm looking for the vanity PCB/sticker piece for this X3 switch. It's mighty ugly without it.
  11. This is just a show and tell post. While doing my other Xbox research, I am powering on and off the Xbox a lot. I also do the power + eject sequence to load the backup bank on the Xecuter X3 a lot. I was thinking this would be slightly more convenient if I had a remote control so I found some spare IR receivers and a small board with a microcontroller on it and got to work. The install is pretty stealthy. It's on the left of the front panel. Microcontroller is on the back of the board. Connected up with thin enamelled wire from a transformer. Board is held in with Earth's greatest material: hot glue. I used the spare pin on the front panel connected to carry 5V to power the thing. Series resistor to limit the current or act as a fuse in case it shorts out. I programmed it to use volume up and down on a generic remote for power and power+eject. This sounds inconvenient but I never use those buttons.
  12. The title basicly already say's it all. I wonder if it would be possible to piggy back a second TSOP to the one of the MB (Except for Vcc and Enable). Then lift the Vcc pins (TSOP 1 & 2) and Enable pins (TSOP 1 &2) which then goes to the switch. Highly professional made schematics : https://imgur.com/a/WguB3ZR I have googled it but how it seems no ever had that stupid idea. Or at least I didn't found anything.
  13. Just set up new TV with each generation of XBox. I am limited with HDMI ports and need to use a switch for OG Xbox with Make Mhz HDMI+ and Xbox One X. I had one from Amazon claiming 4K at 60Hz but it forces the Xbox One X into a letterboxed 720p nightmare and the OG Xbox has video noise making that unplayable. I'm looking for a recommendation from anyone that has experience. To be clear this is for a switch, not splitter. I have 2 devices going to 1 port and just want to avoid plugging/unplugging when using them. Cheers!
  14. I have an Xbox with a 2.6 but it’s missing the bank dip switch board and cable. Does anyone have one for sale?
  15. I was running some Halo system link no issue. When I switched over to Brute Force and Mechassault the link failed to see another Xbox.I am using a unmanaged switch. I used one of these back i the day https://www.ebay.com/itm/Radica-Gamester-RC73220-LAN-Party-4-port-hub-and-Gamester-power-supply/164263467360?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649. The question is do some of the old games need a hub not a switch for connection ?
  16. hello guys, I have an xbox version 1.4, and my default dash is evox, with the OG installer I can change the default ok? risk losing my softmod?
  17. I believe I read somewhere there was an easy way to switch the working of the 2 buttons? Is there also some easy way to just use one button? Thinking of a slim with custom front plate here. Anyone got n info on this? Sent fra min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  18. Hi, I have put this on the Facebook group also. I have an X2.6 chip in an old v1.0 Xbox and I was going to pull it out and put it in a different one however the PCB with the bank switches has gone missing. No idea where it is. What are my options? Ideally would like to have the full functionality and flash it again. Anyone have the switch PCB and want to part with it has anyone done their own switches for it? The ribbon cable to the non existent switch PCB is intact.
  19. Beeps, light and fan then off with no beep on for around 1 second? Xbox one s 1TB, push power button light beep and fan on then shuts off with no beep. i have looked online at possible causes and solutions. So far I have stripped it down to carry out some tests on the power supply and power rails/ apu mosfets hdmi leads all ok? power port ok apu mosfets ok fan ok does anyone have any links to video tutorials that give an in sight in to fault finding and full diagnostics of their mother boards? I find that all people start with some really great info and fault diagnostics testing then wrap it all up when they replace a mosfet rather than going on to lead you around the board say for example it’s not the mosfet then we test x,y z and so on until you have done a full diagnostics. also does anyone have links to test points and maybe a diagram any advice or support will help what are reading of the multimeter supposed to be can they differ on different boards? i have a keen interest to learn and absorb all relevant information related to fixing all consoles your knowledge and expertise would be great and hugely appreciated. please note I have tried to do the manual trouble shoot diagnostics hold button trick with no avail also tried a different hdmi lead and hair drier trick again with no avail. please help guys thanks in advance
  20. Hi! I recently did a TSOP Flash on my 1.1 Xbox, now it has a custom bios (evox). I downloaded XBMC4GAMERS (to E/Apps/Xbmc4Gamers) , used the url downloader in order to have the artwork, everything is ok, i can launch games and all, but i can't switch to this dash at boot. I read everywhere that it is very easy to do so, just by creating a shortcut with the xbeshortcutmaker, wich i did (changed the evoxdash.xbe to evoxdash_backup.xbe at the C partition, and created the shortcut with this path (E/Apps/Xbmc4Gamers) and paste to the C partition). But after that, my xbox get stuck at the boot screen with the microsoft logo. I used the hexen disc to go back to default, but can't manage to have my Xbmc4gamers as my main dash instead of UnleashX. Am i doing something wrong here?
  21. Hi all, I’ve just noticed that the blue leds are not lighting up on my X3 control panel bios bank switch buttons. They should light up blue when pressed in (on). Anyone come across this before? Know how I can fix it?? Ill take it apart and see if theres a lose cable cable or similar but that won’t be for a few days....
  22. Hi all, I'm looking to seel a crystal xbox with pink xecuter 3 modchip and crystal pro switch. All buttons are present on the pro switch. It's only got a 40gb hdd but does have coin ops on there. It's in full working order but I dont have a controller for it. I'm looking for a valuation with a view to selling on so if you could give me a price I'd be grateful. I'm based in the UK, thanks.
  23. Hi guys I have an xbox with xecuter 3 and pro switch.. If anyone would like to make an offer
  24. EDIT: Never mind the chip wire on the bank came loss . lol All sorted
  25. I’m looking for a halo green pro switch

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