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  1. It might be a serial cable. I looked up some pinouts and did some continuity testing. I only get continuity on about half of the pins so I'm just going to go ahead and assume its wrong and get another one.
  2. So I got an openxenium and hooked it up to the same box just to make sure my pin header and d0 work is good and it worked fine. I also checked the voltage on the 3.3 and 5 on the LPC since I wasn't sure what the xecuter might be using. Both are fine. I can't get the chip to talk to the software on the PC, I just get the no device found 0xFFFF (I've tried all bidirectional modes available in BIOS, and device manager reports the LPT working fine. I've also checked resources etc.). I'll find another parallel cable and get a second PC with LPT going just to rule that out, but I think the chip might be dead.
  3. It's been a while since I took it out but I think it was giving me a ram or eeprom error, with or without the chip. I've got an XP machine with an LPT so I'll give that a shot and report back. Something about leaving it on while it's fragging gives me anxiety, lol.
  4. Hey there, I have an Xecuter 2.0 Pro which I removed from a dead Xbox. It was soldered directly to the LPC pads. I put it in my TSOPed 1.0 (pin header) and all I can get it to do is FRAG. According to an old install tutorial I found it is supposed to FRAG when the chip is on and your D0 is wired correctly, and I'm fairly certain that connection is good. My trouble is that the DIP switches don't change anything. If I have that chip plugged into the board, it frags no matter what. This is a really old chip and it has an external LPT programming interface. Should I try to hook that up while its FRAGing? Has anyone every installed one of these who might be able to give me some insight? Thanks!

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