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  1. I've had no issues with cables. I was concerned about the length of a couple of them as my cabinet has OG, 360, One X and Series X running to the I/O box at one far end. I had heard that full chroma might not be possible if the cables are too long, but all good thankfully! The switch does what I need. I am using it with the 360 and One X...the One X capable of [email protected] and HDR as you probably know, and that all works fine. It's a neat little unit and a very nice design. I am also using it without USB power - it has a lead and input supplied - the switch draws power over HDMI and used as a switch in this configuration does not need the extra juice according to the manufacturer and that turns out to be the case... It claims to perform above those specs too, I believe. Specifically at [email protected] and VRR support as with full HDMI 2.1 but I leave that dedicated port on the TV for the Series X with my setup. I would like to say I mighty impressed with the Make MHz HDMI+ Kit in the OG. It gives an amazing result. I can handle a bit of modding but was freaked out by the micro soldering on the cable, haha. A recommendation for Jack at Retro Modz UK who did some amazing work on the box and HDMI install.
  2. Okay, turns out there are LOADS of Youtube reviews for these... I have gone with an Ilano switch based on this video and the reviewers detailed breakdown. He seems genuine. Part of the reason for asking on the forum here is past experience of Amazon who sell whatever, promise as much but quite often don't deliver...albeit with a straightforward refund process. Part of my issue too, is that Googling the same gets you many "best HDMI switch" reviews, but all with Amazon links...hey ho. In case anyone else is looking for the same thing with their consoles I will maybe fire an update when it arrives from...yes, you guessed it. Amazon.
  3. Definitely a case of getting what you pay for, and that price sounds about right for the one I bought although everything about their claims match HDMI 2.0; specifically their claim for supporting [email protected] I can't change the settings on Xbox One X as the option is forced in the drop down selection, as is the resolution. I cannot recall what that was exactly but it reminds me of my old laptop booting in recovery mode on Windows 7 :lol: at any rate after troubleshooting it's an issue with the switch. It's being used with a Samsung QLED that picks up the full capacity of the HDMI with Input Signal Plus and similar to the Xbox it will not allow the 2.0 setting. I have seen a pretty wide variety of prices, around $10 to $100 and that is why I thought there might be somebody with a recommendation here. I will likely go with a more reliable seller. Thanks for the response and suggestions.
  4. Just set up new TV with each generation of XBox. I am limited with HDMI ports and need to use a switch for OG Xbox with Make Mhz HDMI+ and Xbox One X. I had one from Amazon claiming 4K at 60Hz but it forces the Xbox One X into a letterboxed 720p nightmare and the OG Xbox has video noise making that unplayable. I'm looking for a recommendation from anyone that has experience. To be clear this is for a switch, not splitter. I have 2 devices going to 1 port and just want to avoid plugging/unplugging when using them. Cheers!
  5. Thanks, I had a look there are sent them a message too. The listing is identical to the MakeMHz site and another UK supplier, they were only selling as part of the HDMI kit. I appreciate the pointer! I managed to get one from ShinGoutetsu.
  6. Yes, that would be great. Thanks.
  7. Looks to be about $55 for the chip and shipping not including import charges, that could be another 25%...
  8. Thanks for that. I couldn't see any available there initially. Shipping is pretty high and there may be EU import charges now too! I have messaged the seller anyhow...cheers!
  9. Hello, looking to buy an OpenXenium Modchip in the UK...any available?
  10. Cool. Looks like 5.1 needs to be though HDMI for me... A new TV means that the majority of I/O are HDMI. There is one optical connection, but that will be for the TV to soundbar. Thankfully there will be enough HDMI for each of the 4 generations of XBox with a dedicated HDMI 2.1 and eARC for the new arrival...just not giving up on the OG I appreciate the responses Dave!
  11. Thanks for that. I hadn't seen the internal option on the wii2hdmi, I will have a look. I had posted with N64Freak and may follow up with a PM... I am most keen on the digital to digital option with 5.1. I can't see ever needing to revert to composite/component with my new AV setup and that looks like the best solution. Just curious at the lack of responses! Cheers
  12. I have tried the Hyperkin and for some unknown reason - convincing YT clip I think - the Bitfunx POS recently. Both useless in my experience. My current problem is getting a hold of any of the best options. I would be looking at MakeMHZ for the direct digital, although the soldering will require some practice or Chimeric when UK shipping/waiting list straighten out. I would also look at the N64Freak option, my problem is that I cannot get any contact with any of these guys whether it's forums, FB or Email... I don't mind waiting. I'm just curious, are these kits/cables still available? Anyone know about MakeMHZ or N64Freak...
  13. @N64 freak I'm interested in an HDMI kit, still available?
  14. Wow, yeah...is it like a secret or something?!? Haha. I will look at updating emulators, and starting other work before making further investigations about the BIOS. Hopefully the cable I have lined up deals with my immediate needs. Great insight for future tinkering though, cheers!
  15. Okay thanks! I was playing POP off the game disc last night, when I finished playing I couldnt reset to the dash with two triggers and back, black. Pressed eject tray popped out and I got the MS error screen with code 9 again with alternate red/green flashing ring... It was okay again after turning power off and on again, went back to UnleashX dash. Seems I will definitely have to look at doing something with the HDD!

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