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  1. Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance is much better on Xbox vs PS2
  2. Photos of your work would beneficial.
  3. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath Personally not a game that healed my interest, but meets most of the criteria mentioned. Throwing it out Amped 2 is like an open world but on a mountain side. Hunting down the snowmen to smash was fun.
  4. Neighbor explored compatibility issues with on this tread with FSB downclocking and it works perfectly on a 1.0ghz not a 1.4ghz I do not believe cache made a difference at all the FSB was the issue.
  5. The processor skew family that contains SL3VM with 256kb, I believe is the closest. Yes you need to unsolder it and modify PGA Slot 1 adapter and solder the removed chip to it. I have questions why you would want to do this as so much could go wrong when viable chips exist in Slot 1 and socket 370.
  6. I have no idea what to do if I attempted that. I do remember this problem back in 2005 at a LAN party with this game. The Radica Gamester LAN Party HUB had a switch on the rear, once it was set to 5 port hub it was ok. Set in uplink the system link failed. Yeah I agree it makes no sense why a switch does not work.
  7. We can put this one down as solved, this is the rundown. On the stock v1.6 Saved the UDATA to a memory card and deleted the game files from the HDD On the Xecuter Saved the UDATA and TDATA and deleted them. Deleted the Game rip from the HDD. Cleared the cache. Installed the Game with DVD2XBOX. Ran the disc on v1.6 and the image from the Xecuter. On a network switch /managed and unmanaged/ the host denied the request to join. On a network hub the host denied the request to join. Through FTP I put a stock Xbox 5659.03 dashboard on C : I ran setup as mentioned above with the results below. On a network switch /managed and unmanaged/ the host denied the request to join. On a network hub the system link was established with no issue. Its weird but it worked. The disc part number is 0303 X09-45908 located next to the Microsoft Game Studios logo Thank you again for your phenomenal patience and extensive knowledge on the topic. If you want the UDATA or TDATA I can attach them.
  8. All of the DVDs were verified on 3 stock units with no issue with system link. I want to start fresh with a new HDD setup mirroring your setup. Can you give me the quick rundown your personal setup ? What version XBMC What installer was used to make the HDD What BIOS
  9. I am no network specialist like yourself , but on post #36 can explain what the issue is with the auto kick ? This was setup with a managed switch in DHCP .
  10. I am unsure if this is true if a crossover cable is used ?
  11. I have made some progress, but still in the weeds. The systems now see the link but errors out as the host denied the request to join. This was done with a stock v1.6 and a v1.2 Xecuter 3 switched off running from a stock TSOP on 2 DVDs My thoughts on the issue is maybe this game checks the NIC settings from the stored dashboard file on C : You mentioned it flushes the dash settings on game initialization. What process did you use to setup your XBMC systems that you pictured working. Hexan Slayers SID something else ?
  12. I don't give up easily, but damn this is some crap. All other Games work perfect on every network configuration I setup. Run this on the known good link and it tells me FU man. hub, switch, direct router connections, new cables no results Trendnet TEG-S5G v2.0R direct connections = fail Linksys NH1005 direct connections =fail Asus RT AC86U direct connections =fail All modded boxes = fail / dashboard shows IP address and functional DHCP set Run form DVD = fail Run from HDD= fail Stock boxes = OK IDK Maybe the xbox names has something to do with it Is the game looking for the MS dashbord DHCP setting / I do not have It installed Can you recommend a switch that shows the network port connections to see what happening ? I Would like an 8 port switch to bring on the go as I provide all the systems for setups. You mentioned XBMC what version I'm questioning my HDD setups now.
  13. Man WTF I don't get it I must be mental, I will keep tinkering with it. Thank you again for your time and effort. If I get it sorted an update will be posted.
  14. Of the xboxes you used do any of them have XBMC or a softmod on them ? If so what BIOS ?
  15. Can I get info on your switch model and xbox setups for this result.

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