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  1. I don't know much about Arduino, but that is a sweet heatsink cover. Did you design that and if so willing to share the STL file ?
  2. Not from the UK, but love the effort put in to these.
  3. Even if it was a failure I would still like the STL files to play with. I always thought this was a interesting Idea.
  4. Files sent check the link you sent me.
  5. This listing had been around for months. Drop a best offer you never know. Xbox Xecuter LCD Only eBay
  6. #4 PS1 emulation in my experience is slow with a direct ISO rip. .cue or .bin is best for compatibility and speed. I have used PSX Reloaded but Retroarch has come along and I need to test that more. Also a heavily modified 1.4ghz Xbox runs the games much smoother. Brave Fencer Musashi is unplayable without one.
  7. Is it just dumb luck but I have not had to modify this file ? I have read about this many times. For reference can someone text dump the file and explain the setting and proper dash setup ? I cant be the only one that has questions. Partition\0 pints the the dash location correct on C ? I know my setup is referencing XBMC but have XBMC4GAMERS, so it wrong but works.
  8. Yeah after I posted I realized what you sought. I have A drive that my contain the some ROM cover art for C64. I will check tonight. Update: I have to sort the 15gb of C64 stuff but I have what your looking for. Pictures videos and text files for the Vice64 emulator
  9. I have these files maybe they will be to your liking. Commodore 64.zip
  10. 1022726599_OverclockXboxCPUGPU.7z
  11. I have more but have time constraints at the moment. 1517297642_Emulator_Resources.7z
  12. I definitely will share the files, have had some issues the last few days, but most likely tonight. I would love to be able to use Photoshop better but time is always an issue.
  13. Dude sweet thank you. This is so much better than I could do and they look very nice. Thanks for the share. I think you should release them as I have looked on and off for the last year with mixed luck. Maybe someone else would to work on them. I have some of the emulator _Resource files I will attach them later.

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