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  1. Thanks, indeed there was no x2config.ini into the c drive, so i transfered the file you just gave me, but i can still hear the two spins from the dvd drive when i boot the console
  2. Thanks for the answer So i just flashed the X2-5035 512bits, i think it's better because it doesn't double check before start now, but there is two issues (wich may be normal) : The boot is longer than the M8+ , and the in game/apps combo (Triggers+ Start+ Back) that allow to return to the main dash doesn't reboot the console (no xbox logo, just black screen for 10/13seconds, then go straight to my main dash), it's normal ? Do i have to edit som ini file or something to disable the dvd check or it's already config with the bios? Cheers
  3. Hi, I just acquired a 1.0 xbox for 10€ , the guy told me that the console wasn't able to read discs, so i try to put a disc on it, it works but painfully , sometime it does (the loading time takes a long time, and the boot aswell), sometime it just don't (it goes to the ms dash like there is no disc on it), but i decided to hardmod it anyway since i'm not planing to use the dvd drive (already have all of my backups on my other xboxes). I first softmoded it with the splinter cell exploit, then i solder the bridges to flash a 256bits EVOX M8+ (F and G) bios with the hexen disc ( i wasn't sure if the 512bits was the one to choose or not), i installed an 250gb HDD from another xbox that was hardmoded aswell, but didn't bother to format it, since it has the same configuration. I made i backup of the eeprom just in case, installed XBMC4gamers, tried some games and emulators, and so far so good. BUT, once i'm in a game and want to go back to my main dash (XBMC4gamers), the console has this weird behavior, the led are blikning green, i can hear the dvd drive spin two times, while the console reboot, it has the microsoft logo, then it restart again to finally come to my main dash. Basically it's take just a little bit longer, so it's not like she didn't reboot at all, but still, it's quite annoying.. And it only does that with XBMC4gamers, as for Unleashx it's just reboot the console like she normally would. I tried to clean the hdd, by removing the xbmc folders to avoid any conflict, but that didn't change anything Any ideas why it does that? Cheers
  4. Thank's for the link, works well, though i can't ftp all the videos included in this pack to my xbox, it fail at the transfer but not for the rest, anyone have a suggestion for that?
  5. Hi With the hexen disc, i followed the instructions of the tsop moding tools
  6. Hi, i bought an xbox for 10€ a couple of months ago, i had to clean it, removed the clock capacitor and i also did a tsop flash (evox m8 bios) I added a 500gb hard drive, wich works quite fine, i tested it on another xbox and even a xbox 360! The thing is, the xbox takes a long time to boot, like 30 seconds, my other tsop 1.4 xbox takes no more than 15secs (give or take). I took a cheap chinese ide to sata for the xbox, it work well on my other xbox so i don't suspect that the problem can come from this. At first i thought that it was coming from the 80pins ribbon wich wasn't long enough, so i bought a longer one, but it didn't change anything. And on top of that, when i press both triggers + start + back in order to go back to my main dash, the xbox take at least 10 to 15 seconds to give me an error 07 I suspect the dvd drive to be the issue, but why will it start with no other problem that the long boot when i press the power button, but fail to reboot when i press both triggers+start+back ? By the way i can hear two spins from the dvd drive, i think the xbox check if there is any dvd on it, so i tryed to insert a xbox game and the hexen disc, it loads, it takes a long time to load, but still.. So, is there any way to bypass the dvdcheck to see if it's come from this, whithou having to make any power modification ? i read that it's possible by disable dvd check on a certain bios + hardwares modifications wich i'm not feeling quite comfortable with.. Or if you guys think that it could come from somewhere else?
  7. Hi! I recently did a TSOP Flash on my 1.1 Xbox, now it has a custom bios (evox). I downloaded XBMC4GAMERS (to E/Apps/Xbmc4Gamers) , used the url downloader in order to have the artwork, everything is ok, i can launch games and all, but i can't switch to this dash at boot. I read everywhere that it is very easy to do so, just by creating a shortcut with the xbeshortcutmaker, wich i did (changed the evoxdash.xbe to evoxdash_backup.xbe at the C partition, and created the shortcut with this path (E/Apps/Xbmc4Gamers) and paste to the C partition). But after that, my xbox get stuck at the boot screen with the microsoft logo. I used the hexen disc to go back to default, but can't manage to have my Xbmc4gamers as my main dash instead of UnleashX. Am i doing something wrong here?
  8. Well, i tried every ports, and the results where te same unfortunetly. The HDMI 1& 2 ports are made for enhanced signals, like 60hz at 4k and all, the hdmi 1 doesn't have 60hz at 4k, but i think it's the only difference. Indeed a lot of people complaining about the flickering and blank screen stuffs, but none of them where mentioning if the problem came at 480i/p, 720p or 1080i. I'm wondering if that could come from a conflict with the 4/3 ratio aspect provided by the xbox (and upscaled by thoses cables?), most of the recents Sony TV have the ability to force the 4/3 to widescreen, i turned off all screen ratio options and factory reset the tv for try, but nothing changed. I also wanted to change all the capacitors, apparently it could help, but in my case i don't see the point since that everything is working fine on another tv There's gotta be something wrong about this 4k tv...
  9. Just did, here's the accepted signals : 4096 x 2160p (24, 50, 60 Hz), 3840 x 2160p (24, 25, 30, 50, 60 Hz), 1080p (30, 50, 60 Hz), 1080/24p, 1080i (50, 60 Hz), 720p (30, 50, 60 Hz), 720/24p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i When i plug the hdmi to the tv, it does show the 480p/480I on the top of the screen, everything is there (sound and video) but it's just goes black every 2 seconds The TV is model is Sony KD-55XE7096 Could it come from the fact that it's a converted component and not a native hdmi cable?
  10. Hi guys, I just bought a hd link clone on amazon for my xbox (pal tsop 1.4 motherboard, the bios was flashed in order to get hd mods) because my TV doesn't have a component port, only hdmi and rca, the cable hd link works well at 720p and 1080i signals, but doesn't at all at 480i/480p , the screen is flickering as f*** at thoses signals. I figured it came from this cheap cable, so i send it back to amazon, and order a component cable + a component to hdmi converter. Just received it, tried it, and it does the exact same thing, i was thinking that it was either bad luck or i was doing something wrong, so i tried that on a older tv that have component port and hdmi, tested both ports, and it worked with no problem at all !! Do you guys have any idea on why it will work on a tv and not on a other one?
  11. And by the way, i tried every flashing option that was avalaible , xblast, gentoox, evox etc etc.... None of them where able to work with an non official controller (at least for me). So if you are stuck with that, you should know that you have no choice but to find yourself an official controller. Cheers
  12. I finally managed to flash the bios. If anyone have a similar problem, you should know that you can't flash a bios without an official controller. I received my controller yesterday, and it worked without any problem at all with gentoox of the hexen disc. I also managed to find the bios that i wanted, for that you just need to insert the hexen disc after launching your xbox, and you can browse the files in the dvd with xbmc (or whatever dash you are using). The bios you need is enterly depending on wich motherboard you have, once you find the proper one, you can put it the bios folder of your evox directory, then you can launch evox and go to the flash bios option, and you'll be able to flash any bios of your bios folder (for me it didn't work, it stuck at erasing, probably because of my windbound 1.4 motherboard). For that (flashing the bios with evox), you don't need an official controller, but you should be very careful of wich bios you are flashing, otherwize you'll find yourself with a bricked xbox.
  13. Hi guys, i just bought a softmoded xbox with a 250gb HDD in it, works well but it's a PAL Xbox, wich mean that i don't have HD options, and it's just unwatchable on my 4k Sony TV, who by the way doesn't have component ports, only RCA and HDMI, i'm stuck with the unfindable and expensive HD LINK by Pound, but lucky me, i found a similar cable converter on Amazon for 25€, even with bad reviews i have no choices but to order it and test it. So i solder the points for the TSOP, and also removed the clock capacitor, burned a Hexen DVD (the 2018 one) , launched it, choose the suitable flashing option for my Winbound 1.4 motherboard, and tried to flash the bios, BUT : i have a non official controller! And as i'm sure you know, gentoox is not capable of recognizing no names controller, but only the official one, and of course : i don't have one (but order one on Rakuten), i tried multiple time with every bios that was on the DVD (only the windbounds one of course), but gentoox just don't like cheap controllers no matter how fast i press on the D-Pad Now that you have the context, here's my question : Is there any way to flash the custom bios without the gentoox tool ? I know that we can do it with Unleashx (or Evox i don't remember), but i can't find the bios anywhere (just don't know where to look too besides googling it), and even if i find one, i'm not sure where to put it exactly or if it's safe to do anything without Hexen or Xblast. Thanks in advance (and i'm french by the way, so i'm sorry for my poor english) Regards Nabil

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