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  1. Price Drop New price: $430 + Shipping
  2. Go ahead and send me an IM if you have any questions.
  3. $475 + shipping. 92688 for local pickup. Willing to trade for 3060ti, NVME drives, 3600 mhz ram. 5600x CPU 250GB HDD + Component cables included + an Xecuter 2.6 (just the bare modchip. no dipswitches etc). I dont know if the chip works, as I do not have the dips witches to test. Lower metal shield is rusty. DVD and HDD tray screws are missing. Controller ports are each missing 1 screw. Rubber feet are missing. Bottom of case has scratches.
  4. Been a bit busy and havent posted it for sale, yet. But here are 2 final pics.
  5. I’ll be posting mine up for sale in the next 2 days.
  6. Motherboard ready for the gpu/cpu repaste. The bottom is a bit scuffed because I don’t have the rubber feet. Time to use the Magic Eraser.
  7. So, I pulled it and decided to clean it. Here are some pics. The shield is not in the best shape. Is it worth it for me to replace it before selling it?
  8. I can do that. Let me pull it out. Give me a few days. It would be nice to get some ballpark numbers, though.
  9. Yes, that's the point. But no one is telling me how much it's worth
  10. Yes. Just trying to figure out what its worth, first. Forgot to mention it includes Monster component cables.
  11. I didnt find a price check thread and wasnt sure where to post this. But wanted to ask how much would this go for? V1.0 Xbox with X3CE + X3CP front panel + 200GB HDD
  12. Not sure ill be able to figure that out but thx for the suggestion.
  13. I would try that i’m also missing the dip/bank switch board, itself.
  14. I have an Xbox with a 2.6 but it’s missing the bank dip switch board and cable. Does anyone have one for sale?

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