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Found 22 results

  1. So separate to my Softmod in another thread, I also have an old Xecuter 2.3b lite which has sat in my toolbox for about 15 years or so. Physically it's in pristine condition. I have no idea what bios it should/might have on it, as it was removed from my old Xbox way back when after I got another (original Xenium) chip. I have the ground/D0 cable and a switch module. I'm not the worlds best solderer but I managed to use braid etc to remove the solder from the LPC holes on my v1.0 board, and solder in a 12 pin header. I don't have the cable for the switch module for this chip, so have tried using spare wire to set the switches so the chip would be enabled. The LED's on the chip light up when powered on, regardless of the state of ground/D0. However, if I jumper the pins to enable the chip, or ground D0, my console frags (eg on/off three times, ending with flashing green/red light). I have triple checked my soldering. I used a multimeter to test all the pins on the LPC following a guide in another thread and voltages etc appear correct when the console is powered on. D0 is definitely correct as there is continuity if I bridge the top D0 point with the wire (which is soldered to the bottom D0 point). My question is, if the Modchip bios isn't correctly flashed/loaded, would that cause a Frag? I'm worried my soldering isn't good enough but all the multimeter tests seem to indicate everything is working as it should be, leading me to think the chip is faulty/dead (even though the LED's light). I'm close to ordering an OpenXenium if I can find one somewhere, as that will negate my TSOP/HDD issues, but just worried there might be something i'm missing with my soldering etc. Thanks for any advice
  2. Hi. Found my old v1.1 Xbox which I modded 20years ago with an Xecutor 2.3 Lite (see pics). Wanted to get it going again now that Insignia is running, so before even powering on, I've removed the clock cap and replaced the 5 CPU caps which were leaking. Powered on today, and it starts in microsoft dash. Hooray! Soldering successful, but no X2 bios. The 'X2 Lite Ext' board with the 3 switches on doesn't seem to work (switches are bad - checked with meter). Also the 5 black wires leading to the Ext board were frail and snapped off from the connector while testing . Luckily I caught it and labelled each so I know which wire does what. Question is, what to do? I doubt I can find another X2 Lite Ext switch board and cable. Does anyone know if any other switch bank works with my chip? I could just bridge the wires to force modchip enable and bank 1, or try to build my own new switch bank. Any suggestions if you've done this before? Thanks
  3. hi so rather that downloading the massive version i opted to add stuff to the lite version only problem is when i added say n64 or psx roms/isos to the correct folders it doesn't reflect in coinops what am i doing wrong?
  4. I'm just wondering if an XBlast Lite is required for the TSOP features or if the os will see a 1mb TSOP and options for TSOP management should appear... Or would the chip have to have a certain cpld and I would have to program it first?
  5. This is my worklog. I'll post pics and thoughts! Why am I sharing this? Because I can! Modding the other 1.4 halo console tonight with an XBlast Lite from Tomcat. I don't have to share such a routine procedure, but I feel like doing so. I should celebrate: I will finally start receiving the income I've been waiting for and I'll have all the time I want to learn new skills and get better at the things I've always wanted to learn. I will also be able to invest in consoles and get a little bit of everything and try to get some broad experience with all there is available. Oh and I bought a shitload of pinnheaders. I can mod like, 60 Xboxes now. I'm unsure of what to do for sure with this console. I don't know whether to keep the chip in, or just use it to flash the TSOP so I can sell the console. But it will have another 2tb origins drive in it, just like my X3 does. I have some shit to buy... I'll start another thread about it. Anyway! Oh and I'll try to use this chip to revive my black coma console.
  6. UIX Lite Dashboard Some days ago TeamUIX released a new version of there UIX Lite dashboard in version Below are folder links for Mega and 1fichier where I have uploaded a copy. In the future you can use these links to check for updates. Download Folders : https://mega.nz/folder/JNMTTSKb#d47OjG6dihnLsvZKvDh1Qg https://1fichier.com/dir/ClMZMaKE Peace!
  7. Found this in a random craigslist box today, I can only seem to find info for the 2.3b chip, anyone got a lead?
  8. Hello I'm having an issue successfully flashing a split Tsop using the xblast lite modchip. I've albeit believe I've successfully soldered d0, a15 and A19 to the modchip. I can see the split in xblast os, I can boot either split but it currently has a 1mb cerbios 2.02 on there. I can boot either bank from the modchip. My issue is with tsop_m7, I flash this to the 256k bank of the modchip and proceed to boot with hexen inserted that boots off the other bios. I get no display and a solid green lights, eventually the Xbox power cycles back to xblast os. I've also tried setting the front switches to boot the 256k bank on power on same issue but it'll power cycle every minute or 2. I've tried setting xblast os to boot bank 2 with the power button. Same issue The option "force tsop recovery" has been set to both tsop banks - no change I've also tried tsop_m7 on the 512k xblast lite bank - same issue I'm stuck, not sure what to try next with the exception of shortening the a15 wire as I know I gave it too much ( approx 8 - 10 cm) but would rather not mess around with it if it's fine. Thanks for reading, any help is appreciated
  9. I have a newly tsoped xbox with evox and unleash x, I am a massive fan of UIX lite but when I tried to open it in unleashX it told me the file could'nt be fount, I downloaded 1.0 and coppied the files to the location and now I can go into UIX and I love the interface but I can't switch to any other dashboards like the MS one or unleashX. I want to make UIX my default but I still want to be able to switch to others on ocasion. Is there some config file I'm missing or something
  10. I have an Xecuter 2.3 Lite modchip, of which the external switch board has long been lost. How would I go about purchasing a replacement, or at least a compatible ext. board?
  11. Hi, i've read over at reddit that there is some new Beta of UIX Lite which has an integrated FTP Server. Anyone know where to get this version? Eventually someone can enlighten me what those "usual places" are Thanks, Egon
  12. Hey guys, Happy near year, hope you all enjoyed some time off and got some gaming in!! I have a new xbox v1.0 that I have installed a Xblast Lite modchip with a 2Tb sata HDD, all is working OK I think. But just confused as to the best bios to run on each of the banks, it has the 512kb and 256kb bank, correct? Also using the 2021 installer disk how do you chose which bank to flash a different bios onto? Cheers, Bryce
  13. Hi, I recently damaged my xbox while installing MakeMHz HDMI, I shorted the video encoder chip and killed the motherboard. I swapped the motherboard since then with a 1.4/1.5 (FOCUS), salvaged the xblast lite modchip but the xbox does not boot once D0 is wired. Xbox does auto on/off twice then turns on with fast flashing light. This is the same pattern I usually get when I have a short during 128mb ram install. Also I thoroughly followed the instructions https://bitbucket.org/psyko_chewbacca/lpcmod_os/wiki/xblast_lite_manual/Installation Long story short, the on board tsop is flashed with xblast OS and I can see the available banks of the modchip when D0 is not connected. Is there way to test the modchip separately and eventually fix it? it is the best modchip I ever used till now and would hope to make it work again. Thanks,
  14. Just installed Coin Ops 8 Lite. Has anyone had any issues with it taking ages to load a game? As in a few minutes, it seems as though it crashes but hasn't. Has anyone found a fix? I've put in the Emulators folder.
  15. hello, i received recently the xblast chip, was intended to use it mainly for ram upgrade but i have a xbox with tsop bad flash. so the xblast has ind bios on bank 512 and x2 on bank 256, i flashed via menu the bank 256 with c:\tsop_m7.bin, went ok. but when i load it from xblast os with a hexen dvd in drive, screen freeze at logo like no dvd was read... tested with samsung and thomson drive. what's going on ? thanks
  16. Xecuter2.2 LITE for sale (see pictures). Opened to offers. I'm in Ireland so postage to anywhere outside EU will be expensive.
  17. I have a xecuter 2.2 lite here the bios switch connector fell off so i soldered wires too the points all works fine 30 USD OBO Shipped
  18. Evening all i've got 2 2.3b Lites and one 2.6. Anybody got the install diagrams as I can't seem to find them only the 2.3b+. Also with my LPC Rebuild kit they should work for 1.6's as long as I flash a working bios / Cromwell before installing? As I've ran out of Aladdins and have a few consoles in need of work.
  19. I've installed some aladdin chips and wired them by soldering the "BT" point to the ground pin on the Xbox LPC. I figured that would be the same for the Duox2 lite chip, however I found a couple pictures online showing that the "BT" point on a Duox2 Gs chip (Dual Bank) was soldered to pin No. 9 of the LPC which is 3.3v. I just want to be sure that I'm soldering the "BT" to the right point on the LPC in order for it to always be powered on.
  20. Ok guys got an issue that is getting on my wick. Slapped a 2.3b Lite into a 1.6, used a clone LPC Rebuild Kit and proceeded to boot the console. D0 was connected to the board and ground was connected to the screw hole as usual. As soon as you put power to the console it will boot up then reset 2 times before FRAGGING. Only when D0 is connected and chip is off. With chip on with M8 1.6 Bios I can get a boot with Evo shield but it hangs after that and still turns on as soon as a power cord is plugged in. Front panel doesn't work at all. Remove the chip or D0, and it'll boot fine to the original softmod it came from. I've reworked it with my iron, even given it a hot air rework. Which point is most likely the culprit? Apologies on the lead free solder. Was using a friends over my own.
  21. Hi. I just got an 1.6 Xbox with a DuoX2 Lite modchip. Can someone tell me how i can identify the bios flashed to the chip? And can i flash any bios to the chip with Hexen 2017? I bought the Xbox 10 yrs ago, so i am wondered if there would be any advantages for updating the bios to a newer one than the one thats on there now?
  22. Team Xecuter _ Xecuter 2.3B Lite Plus Install.pdf

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