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  1. QQ, I have what I believe a 1.4 with a bad tsop flash. Going to fit an Aladdin.# I only have to solder a wire from D0 to Ground right? Unless its a 1.5 then there's 2 more wires? Chip will be always on
  2. Right, there is another Evox in the E/Dash/EvolutionX file path that is the Dash3name part So, the Evoxdash on the roor of C is just a dummy? Now I understand these are not the Dash's I talked about but I'll get it working right with these, i have XBMX4Gamers I can rip
  3. Hmm, Bit more confused lol. So my Xbox Boots to unleashedX but according to this it should boot to Evox? This is currently unchanged
  4. Hello So I have a Chip called a jafar, Its an upgraded Aladdin XT with Xblast. 1 Bank of 512, 1 256 and the last 256 is reserved for the Xblast which always boots first. My Question is how do I get Dual Dashboards with this? I have UnleashedX as I've always liked it but want to give XBMC a try Ideally I'm looking to have say Unleashed X boot with the 512mb X2 5035.137 bios and XBMC Boot with the evox.m8plus bios or visa versa After extensive searching online I am none the wiser, Could someone point me in the right direction to get started?
  5. Thats fair enough, I am confident i'll be able to rip another skin to pieces and figure it out from there. infact I was just looking at that just before I checked here Thanks
  6. Its alright, I've an Aladdin coming and its only a 1.4 anyway so 256k bios
  7. I think I'll just stick the Aladdin in it and leave it at that then Thank you for the Swift reply.
  8. Hello, I'm looking to Recover a bad Tsop Flash on a 1.4 board. I have an Aladdin XT on the way which will be my 3rd chip install. Been looking around and have a few questions. First, I understand being able to disconnect the D0 wire once booted with the chip would give me the option to tsop using Xblastos. My question comes from something else I'm looking into Eeprom recovery using a raspberry Pi, It accesses the I2C connection and pulls the Eeprom. Could I use the Pi and an LPC pinheader to reflash the original bios via tsop in a similar method?
  9. Hello I'm looking for a nice collection of Final Fantasy 7 Skins, I'm currently converting all of the soundtrack to WMA for playback on Random. I have some skins but they're ugly. Does anyone have any that show a little bit of system info or are eye candy? Or could you help me in creating them since I can't get UX Architect working due to a few reasons ( I gave up ) I'd rather not edit the XML but if I do have to and someone has an example I could study that'd work too. Thanks
  10. Looking to create some skins for Unleashed X. I've download UX Architect, I've also downloaded UnleashX_Toolbox_A5 which I think are the same thing. I cannot get it to run, Windows 10 Says it needs Net Framework 1.1.4332 and Windows XP in VMWare says the same thing. Windows 10 Will install the framework but no change, Windows XP will not. Acquiring 7 at the moment Could anyone help me on this? I'll figure the software out but struggling with getting it running. Any Alternatives/Methods? I can write the XML File instead right?
  11. So i've bought a nice chip called a Jafar, a Rebuild of the Aladdin. It has 3 Banks. 1 512k, 1 256k and 1 256k with Xblast ( Autoboots ) Fitted this and it all works a charm, Now i'm thinking I might also Tsop it. Its a 1.4 Board. Could I simply solder the tsop points on the 1.4 board, Boot the chip into Xblastos which gives the option to flash the Tsop as well as the other 2 banks and flash it? Or would I need to look at removing some of the Chip? Maybe the g0 gound?
  12. Hello I'm looking at doing my first case mod and really need to get an understanding of what i'm working with. Looking at some 5mm Blue LED's from ebay, Specs Not sure if I am working this out correctly so would these work with eachother? Many thanks in advance
  13. That'll work great, I've just fitted my first Aladdin chip as practice for the Jafar. It was a pain as I go no signal at times with Flashing Red. Re-seating the Aladdin seemed to sort it, it was getting the rest of the parts in without catching it. 3 Attempts at soldering finally got it i'll make sure my next solder session of an LPC bridge ( what else to call the 12 pin thingy ) is better. I think the Jafar has to be in at least a Crystal Xbox just because it cost me roughly £25 and has 2 nice Banks in it with XBlastOs to re-flash at whim. All in prep to get ready for fitting ram.
  14. Interesting, thank you for the replies. It will be something to Digest as I have an Aladdin Chip and a Jafar Chip so might try some over clocking on the Jafar When you mention bricking it, This Jafar chip i'm getting has a 512 and 256 bank and an additional Xblast Bank which boots everytime. Could I flash an overclocked bios to that chip, if it fails re flash the bios with a normal one? Seems to make sense or would it destroy the actual bank itself?
  15. Thanks for all the reply's. In the end I flashed X2 5035.137 to the 1.1 Have my first mod chip arriving soon, Called a Jaffar with an LPC QSB Board so thats going to be fun finally Hard modding my 1.6 Next step, Ram on the 1.1 but that I have to build the courage for

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