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  1. This is the exact one I have. Thing is the 2tb works just fine with it. It's the smaller HDDs I'm struggling with 3.5 or 2.5. I've tried 40gb up to 750 all with the same. I have an update, I got a different ide cable from my dad. Still a 40wire but it worked flawlessly on the 1.4 board but the 1.0 still a no. Same cable both adapters
  2. All Xbox's I mention are Tsop'd 1.0,1.1& 1.4 .I'm receiving the errors above, this is only with the sata HDD and a convertor I got off ebay. I have one in another tsop xbox and it runs fine So I have 3 convertors, all are the same and 1 runs just fine. The other 2 give the error codes above. The one working is using the original Xbox's IDE Cable with a slow 5400rpm 2tb Drive. Works flawlessly The other 2 Tsop xboxs ( 1.0 & 1.4 ) do not want to accept the Sata Drives, Their original Stock HDD with UNleashX Dahboard works fine on both. All drives are set to unl
  3. So... Converting Video's for use in Coinops. I've learnt how to get the games across and the actual videos but my problem is. When i convert to WMV2 in Any Video Convertor Ultimate and disable audio the WMV2XMV fails to convert the track. When I leave the audio on it converts fine, Normally this isnt a problem but for this I would like them silent. Any ideas?
  4. Thanks for the Input, I've decided i'm doing a 1.3 or 1.4 Borad. Not sure which it is but going to Tsop that one and maybe another 2 before i start messing with the Chips. I'll have a better look nearer the time
  5. The "easier" part entices me. I've heard the Aladdin are a great chip but also read about the LPC you need to rebuild on 1.6b Does this one avoid that? I'll have to look at some guides before I choose one and find the one best suited for me. I do like specs though so waste is alright in my eyes. Hmm EvoxM8Plus would be fine Hexen comes with that if i remember rightly? As above the LPC rebuild frightens me a little but i'd rather have the best chip without going OTT
  6. Hey, I am using FTP. I'll have to google Fatxplorer now.
  7. I Tsop'd and de clock capped a 1.1 Last night after realizing I can't do my other Xbox because its 1.6b? Literally the last batch of Xbox's Produced must be with its Manufacter date 16/08/2005 Ideally I'd like to have this hard modded rather that just Soft because my eyes have been opened. I'm looking for a reputable place to buy a Chip at a decent price and which chip would be the best? I could buy the Aladdin Chip now from here http://www.modchipcentral.com/store/home.php?cat=273 Will this work with the above 1.6b xbox? Edit: Noticed this is an Ame
  8. My Names Kaan, I am a modding enthuiast and have modded things from Xbox's to Ps3, Psp's, Wii's. Really enjoy doing it. Last night I successfully Tsop'd my first OG 1.1 Xbox, Flashed it with Xecutor 2 Bios using x2.5035.bin file with Xblast OS. Upgraded the Hardrive to a 2tb and am in the Process of transfering the Entire library excluding Sports and Maybe Disney games. Transfering Coinops and Ninja Massive ( not sure if both are really needed ) Wondering if there's anything thats a must I can stick on this thing apart from what i've mentioned. Maybe some useful tools?

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