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  1. Are these universal to every receiver? I've 3 ir receivers but not remotes and thing if buying sole remotes. Thanks.
  2. Kernel is 1.0.5838.1 Should I update this?
  3. Just got it back in my possession. So I cannot replicate the green tint. 100% it's tsop I did it myself and have reflashed from indbios to evox and visa versa. No mod chip installed. I sold it to someone who has the green tint on their screen, they use a kaico hdmi adapter and I've even tested with this. No green tint at all. Unsure what it could be, a TV setting? We've switched from pal to NTSC and back
  4. I believe its a Digital Signal problem, Console is set to NTSC-U due to Modding reasons Don't think it makes a difference in pal Anyway, Connecting the simple RGB connections its fine, No green tint/hue. Once a Digital Signal is being out putted it has a Green Hue, This can be via component cable to HDMI. Its currently flashed with IND Bios, Its a 1.4 Motherboard and is TSOP not chipped. Any help is appreciated.
  5. Hey, I've heard there is one. I'd love to have the full collection on my Xblast system Thanks
  6. Found the converter, If anyone needs it drop me a PM
  7. In the end I didn't download them as I downloaded the Square soft pack from Backmeups If I do locate them again though I will post here
  8. After playing with Ninja and Coinops and finding PcsXbox plays more games ( parasite Eve 2 ) I find myself with another question, I've tried but no luck. I've found out I can't do this with the Cue file ( I think ) FILE "\-Console Systems\Playstation\Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain\Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain.bin" BINARY FILE "\G\CoinOps\NINJA Massive\1stGames\-Console Systems\Playstation\Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain\Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain.bin" BINARY FILE "G\CoinOps\NINJA Massive\1stGames\-Console Systems\Playstation\Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain\Blood Omen - Legacy of Kain.bin" BINARY Are there any alternatives/Methods to do this? In a nut shell I am trying to use PcsXbox and have it read the .Bin's from Ninja Massive. I know I can set the default location to there but I have a reason why i'd prefer not to lol
  9. Found something for it, Specific files create by BritneySpairs
  10. Hello I've worked out how to add the games along with Covert art and Video Preview. I'm struggling on Multiple disk games Could someone point me in the right direction on the best way to do these? Google seems to lack results
  11. Thanks Dave, Can always count on you! Its just as I presumed, i installed the jafar chip the exact same way on my Crystal 1.4 You've confirmed it for me and I am now confident i'll get it sorted when it arrives. Deffo will be using the D0 under the Board, thats what I did on mine
  12. QQ, I have what I believe a 1.4 with a bad tsop flash. Going to fit an Aladdin.# I only have to solder a wire from D0 to Ground right? Unless its a 1.5 then there's 2 more wires? Chip will be always on
  13. Right, there is another Evox in the E/Dash/EvolutionX file path that is the Dash3name part So, the Evoxdash on the roor of C is just a dummy? Now I understand these are not the Dash's I talked about but I'll get it working right with these, i have XBMX4Gamers I can rip
  14. Hmm, Bit more confused lol. So my Xbox Boots to unleashedX but according to this it should boot to Evox? This is currently unchanged
  15. Hello So I have a Chip called a jafar, Its an upgraded Aladdin XT with Xblast. 1 Bank of 512, 1 256 and the last 256 is reserved for the Xblast which always boots first. My Question is how do I get Dual Dashboards with this? I have UnleashedX as I've always liked it but want to give XBMC a try Ideally I'm looking to have say Unleashed X boot with the 512mb X2 5035.137 bios and XBMC Boot with the evox.m8plus bios or visa versa After extensive searching online I am none the wiser, Could someone point me in the right direction to get started?

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