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  1. I flashed bios using the one you posted and that didn't need changing to bios.bin so I concur.
  2. Trying upgrading the softmod with rocky5's https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzRN8P835YijRU94cVNNWFA1Z28 softmod kit. FTP it to the HDD and run the upgrade software.
  3. Just installed Coin Ops 8 Lite. Has anyone had any issues with it taking ages to load a game? As in a few minutes, it seems as though it crashes but hasn't. Has anyone found a fix? I've put in the Emulators folder.
  4. Dl'ing now. Where am I sticking em (and no sarcasm lol)
  5. I attempted to try a background image that was hi res and amended it to the correct size and name etc but unsure where it needs to go for it to work. Then again pixel size would make it low res I would have thought. This was a 4k image downsized to 256 x 128
  6. No problem. Is your link one you did yourself or the Artwork Installer images?
  7. Yeh but its low res.
  8. CHeers, missed that
  9. No one? I've trawled through the forums and seen posts and links to artwork but they are all dead.
  10. I was pointing out that the bios booted from C partition not E. I was trying to figure out how to boot to XBMC with the origin skin over it. However I sacked that and went back to XMBC4GAMERS
  11. Less of the sarcasm, nob 'ed. I'm using the Evox m8+ F+G bios that SS Dave supplied on one of my posts.
  12. That was an easy to understand piece of info, thanks. One question. On boot up, if it stays on the logo screen with no error, is this the same thing as it showing an error, as in it can't find the dash to boot? Reason I ask is that I had trouble booting to XBMC with a CEE bios.
  13. Anyone got a link to high res box art or something similar? I realise rocky had a link to some but thats doesnt seem available now.
  14. I've had this a few times, I just reinstalled all dashes, booted and then did it again.
  15. Cheers, got it done and flashed all ok. M7 bios will explain why I was having issues with a 1TB HDD.

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