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  1. i flashed an INDbios 5003.67 with custom animation, logo etc unfortunally, 256ko instead of 1Mo i don't want to do a 29 wires mod or desolder the bios for another one, if i cant with xblast chip, i ll just put an aladdin with upgraded ram. i ll push the test with iso dvd, pretty easy way to solve this problem. however, i didnt find the feature about tsop recovery, all i can do is boot from tsop bank 0 or 1. what i understood is when locking d0 and A15 is required to enable tsop flash, the chip do it automaticaly on m7 bios loading. maybe i'm wrong. edit : i ll double check the bridge on R7D3/R7R4, in my head, i did it once and forever.
  2. drives read my disks from another bios, i tested hexen and installer 2021, same freeze. i only have genuine controllers
  3. i flashed 1Mo tsop with 256ko custom bios, black screen after that, it's a bad flash ? i tested tsop_m7 bios without disc in drive, same thing, freeze at logo. d0 and A15 are soldered to the chip, those are the 2 links to lockout during boot ? i followed all instructions from manual https://bitbucket.org/psyko_chewbacca/lpcmod_os/wiki/xblast_lite_manual/Extra_features
  4. hello, i received recently the xblast chip, was intended to use it mainly for ram upgrade but i have a xbox with tsop bad flash. so the xblast has ind bios on bank 512 and x2 on bank 256, i flashed via menu the bank 256 with c:\tsop_m7.bin, went ok. but when i load it from xblast os with a hexen dvd in drive, screen freeze at logo like no dvd was read... tested with samsung and thomson drive. what's going on ? thanks
  5. thanks to N64 freak
  6. hello, i'm looking for an aladdin xblast, im from france. thanks
  7. that explain why spliting tsop with switches doesn't work... upload done
  8. if the tsop been flashed with the right size, that mean my bios was corrupted, maybe because i injected a custom .cfg ? u want me to upload the app ?
  9. i used NMS TSOP Flasher v3.0 to flash the 256ko bios i ll try that 2 wires trick this week end, if not working i ll follow the 29 wire mod tutorial its a ST flash chip on MB thanks for the answers, for the moment i put that xbox on side for another xbox (1.0 this one) with a modchip i try to remove for tsop flash. there were no softmod as i had an ind bios already flashed on the tsop
  10. Hello from France. first i have to say that i'm happy to see an active community around the OG Xbox. so i'm on a xbox period for learning hacking and i did a mistake on a v1.1 motherboard. i learned too late that 1.0 and 1.1 have 1Mo tsop size and i flashed manually with a 256ko custom ind-bios... i don't want to setup a modchip as i try to learn stuff. i really would like to recover the tsop bios. so right now, the xbox boot with no signal on TV, i hear hdd and dvd running, when i put hexen disk i can see led turning red as intended. i tried to split tsop into 2x512 and 4x256 banks, nothing works. i esitate to buy a xblast modchip as it worth around 25€... i heard about a 28/29 wires modchip tricks but i found no info about it. any other option i could try with my current stuff ? i have an x3 and aladdin modchip but i read i cant flash tsop from a modchip beside chameleon and xblast one. thanks in advance.

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