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  1. It's been a while since original post but... are you still selling these...?
  2. thanks. I had a look at xboxdevwiki - and it all seems to be clear... But when I look at [LaunchDataPage] I don't see my data (ie. passed from XLaunchNewImage). I can get the data when calling XGetLaunchInfo but I can't use the call in my assembly code so my only chance was LaunchDataPage... But no matter what I do - it's not there...
  3. Does anybody know if there's kernel/syscall for DWORD XGetLaunchInfo( PDWORD pdwLaunchDataType, PLAUNCH_DATA pLaunchData ); I was hoping it's LaunchDataPage (0x80000000 + 164) but can't really find the data I set on XLaunchNewImage. I mean when I launch an xbe that subsequently calls XGetLaunchInfo I get the data, but when looking for the data at [LaunchDataPage] I get nothing... The goal is to retrieve launch data in assembly... Any ideas?
  4. looks like the compiler does what it's supposed to do: (...) call _addme add esp, 8 (...) I have a feeling it has something to do with nasm (and perhaps generated output) and xbox... Pretty much the same code works on win32... On XBOX - it just hangs... Is the -f obj correct output? When I try using "bin" format (ie. without -f) I'm getting linker error (xbox_101 fatal error LNK1136: invalid or corrupt file)... So I thought obj is correct (didn't try win32 though - perhaps that's what I should use...)?
  5. Could somebody point me in the "right" direction regarding linking asm with VS .net? I've a simple function in asm as follows: global _addme _addme: push ebp mov ebp, esp ; add mov eax, [ebp+8] add eax, [ebp+12] mov esp, ebp pop ebp ret and compiling using nasm as follows: nasm -f obj -o addme.obj addme.asm Then (in my .cpp) extern "C" { int addme(int, int); }; and calling it val = addme(1,1) It is linked etc. when I build the project but it seems the function never returns (or doing something really wrong as the xbox just hangs after
  6. Does anybody know if there's an easy way of testing if RAM chips are not fake (before installing/soldering)? Perhaps a resistance between certain PINs..? Any ideas?
  7. > No one is going to be able to give you some quick code to poll controller state because it's not a simple thing to do That's what I was afraid of Thanks. I wanted to see if there's an "easy" way of including controller status in bios "patcher" (one that enables xiso) to allow startup of different dashboards (based on button pressed). I know there are applications for that - just wanted to avoid long chains of applications being started. I'll have a look at cromwell sources but I have a feeling it's not going to be.. worth it
  8. Does anybody know what kernels were used in various "hacked" bioses...? Eg. X2 4981 or iND-BiOS 5003 Looking at this page: https://xboxdevwiki.net/Hardware_Revisions 4981 or 5003 were... not released? Have the teams behind X2 and iND used their own versioning schemes or did they use some sort of development/beta/debug bioses...? Anyway - perhaps somebody knows what kernels the X2 4981 and iND 5003 use?
  9. thanks but... I'm looking for assembly specifically...
  10. Could somebody please post an example of reading controller button status (eg. which button is pressed) in assembly...?
  11. OK, got it. Downloaded "CDROM modchip" source (which is the patcher), changed entry for dashboard (to match mine), compiled and it works! XBOX boots to patcher, which does the job and in turn runs my dashboard. Works perfectly fine and xisos now work.
  12. the thing is I don't want IND... I want to stay with m8plus... I saw posts saying there is nkpatcher fo rm8plus but couldnt find it...
  13. Guys, Could somebody tell wat do I need to do to be able to launch xisos...? I mean I know all the steps except the bios one - I have m8plus (customised slightly to my needs). What do I need to do in order to have that bios support xiso...?
  14. Xecuter2.2 LITE for sale (see pictures). Opened to offers. I'm in Ireland so postage to anywhere outside EU will be expensive.

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