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  1. Received and installed the XBlast Lite V1 modchip. The compatibility with the green crystalfontz LCD is great. No more crashes or artifacts displayed so it is quite a relief that I do not need to replace the LCD afterwards. I now have both an open xenium and xblast lite, both are good but xblast lite is far better imo in terms of features. Thanks @N64 freak for this!
  2. @N64 freak pm'ed you for a xblast lite v1 with shipping to Singapore. Thanks
  3. Issue is now solved, it is fairly stupid of me. While I enabled 720p in the system settings in 4gamers I never realized that the display apparence must be changed in the appearance settings as well. Thanks,
  4. Yes the tv supports all sorts of resolutions or as low as 480i in both component and hdmi
  5. Hi, I am unable to display in 720p thru component cable. Using modern 4K TV with component port 480p / 720p are enabled in MSdash, Unleash X and XBMC4Gamers (booting 4gamers by default) The cable is OEM xbox 360 repurposed to fit OGxbox. (mode 2 and 3 enabled) I have an open xenium with LCD that displays the current resolution. I tried to boot from different bios Ind.5004 and X3.5035 seems to be locked to 480i Ind.5004 and X3.5035 (forced480p) gives me 480p but nothing else. While I understand that not all games are compatible with progressive scan, the dashboard and apps should run at 720p or am I missing something? Thanks
  6. Sorry for the double post and for the initial post since there is an obvious video calibration in menu settings. It's all good now
  7. Hi, I am having some issues displaying the OGXbox skin in full screen. I've lowered the font scale to 1 but even then, sides of the screen seem out of bonds. widescreen or 4:3 doesn't help much either. Any advice on the right settings to apply? I really like that skin and would like to make it work nicely Using component cable for 720p resolution. Thanks
  8. Those are 3300uF / 6.3v but not all mobo use the same ratings cap. The v1.0 mobo I have, has 1500uF / 6.3v installed. You'd better off checking the existing cap ratings (shown on the side of the capacitor)

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