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  1. I confirm that the bios banks do not show with the Xblast lite chip unplugged, only the on board tsop is seen in Xblast OS. I have not tried the eject button nor in recovery mod. Will give it a try! Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a RAM upgrade and TSOP flashed with non-patched iND5004.67. Trying to troubleshoot the XBOXHD+ after install today, there is a permanent green light and a on/off blue light. Could someone advise what is the meaning of the blue and green led? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I recently damaged my xbox while installing MakeMHz HDMI, I shorted the video encoder chip and killed the motherboard. I swapped the motherboard since then with a 1.4/1.5 (FOCUS), salvaged the xblast lite modchip but the xbox does not boot once D0 is wired. Xbox does auto on/off twice then turns on with fast flashing light. This is the same pattern I usually get when I have a short during 128mb ram install. Also I thoroughly followed the instructions https://bitbucket.org/psyko_chewbacca/lpcmod_os/wiki/xblast_lite_manual/Installation Long story short, the on board tsop is flashed with xblast OS and I can see the available banks of the modchip when D0 is not connected. Is there way to test the modchip separately and eventually fix it? it is the best modchip I ever used till now and would hope to make it work again. Thanks,
  4. Xbox was sold March 6th, 2021
  5. Hi, thought I'd share a quick story about picking up a faulty xbox I got it to work easily by replacing the 5 x 1500uf capacitors (common fix) I was surprised to find a different modchip than the good old aladdin. It is an Apple-X VI which is supposed to have 2 x 512kb banks according to https://www.ogxbox.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17-modchips-generation-3b-from-xbox-scenecom/ However I could not flash a bios any bigger than 256kb on each of the bank. Not a biggie as the onboard tsop can support 1mb. Booting from the onboard tsop by pressing the eject button and from the modchip by pressing the power button.
  6. Thanks for the tip! Transparent double sided tape could work.
  7. HI, I bought the Halo 2 jewel from Chimeric system and would like to know if I must use super glue or is there another way to fix it nicely? The top case is ready with original jewel removed, I used sand paper and added a bit of spray paint to cover any scratches. Thanks,
  8. Hi, I am listing for sale a xbox kasumi blue, asking price $300 + shipping at cost from Singapore. The original mobo 1.0 has been removed overtime and replaced with a rev 1.4 and matching PSU rated for 220v The xbox includes a 500GB HDD type IDE, an Open Xenium modchip loaded with both X2-5035 and Ind-bios, 128mb of ram No other mod on the external case aside from 3D printed feets I have owned the set for about 12 years then acquired a regular xbox about a year ago which I modded to my liking and therefore made the xbox kasumi blue redundant. Link to actual pictures of the set https://imgur.com/a/yrCkuyV You'll note that the pillow case is missing and was missing from day 1 when I bought it from Japan. Any other items meant to complete the set are available. I do not have feedback on the ogxbox forum but I have received good feedback on the neo geo forum for selling most of my arcade hardware http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/itrader.php?u=62671 Thanks, Jerome
  9. Issue is now solved, it is fairly stupid of me. While I enabled 720p in the system settings in 4gamers I never realized that the display apparence must be changed in the appearance settings as well. Thanks,
  10. Yes the tv supports all sorts of resolutions or as low as 480i in both component and hdmi
  11. Hi, I am unable to display in 720p thru component cable. Using modern 4K TV with component port 480p / 720p are enabled in MSdash, Unleash X and XBMC4Gamers (booting 4gamers by default) The cable is OEM xbox 360 repurposed to fit OGxbox. (mode 2 and 3 enabled) I have an open xenium with LCD that displays the current resolution. I tried to boot from different bios Ind.5004 and X3.5035 seems to be locked to 480i Ind.5004 and X3.5035 (forced480p) gives me 480p but nothing else. While I understand that not all games are compatible with progressive scan, the dashboard and apps should run at 720p or am I missing something? Thanks
  12. Sorry for the double post and for the initial post since there is an obvious video calibration in menu settings. It's all good now
  13. Hi, I am having some issues displaying the OGXbox skin in full screen. I've lowered the font scale to 1 but even then, sides of the screen seem out of bonds. widescreen or 4:3 doesn't help much either. Any advice on the right settings to apply? I really like that skin and would like to make it work nicely Using component cable for 720p resolution. Thanks
  14. Those are 3300uF / 6.3v but not all mobo use the same ratings cap. The v1.0 mobo I have, has 1500uF / 6.3v installed. You'd better off checking the existing cap ratings (shown on the side of the capacitor)

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